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06-22-2011, 04:27 AM
A Pathfinder RPG group that meets most Saturday nights at 6pm in Louisville KY.


It has been over two centuries since the city-state of Meracium overthrew its monarch and established a Republic. Meracium has conquered its neighbors and grown to be the most powerful city in the region. Meraciumís young democracy is threatened from all sides. Barbarian hordes are poised to raid from the wilderness. Ancient empires compete with Meracium for trade and resources. Tribes and cities that Merocium has conquered scheme against it. Factions in the Meracian senate struggle for political power.

All of the player characters are loyal to the newly-elected consul, Publicus Orabius. Your character might be one of his servants, plebian (commoner) clients, or patrician (noble) allies. Whatever their relationships to the consul, the characters are united by their loyalty to Orabius and to the Republic of Meracium. Orabius will serve as consul for two years with his co-consul (and political enemy), the plebian Marcus Fulvius, after which new consuls will be chosen by election.

At the beginning of the campaign, the consul will send the characters on missions. The characters may also pursue their own goals, and eventually the story will evolve in other directions.

To join the game, follow the link above to the Obsidian Portal site and click the "Want to Join" button, or email crueldespot@yahoo.com. Our first session will be July 2, and we still have room for another player or two.