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05-18-2011, 10:54 AM
Campaign is set after the falling of Asgard and Norman Osborn, if you are no familiar with the the marvel u a good start is to read everything from house of m to siege if you already havent. in other works read house of m, civil war, secret invasion, dark reign and siege. that will get you all caught up on what is happening.
this campaign will be following marvels universe, so if you plan to make mutants im sorry but there are only 200 mutants in the world and they are already discovered. powers by artifact, freak accident, mystical, or super training through some mysterious art. are fine

power lvl start off is 11

the campaign itself will take place in saint louis MO

I do have a few Requirements.

1 a bio of the character how he got his/her powers what her/she first did with them. how they got on the road to becoming super heroes. with character concept. all the nitty gritty stuff

i would also like for you to create a rogues gallery of 3 villains (would prefer if you used some from your own imagination, but i suppose some marvel villains can be used)

As for a bit about the campaign.

with in saint louis, mo.

Set in saint louis Mo,

Its just an ordinary day. people enjoying there lives. walking around the city. people going to work. people jogging, walking there dogs. "KABOOOOMMMM!" as the Arch is in shambles and people are screaming and running for there lives. with no one to be seen near or in the arch. Police fine them arrive to the seen to find a mysterious figure. hard to get a good look from the mist of the falling debris. mechanical sounds are heard from out in the distance.

that is how the campaign starts.

any questions please feel free to PM me. i can give you my skype name and or email if you would like.