View Full Version : Looking For Online Changeling: The Lost, Vamp: Requiem, or Geist: Sin-Eater

The Fanciful Cerberus
06-27-2011, 01:17 PM
I just joined the community and am fairly new to the games and was hoping to find some more experienced people I could play Changeling: The Lost with and maybe a few other games (even maybe ones that aren't WoD if anyone wants to suggest anything). I don't mind crossovers as long as they don't go overboard, but I do like plots to be thought out and not revolve entirely around action and fighting. I'd prefer to play over Skype or Ventrillo (as long as someone else is hosting), and am willing to download other things to enhance the gaming experience as long as they're free. I put thought into my character's actions based on their personality and expect fellow players to do the same. The gm must be open to occasional constructive criticism and I will be open to it in return. I'm hoping to play a continuing game with the same characters, especially if we play Changeling.