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I've started a d20 modern campaign centered in the TERMINATOR franchise. The game is currently set in 1994 prior to the events of Termiantor 2. However, this mostly a preliminary as the game will largely take place post-judgement day, depending on character actions.
Potentially, you could fight skynet entirely in the past, working hard against one or more time-travelling murder-bots and other forces to prevent the end of the world (making the game more action-oriented with a side of horror).
Your actions, however, might not prevent judgement day, allowing the end of the world to happen (currently slated to August 29th, 1997 CE) and the remainder of the campaign will flow from these events until the end of the war in 2029 CE, when John Connor and his armies destroy Skynet once and for all. (This aspect of the campaign will be much more horror-focused but with a heaping side of action.

The game currently runs every other sunday from 3pm to 7pm. I keep in contact with all of my players here, at yahoo groups:

I've had difficulty securing a regular place for this game, so right now, I'm going to host this game at my apartment unless or until a better place becomes available. For privacy reasons, I did not list my apartment number, so interested parties will receive a private email with the necssary contact and other information. I will update this page as things change.

If you have questions or comments, let me know.

Character Creation Rules/ Houserules:

Class Availability:
All classes, advanced classes, and prestige classes from contemporary modern
times will be available. There will be no magical elements in the game so no
magical or supernaturally oriented classes, advanced classes, or prestige
classes will be available for use in this campaign.
Other advanced and prestige classes may become available as the campaign

Ability Scores:
Ability scores will be generated using 25 point buy. This is the standard method in which ability scores will be generated in my campaign.

Alternatively, I will allow the stats to be rolled, using the following method:
3 stats will equal the result of a 2d6 + 6 roll.
3 stats will equal the result of a 3d6 roll.
The results of all six rolls can be distributed amongst the stats of your
choosing. This method must be done during game time so that I can observe the

Skill Points:
Characters distribute skill points every level, giving no more than one skill point to any skill at every level up, except at level one. Unlike the normal rules, you determine your class skills with the class you just leveled up in and not the combined total class skills of every class you have levels in.

Skill Groups:
I allow, for the use with my group, the use of skill groups. Skill groups are groupings of several skills in the d20 modern ruleset that can be increased like a single cross-class skill. Cross class skills require two points for every skill point invested into the skill. The number of points cannot exceed your level +3.
Skill groups work exactly like stadard cross-class skills except that no bonuses except circumstance and size bonuses can add to a skill group, even then, only to individual skills within a skill group.
You cannot use a skill group to qualify for a feat, advanced/prestige class, or other abilities (such as talents) that have skill requirements.

The skill groups are as follows:

Acrobatics (Dexterity)
Balance, Escape Artist, Hide, Move Silently, Tumble

Athletics (Strength)
Climb, Jump, Swim

Language (Intelligence)
Craft (Writing), Decipher Script, Forgery, Read/Write Languages, Speak Language

Medicine (Wisdom)
Craft (chemical), Craft (pharmaceutical), Knowledge (Earth and Life Sciences),
Treat Injury

Pathfinder (Dexterity)
Drive, Navigate, Pilot, Ride

Perception (Wisdom)
Investigate, Listen, Search, Sense Motive, Spot

Technology (Intelligence)
Computer Use, Craft (Electronic), Craft (Mechanical), Disable Device,
Knowledge (Physical Sciences), Knowledge (Technology), Repair

Social (Charisma)
Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate,
Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences), Knowledge (Current Events),
Knowledge (Popular Culture)

Trickery (Charisma)
Disguise, Gamble, Knowledge (Streetwise), Sleight of Hand

Warcraft (Wisdom)
Concentration, Craft (Structural), Demolitions, Handle Animal,
Knowledge (Civics), Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Tactics), Survival

Worldly (Intelligence)
Craft (Visual Art), Knowledge (Arcane Lore), Knowledge (Art),
Knowledge (Business), Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy), Research

You can start the game with any allegance.

Character Background & Character Sheet:
Character background history is required. It needs to be at least 1/2 a page long with about a 12 font or so. You can choose not to do it, but then that means that I'll have to make one for you, which may or not be good for your character because then it'll give me significantly more power and control over your character. I can help, if necessary, with making your character history.
It's generally a good idea to have a background history to your character.
Furthermore, once you've completed your character generation, please submit your character sheet online in the 'character bin' file. Doing this plus updating your character sheet regularly will grant you experience points in addition to any you gain in-session.

I generally grant an experience point reward for submitting your character sheet & character background online. The amount i grant depends on what level character you are in the game. You get the following experience points for submitting your background, submitting our character sheet, and each time you update your character sheet online.

Level 1-6: 50xp
Level 7-12: 125xp
Level 13-18: 250xp
Level 19-20: 500xp

Character Wealth:
You begin play with 2d4 wealth, plus any other bonuses from occupation or other noted game bonuses. You have the option of rolling this during a session or accepting a 5 wealth to begin with, before any other bonuses.

Buying Stuff:
Purchasing items with a DC high enough to warrent d6 rolls off of your total wealth modifier when not in session requires that you take average. Always round down on these rolls.

Buying multiples of items with a purchase DC <15 will cost a wealth point.
Specifically, a purchase of 10 items will reduce your wealth score by one point for every such 10 items. (This will not apply to all such items but most game-important items, such as weapons and equipment, but not to candy or fast food, or similar items. Contact me if yo have any questions about
purchasing items.)
You cannot start with any items that require a restricted or military license.
You cannot purchase items off the black market at character generation.
You cannot purchase mastercraft items unless the item itself is mastercraft by default.

Hit Points:
You can choose to either gain fixed hit points or have your hit points rolled for you by me. If rolling your hit points, any d10s and d12 rolls are given a reroll on a '1'.
Fixed hit points are gained thusly:
Maximum at level 1, half maximum at even levels, half +1 maximum at odd levels

The Massive Damage Limit:
The game will use the standard heroic-style of gameplay, which means that if you take an amount of damage equal to or greater than your current constitution score, you must make a fortitude saving throw DC 15. If you fail this save, your current hit points is reduced to -1 hit points and you'll bleed out.

Character Age:
Characters can begin play with an age anywhere from 10 years of age to 30.
Characters must accept all appropriate age modifiers.

It is important to note your characters' starting languages. English will be the most prominant language, but others will become important during play.
All modern langauges will be available and drawn from for gameplay.

Experience Points:
Characters coming in mid-campaign will come in at the same level as the average party level with minimum experience points.

Action Points:
Action points will not work as described in the core book and will use the following houserule:
When an action point is used, all d20 rolls recieve a 1d6 bonus on the result of all rolls for one round. You also recieve a +2 luck bonus on defense and you are immune to massive damage.
During this time, you do not automatically fail on a natural 1 on a d20 roll.
Character begin play with one action point that recovers at the beginning of the game session. All player characters have 1 action point plus 1 per five character levels.
This benefit lasts for one round or until the beginning of your next turn.
Using an action point is a free action that can be performed at any time, including as a response to anther's action.
At level 7, all of your rolls recieve a 2d6 bonus and a +4 to defense.
At level 14, all of your rolls recieve a 3d6 bonus and a +6 to defense.

Minor Rule Changes:
The Dodge feat chain simply grants its bonus to defense and not only to one creature.
The Weapon Finesse doesn't specifically modify one weapon but applies instead to all finessable weapons (like the 3.5 D&D edition version of the rule.)

07-17-2011, 11:42 PM
Still have room for one more?

07-18-2011, 08:27 AM
Still have room for one more?

Absolutely. Right now, I'm up to two players.
So... two down. Two to go.

My game will be running concurrently with the other player's D&D game he runs on the opposite sundays, so I may be able to steal players from there as well.

07-19-2011, 01:07 PM
I'll be there, I just joined the yahoo groups page and should have my character sheet up by tomorrow evening

10-08-2011, 05:45 PM

Due to changes in the location and the fact that the game has already started and has a regular time at current. At this time, I have two player slots open.