View Full Version : looking for player in hampstead md

taunt dragoon
05-20-2011, 12:33 PM
hey guys i run a bi weekly game in hampstead and looking for one or two more players the other weeks i switch the dm seat of to some else and he runs a game witch i play in we would like to get some one to join both games but dont have to weare a group of guy rangeing from 20-25 and we play friday nights about 6pm ish til about 1am ish so if you dont mind gameing with some young guys give me a shout at bigmickey161984 yahoo [dot] com or hit me we do have pdfs of most of the books for any one who dosent have them and have hard copies we are beginner friendly some of the guy had their girlfriends playing but they had to drop for other reasons so it only the four of us guys we would like some one who can make the game on a regular basis we had some people that said that and only show up like once every other month and we dropped them we do put you on a play test to see how well you mesh with the group just about every body can pass the trail as long as you are not a real a**hole or d*ck cause im sure you all know the type im talking about i have a wiki site i try to keep updated with the current events in the game mike-pathfinder.wikispaces.com (http://mike-pathfinder.wikispaces.com) check it out and question or what ever hit me up at the above email or reply to this post or whatever hope to hear from so prospective new recruits one other thing transportation is required or if you live in or close to the hampstead area we might be able to work something

07-20-2011, 05:58 PM
Hey dude! I just joined here and I live near Essex. I run a large gaming group with rotating players and I have been adopting Pathfinder lately and learning the system very well. It's my new current favorite. I'd like to hop in as a player sometime so perhaps we can work out some info exchange.