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05-27-2011, 10:12 AM
Hey! Just stopped by to advertise for a growing Rifts community on IRC.

irc.thisisnotatrueending.com port 6667

channel #RIFTS

Come on by! We've got multiple GMs, multiple games going and are always looking to meet more players and GMs.

A few common questions people ask:

What's Rifts?
It's a sci-fi/fantasy RPG with mages, mechs, missiles, psychics, cyborgs and supernatural creatures. It's got flying powered armor and atlantean interdimensional travelers. The system has over 50 compatible books of content and is still turning out more as we speak. It's a lot of fun! Mechanically, it's a lot like dungeons and dragons.

How do you play on IRC?
If you've never used IRC google a tutorial, it's really easy to use, just pick a client and connect to the server, then join the #rifts channel. As far as actually running the game on IRC, it's just about like playing in real life. You type everything you'd normally say and there's a dice roller built into the chat to handle dice rolls.

What do I need to play?
Just a copy of Rifts Ultimate Edition!

That's pretty much it! There are multiple games going on, I only run a few of them. Feel free to drop by the chat and hang out and watch also! I'll probably see questions you post in the chat faster than here, but I'll try to keep up with the thread.

Come check it out!

05-29-2011, 07:57 AM
We've had a lot of new interest during the weekend so there are a lot of new players looking for GMs! If you're in the mood to run something with a little bit of everything, or just looking to play or watch, definitely come by.