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05-24-2011, 03:13 AM

Looking for players / GM for Dark Heresy campaign. Start at the beginning!! All characters should be new, so follow the core rulebook on how to create (i.e. 400 starting EXP). Happy to give GMing a go myself. Would love to sink my teeth into Dark Heresy, just need some players / a gm to help me do so. Used to play TMNT / Robotech RPG many years ago, trying to get back into it.

Looking for fortnightly games on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings between 8pm onwards (EST, or GMT+10 for everyone not from AU).

For everyone not from Australia, games would be on Saturdays 11pm GMT +10.

I've got OpenRPG going, not sure how to get maps etc... going, otherwise use MIRC or MSN. Make sure you've already created your character!

Any other questions?


07-01-2011, 03:05 AM
Hi anyone out there...

Just letting you know, "Illumination" Campaign for DH is hopeufully starting this weekend either Saturday 11pm GMT +10 (Saturday 9am EST), or Sunday 8am GMT +10 (Saturday 6pm EST). Yes, this is based in Melbourne Australia. See the note above, new characters only, have them ready to go on OpenRPG and/or Fantasy Grounds, and make sure you add me on Skype (Artless303) and send me an RSVP.