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06-01-2011, 09:07 PM
for many years i have played countless RPG's. whether they were on various consoles, hand helds, card games or single/multi-player online games, i have always been a huge fan of such games. i've also enjoyed reading rpg/sci-fi books, from authors such as David Brin and authors like him. i've read plenty of the warhammer 40k novels, including the huge series of the horus heresy story.

this past winter i decided to create a game myself. it began as just an idea for an MMO, but i really got serious with it and decided to create it to be played as a PnP game. from my perspective, CRPG's do most of the role-playing and dice rolling for you, but the story and the world aren't much different.

after many months of working by myself i have gotten a decent amount of rules,settings, and themes for the game. the scope of the game is very large, and i'm sure some people think i'm going way in over my head by trying to create something so huge, but i have no time-frame to complete this and thus have years to spend working on it.

but, working on it by myself is very lackluster and like most people i too have a life and i can't dedicate everyday to working on my game. i have tried many other online forums to find people to get on-board with me and work on it, but i have had no luck.

i'm glad i found this website though, and i hope to get lots of feedback for Exodium, and hopefully get some inspiration to work on it more :)

here's a link to the blog i created that has 99% of the material i have worked on.

Currently i'm working on creating specifics for solar systems and the flora/fauna that exist on each planet. i'm also working on Tier 2 "Hybrid" skills, which combine elements of 2 magics or a magic and a mastery to create unique skills. i have about half of those done.

i'm a college student and my spring quarter is almost over, so i hope after next week to start working more on Exodium. it would be amazing to have a working game by summers end!