View Full Version : Need Designer for Web Browser game

06-08-2011, 03:41 PM
Hello all, Please dont take this as spam. I am a avid RPG'r, love pen and paper but have very few people in my area. I also design MMORPG Web Browser games.

Years ago I built a web game that was pretty popular. I was new to creating browser games and I tried too many things and ended up becoming dissatisfied with it and shut it down. Since then I have created quite a few but never one to really match the first.
After a Epiphany I have decided to go back to the old game and completely rewrite it with tons more features and way more RPG.

The game will be a 2d graphical/text based web browser game built in PHP and Javascript along with Ajax to keep it with almost no refreshes. It has over 12 zones and 43,000 maps and I am adding well over 450,000 clickable objects for exploring an mini games. All dynamic so it is not like I am coding and placing each one.

The game will have several NPCs along with NPC towns and ruins but will heavily be based on players building nearly everything. Hence the huge space this game has.

It has a unique collectible "trinket" system that will be used for combat and the mini games when harvesting and exploring.

Now on to what I need. I need a designer. Someone with some RPG background that help me create the world. Design stock equipment, towns, layouts, stories, ect..
You do not need any coding or art experience but art experience is a plus. I am building admin panel on the game where you can build nearly anything to help stock the game.
This game is still on the ground floor, maybe even basement level so now is a great time to jump in. I am not looking for a patsy or a slave to do my work. I am looking for someone interested in Old School RPG design who wants to see a game come to fruition. I will code 100% of it.
I of course will extend a portion of any moneys I receive from this project but can promise none. I can also give you a copy of the game at some point after its finished for a version for yourself. You will also be admin of the game.

If you have a RPG system you have designed then this would be a great way to get it out there. I have just begun the rebuild but trust me I code fast. Currently the game is set in the future and I have quite a bit of lore with it but all that can be changed or discussed.
Please PM or email me if interested in teaming up. Thanks.