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Engineer Doramos
06-15-2011, 06:42 PM
Morterth the Role-Playing Game is coming soon to Kindle UK and Germany. Recycled from over thirty years of amateur game desiging, and under constant edit since March 2010, this game uses six-sided dice in a very innovative method and supplements many rolls and other things with card decks.

Morterth has twenty colorful species of sentients, including humanity, sharing a planet with a rich, unique, and drama and pathos strewn history. Magic has developed from the salvation of six species to the refugee world of Morterth raising psychic thresholds enormously. Four nearby sentient systems were also affected, and three of them are reachable by magical travel. Due to magical factions, many technologies have been supressed, but there are greatships, gliders, lightning rayguns, and robot companions to make your playing experience a little more than swords and sorcery or even the new steampunk genre.

It will be released in four stages, starting with character creation rules, as the final drafts are polished. The individal books will be on Kindle for $4.99 each. Following character creation will be the rules system, then the setting details, and finally the referee reference.

I will post back here when its up on Kindle UK and Germany. It will be released in the USA a bit later.

See you on Morterth!

Engineer Doramos
07-16-2011, 01:54 PM

The final draft of the Morterth character creation book is mostly assembled and being crafted pretty seamlessly thanks to the year and four months of drafting the whole game so far. It might be done before August, but I'm wagering it will be next month before I can place it on Kindle UK and Germany.

The character creation system involves a process of determining your life prior to becoming an adventurer through card draws and sometimes dice rolls which give both the element of random determinations of one's environment and choices with each card or dice result. This method helps very much with illustrating the highly detailed setting by taking you through an interesting path of choices and events. The basic elements are yours to mold into a story in this very role-play aligned and entertaining system.

I'm enthusiastically awaiting the day it is done, and I can place it proudly on Kindle. Just a few more sections and I'm done at last with the first of the four books!

Engineer Doramos
08-18-2011, 01:23 PM
Well, I had a bit of a hectic period with personal affairs that interfered with my production speed, but I came up with some cool improvements, as the interruption occurred after I made an early usable version of the tables that construct your character. Over the time I was unable to devote full focus to game design, I mulled over the characters I had made with the assembled character creation tables, and came up with some inspired concepts. I'm pretty sure the path is now clear, so I should have the first book ready around early or mid September.

The characters were cool, but they led to me streamlining my system so that every character is very individualistic.

I also pumped up my combat system's armor vs. weapons and damage system, so action is faster thanks to easier number crunching, and more dramatic due to more range with damage integers.

You'll see it on Kindle UK and Germany soon, followed by the US intro. Hope you like it enough to buy a copy! Help a poor artist out willya? I'm wagering you won't regret it!

Engineer Doramos
09-22-2011, 04:52 PM
The character creation book is still getting there. I've learned you can't pinpoint the ending of the drafting process.