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07-12-2011, 08:50 PM

I am in the process of starting a fresh game that I will be running. I already have one player lined up, but I am looking for four to five more. As of now, I am planning to run each session at 9 PM EST on either Mondays or Tuesdays. The day will be decided when I have a full party and a day is agreed upon.

The campaign will utilize an off-site forum, one that I will create and administer. In order to play in the campaign, you must be able to devote time to using the forum when we are not playing. There will be out-of-character game discussions and party strategy sections, as well as in-character sections for roleplaying, stories, and character journals.

Basic Game Details Below:

Character Creation Rules

General Creation Information: Characters will begin play at level 5.
840 gold will be given to purchase starting equipment.
Two Magic Items of your choosing, level appropriate, will be allowed.
Adventuring Gear is free, but must be within reason. Gear that gives skill bonuses must be discussed with me first.
I will require a Loot Wishlist from each player. These lists can either be from 6-30, or if you are unsure of where you plan to take your character in Paragon and Epic, then 5-10.
Characters must be of Good or Unaligned alignment.
Legal Character Builder files must be sent to me for approval. If you do not have access, then a text format or PDF sheet must be sent to me. All sheets will be posted on our forum using the template I will post.
Roles will be on a first-come first-serve basis. I would prefer to have each role fulfilled. I will allow overlap with certain roles, although Defender and Leader must be filled.
Hybrids, Multiclass, and Essentials classes are permitted. If you intend to be a Hybrid, you must have valid backstory reason.

Races: All races are allowed, including those from the Eberron, Forgotten Realms, and Dark Sun rulebooks. However, the flavor and background for each race will be altered in order to fit the campaign world. When creating a character, if you are using a race that is campaign specific, or you are otherwise unsure, PM or e-mail me at tuc54935@temple.edu to discuss your preferred racial choice.

Classes: All classes and class variations are allowed, including those from the Eberron, Forgotten Realms, and Dark Sun rulebooks. As with the races, the flavor and background for certain classes and variation (mostly campaign specific) will be altered in order to fit the campaign world. PM or e-mail to discuss, as above.

Attributes: Standard Array or Point Buy only.

Backgrounds: I will allow up to three backgrounds, which must be chosen from one of the five categories: geography, society, birth, occupation, or racial. This means you will have three background benefits. However, background benefits must not stack. Meaning, you cannot have two backgrounds that have Nature bonuses and have a +4 to Nature, or what have you. Campaign specific backgrounds, such as those from Forgotten Realms, may be chosen with reflavoring. These are on a case-by-case basis, however. Again, PM or e-mail to discuss further.

Themes: Themes are allowed, and encouraged. Both the Dragon Magazine and Dark Sun themes are allowed, however you must have a solid reason for choosing a Dark Sun theme, and your backstory must included why they have the particular theme.

Backstories: Backstories are required and must be posted on our forum. As this campaign is very story driven and will include a vast amount of roleplay, these are necessary. I will include backstories in the campaign and figures from the parties' past may show up down the line.

Game and House Rules

Combat to Roleplay Ratio: This is a story and character driven campaign, and combat will never occur just for the sake of combat. Every encounter will have relevance to the story (even if it may not seem that way, at first) and some encounters can be avoided or will be scrapped if the party makes the appropriate roleplay choices. Combat will happen frequently during certain parts of the campaign, and well be less frequent during others.

Player Styles: Min/Max'ers, Rule Lawyers, and players who discourage roleplay in favor of combat need not inquire. I have no problem with an optimized character, however I do not want someone who doesn't care for roleplay and just wants to make a Controller who can out damage a Striker. This campaign is story and roleplay driven, with combat used to progress the story. I would prefer if players reflected that.

Frameworks: We will be utilizing DeviantNull's framework. If players are unfamiliar, I will guide them.

Retraining/Rerolling: I will allow retraining (outside of when it is allowed in rules) and rerolling for the first three sessions. After that, the only time you may reroll or retrain is when the rules permit, or if/when your character dies.

Forum: As stated above, this campaign will have an off-site forum. Players must use the forum and keep up with it, as I will post any announcements regarding sessions, experience, loot, and other necessary information. Roleplay is encouraged here outside of sessions, or when we are taking a break for a time. I will provide the link when the party has been formed.

Party Lineup

Marik, Level 5 Human Swarm Druid, Primal Controller
Kaetos, Level 5 Elf Archer Ranger, Martial Striker
Ped Xing, Level 5 Human Stone Fist Monk, Psionic Striker
K'tok dul Ta'Lon, Level 5 Dragonborn Dragon Sorcerer, Arcane Striker
Flint Wolfwood, Level 5 Human Weapon Talent Fighter, Martial Defender
Berengrim Blackhammer, Level 5 Dwarf Battle Cleric, Divine Leader

07-14-2011, 12:46 AM
I currently have three interested parties, which leaves room for one or two more. However, none have been officially accepted, so I will continue to accept inquiries until the party is full.

07-16-2011, 01:28 AM
The party is currently full. Thank you for the interest.