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Land of the Relentless (PbP)

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The Age of The Relentless is how the historians are calling these hard times. For the last hundred of years elementals, monsters and other strange creatures roam the wilderness in search of blood. They destroyed much of the civilized world for reasons yet unkown.

People live in great cities looking protection from their walls. Each day brings the worry of raids and the destruction of field crops. Entire kingdoms have dissapeared and only a few are left standing.

The authorities look for capable people and mostly mercenaries to protect the goods of trade caravans that mean so much to many small towns and villages. Is in this time when true heroes are needed, or at least those who act like them. Relentlessly fighting for the survival of Aludnath’s people.

You are part of the organization called “The Hunters” who work as a mercenary group in charge of keeping the few cities of the kingdom of Norinias safe from monsters and elementals. These last few weeks there has been an increase on the sightings and attacks and several squads of the Hunters are being movilized all around the towns. There are also rumors that the leaders of the group might have gotten some kind information but they are not ready to disclose it yet. They have asked you to join Eagle Squad, a group of strange but strong adventures leading the investigation of these events.

We already have the following:
-Ranged fighter

All the classes/races found on the PRD permited
Non-Evil Characters only
As a note, all summoning spells back fire and it always brings an elemental who attacks anything on sight. Even you. These spells have been ‘banned’ in the game world.
Any kind of travel outside the Material Plane is also impossible since the Relentless Age started. Does who actually manage to make it work are never seen again.