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Who we are

Our D&D group is currently 3 people, myself as DM and two players all in our mid to late 20's, each with several years of RPG experience. I've been DMing on and off for the last 10 years, 3 campaigns of which lasted more than a year of weekly play. We're fun-loving players who love the game, but don't take ourselves too seriously. We go for long periods when we play, 6+ hours at a time if we can. I like to build campaigns with persistent characters and worlds, and focus on the cooperative storytelling of the game, as well as combat mechanics.

What we're looking for in a player

We're looking for players who can dedicate at least a few hours a week for a long period of time (possibly indefinitely), and who want to participate in an in-depth world- and story-building experience. Roleplaying experience isn't necessary, we're perfectly willing to teach the game to people, but please have a good imagination and a willingness to get involved. Any age player is welcome as long as you're over 18 (sorry kids). We're a laid-back, joke cracking group, and looking to make friends as well as finding consistent players.

Campaign Details

The campaign I'm building now is designed for 4 players, starting at Level 1 and potentially going all the way through epic tier play. It's D&D 4e, and will be based in a world of my own design, pulling from D&D lore, with the addition of my own. The setting will be a combination of High Fantasy, Steampunk, Horror, and a bit of Western. Inspiration comes from of course D&D, Tolkien, Stephen King's Dark Tower, Stephen R Donaldson's Thomas Covenant series, and many more, plus my own imagination. It will follow the adventurers through a land in conflict. Three major kingdoms fight over land rights and resources, and many civilian and corporate forces work to gain wealth and influence, not always through legal or moral means. Technological advancements in the last few years have made all but the most powerful mages obsolete, and some groups have actively outlawed them, calling them "dangerous and unpredictable". Some groups use military force to achieve their ends, while others use espionage, or political and economic pressures. The party will be asked to make moral and ethical decisions about who to support and how far to go. No choice is wrong, but every one will affect the world around them. It's up to you to maintain the peace or to push the world to the brink of war; work for your own benefit or for the good of the people; use brute strength to get your way or convince your opposition to join you ... the choices are yours.

We haven't decided on a day yet to play, so we're open to suggestions, and we'll work with others' schedules. If you're interested, please send me a pm with the following info:


Experience with tabletop gaming:

What days and times are you available to play?:

What traits do you bring to the game? Why would you be a good addition?:

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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you guys been getting a chance to play yet?