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http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Friston-Carmilla-Laura-in-bed-213x300.jpg (http://www.koboldquarterly.com/k/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Friston-Carmilla-Laura-in-bed.jpg)Dusting the dirt and maggots from its skin, the corpse rises from the grave longing for the sweet kiss of a soulmate.

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An old gypsy remedy for killing strigoi:

Dig out hearts; cut in two.
Drive a nail into the forehead.
Place clove of garlic on the tongue.
Smear body with fat from a pig killed on a holy day.

Old superstitions concerning strigoi:

A black cat walking over an interred corpse puts the dead at risk of rising as strigoi…
To prevent one from rising as a strigoi, families often bury the dead with a bottle of wine. After 6 weeks, the family digs up the wine and shares the drink. Those that partake are protected as a protection from evil spell.
Burying the body face down with a sickle around its neck prevents it from rising.
Some believe that if you bury the dead with good whiskey, it will be satiated and not return.
Piercing the body with a needle will prevent the body from rising. It is also common to place a candle, coin, or towel in the hand of the dead to accomplish the same.
Many believe that walking around the grave while burning hemp makes the strigoi powerless
Decorating the gravesite with cloves of garlic prevents the dead from rising.
Although strigoi are not affected by sunlight, they abhor natural fire. Using fire to attack a strigoi bypasses its DR. Many villagers hover close to bonfires thinking it will deter even the most daring strigoi.
It is often rumored that if a strigoi can go unnoticed for 7 years, it becomes human once again. Upon becoming human, the strigoi can reproduce. Any children, though, become strigoi at their death.
When building a new house, hang a puppet in the bedroom. This catches any evil that decides to make a visit.
A silver coin wrapped in a blood-soaked cloth serves as an amulet of protection against strigoi.
Some believe strigoi possess two souls: one human the other undead. This would explain the existence of two hearts (only one working) and the ability to become human after 7 years.
Keeping hands closed or clasped prevents the personís psychic strength from departing during a strigoiís kiss.
Scattering the grave dirt of a strigoi keeps it preoccupied, for it is forced to pick up every granule.
When first burying the corpse, villagers often take an obscure route to the corpseís final resting place. This is done, so the strigoi will have a difficult time finding its way home.
Likewise, those who accompanied the corpse to the gravesite cover their tracks home to prevent being followed.
On the way home, mourners will meet with an elderly woman who is handing out hot coals. The mourners toss the coal over their shoulder as a means to ward off the strigoi.
The shovel that dug the grave and the cart that carried the coffin are not brought back to town. Even the horses are turned loose.
The body is not carried head first to prevent the corpse from knowing the way.
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