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06-18-2011, 06:54 PM
i have an extensive collection of 3.5 materials. I am an experienced GM/Storyteller.

I only run home brewed worlds, and have been looking for a group in order to begin telling my Story.

My games are story based, Open Booked, Sandbox style.

Combat can get deadly, but i try to make it all balanced. Challenging but possible.

No limits on Alignment, however i urge the group to get along. There are in-game ways to deal with people.

I do however require Personalities and backgrounds for each Character, but I encourage Character growth.

As of right now i am free any day/night during the week except for Wednesdays.

I dont know how to use maptools, VTT, Game Table or other Hosting things, but we can use chat + Skype until i learn how to set up something.

let me know if this sounds like anything you are interested in and we can go over more details.

06-20-2011, 01:37 PM
Sounds interesting. I would like to play; I recommend you learn to use Maptools. It's very easy to learn (I started from scratch and got the hang of it in less than a day) and extremely useful and versatile. I can even help you out setting up macros and things like that.

06-20-2011, 05:09 PM
I might be interested, and I might be able to bring up a full group of players who already know eachother and play decently well. Mind if I ask for your skype/aim/msn/etc to speak live with you. We could chat via the forums if you wish, it's just so much quicker then a week of back and forth forum posts or pm's.

06-21-2011, 05:45 AM
Skype name is EpicSpire

been meaning to update this, i am working on converting my Campaign over to maptools.. i am haveing trouble hosting a server

i have 3 players interest + the 2 of you,.. you both are welcome. I will have more campaign information soon but so far this is what i got:

Campaign Rules and Information

Available Meeting Times: Monday 8-12pm EST
Tuesday 8-12pm EST
Thursday 8-12pm EST
Friday 8-12pm EST
Sunday 8-12pm EST
Meeting Location: Online, Using Maptools when i get the hosting right and Skype will be used for Out of Game Networking as well as an In game tool. I would like to transition to a virtual table top, once I get the hang of one.

Gaming Style: I run an Open book - sand box style game. The game is Story based and the plot and storyline unfold and is written as a combination of Player and character interaction. Characters are free to decide what to do and where to go. I dislike rule layering, but understand that the rules are there to give sort of a balance to the game’s reality, but they are mostly just a guideline and are flexible. Fun and Role-play are more important. Combat can get deadly and pretty messy, not every encounter needs to be forceful or bloody, but there will be times when aggressive negotiations are the only solutions.

Genre and System: D20 3.5, Fantasy Setting, Home Brew.

Starting City: Drax is a mega metropolis. HUGE urbanized City/state. the ruler of this nation is Kasim Katrell, he has Ruled Drax for over 30 years and currently has no heirs. You can either be from this Empire or an outsider,.. if you are an Outsider/foreigner just give me a detail description of what sort of city you were from (coastal, rural, urban, etc) and Iwill give you a few choices.

Stats: Point Buy. 30 points to spend. Stats begin at 8. No stat can be higher than 18 or lower than 8 before Racial Modifications. Only one stat can be at maximum.

9 - 1 points
10 - 2 points
11 - 3 points
12 - 4 points
13 - 5 points
14 - 6 points
15 - 8 points
16 - 10 points
17 - 13 points
18 - 16 points

Hit Points: Max HP for the first 3 levels. ¾ HP for each level there after. A 1d6 Hit Die class will gain 5 HP at 4th, and 4 HP at 5th, and then alternating between 5/4/5/4 and so on (with bonuses added after), d10 hit die class will get 8/7/8/7/8/7 and so on.

Character Level and Back Story: Characters begin play at level 3, and therefore need some sort of back story and history. Why has said Character decided to venture out? What has he or she been doing since he began his new life? My game uses the stories of the PCs to help shape the future game world, it would be nice to know the character’s goals, as well as the player’s.

Personality and History: Each player is required to turn in a Personality sheet with their required Back Story. The Personality “test” for character creation is available upon request, and is a requirement. Much of the continuing storyline of the campaign will rely on these two components.

Allowed Deities: Any deity from the Deities and Demigods book (Other deities are subject to approval with submitted back story and personality)

Allowed Alignments: ANY (please be aware that the game is for each player and an alignment is not an excuse to ruin the fun for the party. I will not punish players for RPing their character, but there are consequences to every action.)

Allowed Races: Any from the PHB Core Rules 3.5

Allowed Classes: Any from the PHB Core Rules 3.5 (PHB II, subject to approval with submitted back story & Personality)

Multi-classing and Prestige Classes: Give Advanced Notice before taking any class other than the current class. Role Play will be necessary and with advanced noticed, the Game Master can lay out a better story, and the transition will also be better.

Starting wealth: 2700 gold, +/- some bonus gold from well thought out backgrounds and a well written Personality

Books and Supplements used: Any that I can get my hands on. If you have any ideas for your character get with me and we can work something out.

06-21-2011, 01:08 PM
Sounds interesting, If you get at me on skype we can talk about it. Username is Ellephino.

06-21-2011, 01:37 PM
Post update:

Huzza!! I am able to host. we need to use Hamachi, as a work around.

06-22-2011, 11:18 AM
Sounds interesting. Room for one more?

06-24-2011, 03:06 PM
Assuming you're still recruiting, I'd like to toss my hat and a friend's into the ring. We've been playing DnD 3.5e since release and have a bit of experience with online play. If you would like complete character bios, personality traits, sketches of our characters or character sheets, do feel free to ask me, and I'll gladly supply. The following is just an excerpt, for I am at my work PC and do not have access to my personal files.

I'd like to play something akin to an Arcane Paladin, of sorts-- something like a Fighter/Sorcerer. He'd appear as an elderly, frail man, and his chief motivation is seeking out a bit of bliss and good in the world, but reality keeps snatching it away from him, so he's forced to confront peril and hardship again and again.
My friend has been creating and recreating a Wizard who focuses in hunting down evil spell-casters, and he's dying to breathe life into this character in a fresh campaign. I believe his character was nearly killed by a mage, and, surviving the ordeal, he dedicated his life to studying the mysterious and arcane in an attempt to thwart such horror from befalling another innocent.

Here's to hoping you're still recruiting!