View Full Version : Exodus Shadowrun is runnig! First Mission a full sucess

06-01-2011, 11:46 PM
Howdy, the GM who is stationed in R.O.K. (aka South Korea) has given me permission to place this ad and see if anyone else wants to join a 4th Edition Shadowrun Game.

The game as of now has 3 Street Samurai, and a mage. All three St. Sam.'s are doubling in brass for other slots (Sam + Rigger, Sam + B&E, and I forget what the 3rd guy's sub-specialty is:confused:, we didn't need it last weekend).

The setting is in a "City/State" called Lagos (mentioned in the SR book Feral Cities) which is even more wide open than the normal campaign setting of Seatle.

Right now, we've just completed our first mission (Sat 28 May), and haven't restocked any equipment.

We play Sat.'s starting at 5pm EST (which is Sunday 6am for the GM). For more details please contact either the GM (PeterDracos), or me tim.mineshine, you may even Email me direct at tim.mineshine@gmail.com