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07-13-2011, 10:03 AM

My name is Anthony, and I DM a weekly D&D 3.5 at my apt every Sunday from 4pm-10pm. Our group has been playing for over a year now and we have lost a few players along the way and are currently seeking new members to join us in adventures. We are looking for consistant players and experience in 3.5 is NOT necessary as you can learn on the way. We mostly want return players and who show dedication and like to have fun. We are down to earth group with no "power DMs". I and one other member DM campaigns currently. If this sounds interesting and you are available every Sunday night for game (family matter do arise and we understand that) then please contact me and we can talk more about it if you like. I look forward to hearing from dedicated players who want to join an intense and very fun campain.

DM Loki

07-14-2011, 03:41 AM
I would be interested in this game. I do have some questions though, starting level/gold is one and what setting would we be playing in (as you can guess from name, I'm a Forgotten Realms kind of guy)?

07-14-2011, 07:44 AM
Greetins, We play in our own world and a custom world map created CC3 softwaare. We play on game mats and use a good assortment of minis. We play fair and bonus XP is given to good game play and RP. come on Sunday and try it out. The other DM just started his campagin last week, so its a kinda new start. your PC will start at level 6. get a hold of me for more details Warchild214@twcny.rr.com


07-21-2011, 07:43 PM
Hello, me and my friend are both 15 and have no D&D experience, besides getting some sort of an idea playing NWN2 and Baldur's Gate, but we'd love to learn. The problem is that our parents are iffy about us spending 6 hours at someone we don't knows apartment. So I was wondering if there was a way that our parents could meet you or of there was any way of contacting you?
Also, do you allow characters created from the bases of humanoids like Tieflings or Drow Elves? I'm not even sure if I worded that right, but that's why we'd like to learn!

05-30-2013, 09:22 PM
I have a question. Do you allow point buy character ability score generation? If so I'd love to join you guys. I have been looking for a group for a very long time and have prior experience with the system. Other then having an aversion to being forced to roll for my character's ability scores I am flexible and will play just about any kind of game, and enjoy homebrew settings. Word of warning, though, I enjoy evil characters so if your game allows them I'll most likely be rolling a Dread Necromancer(LOVE that class.) However, if you have a Paladin or are just uncomfortable with evil alignments I totally understand and have plenty of other classes I enjoy.

Anyway, I would be HIGHLY interested in joining up, and even have a friend who would be interested too, if you have room for one more. He'd be a total new player, though.