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07-07-2011, 01:17 PM
Looking to start a Deathwatch game, playing every other Tuesday (or perhaps Sunday, if that day turns out to be better).

I can host, but my apartment is kind of small and I'd rather play somewhere more central (I live in North Tampa), thinking about trying to hold the game at Armada down by Fowler & 56th if possible.

What is Deathwatch?

Deathwatch is the third installment in the Warhammer 40k roleplaying line, alongside Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader. In it you assume the role and responsibilities of the Ordos Xenos Space Marine Chapter, the Deathwatch.

While a roleplaying game, Deathwatch tends to focus on small-group gameplay and roleplaying within the context of the squad, which is composed of Space Marines from disparate Chapters and abilities. The game is about their struggle to overcome their differences and work together, as well as their efforts to bring the Emperor's Light to the filthy, craven xenos and forces of Chaos.

In order to play, you only need a few d10s. I've got the rulebooks and other things you might need.

What's the game like?

Deathwatch is typically mission-based, meaning that players are often 'in the field' working to complete their objectives (not unlike D&D, except there are no trips to town for resupply - you've got what you've got). Missions are a fancy way of saying, 'Quests' with a sci-fi twist, but it essentially becomes the same thing. Sessions will probably last 3-4 hours at a time, and folks should be prepared to roleplay as well as bring out their chainswords.

A lot of the game will focus around problem solving - Space Marines tend to be outnumbered and outgunned, accomplishing their objectives through smart and timely application of their particular strengths.

Sounds interesting, but I don't know Warhammer (or 40k).

Not a problem. A good amount of background information can be found on http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Deathwatch. Not knowing the Chapters and their differences are no problem - I'd be willing to work with any player to play one of the pre-developed Chapters from the book, and help come up with backgrounds and other information that'd make it easier to roleplay.

As far as the books themselves, they aren't required. I have some cheat sheets that have most of the applicable rules on them for players to review.

What's the game background?

The game is set in the Jericho Reach, subject of the Achilus Crusade. The High Lords of Terra have ordered the reclamation of the Reach in an effort to secure the Imperium's eastern rimward side, as well as to stop the Tyranid Hive Fleet Dagon which is threatening the entire sector. The Tau have been particularly active in this area of late, taking over several planetary systems for the Greater Good - some worlds being taken without a single shot fired.

Initially drawn to the sector due to the fall of the star systems Zanatov's Harbor and Jerober to Hive Fleet Dagon, your kill-team arrives to find a Crusade rife with intrigue and rumors - that the Tau have converted several members of the Crusade's command council to the Greater Good, that the Tyranid attack on Zanatov's Harbor was allowed to happen, and that some forces of the Crusade itself have been seen practicing dark rituals reminiscent of Chaos.

Beset on all sides by forces whose power spans entire star systems, the Space Marines of the Deathwatch have no choice but to fight to survive.

Cool! But I want to play a...

I'm open to creating any Chapter, if the Chapter rules aren't present in either Deathwatch or Rites of Battle. Not all specialties (Chaplain, Veteran, Terminator Honors for instance) are available to characters at Rank 1.

Character Creation

If you're interested in playing and already have the books (or have access to them), here are the guidelines for character creation:

Chapter: Any
Specialty: Any
Rank: 1
Experience: 3000 (So instead of spending 1000 during character creation, spend this amount)
Renown: 0
Past: Any

I would prefer to have at least one Ultramarine or Blood Angel with a background as a Tyranic War Veteran, otherwise this role will be filled by an NPC.

How many players are you looking for?

Anywhere from three to five.