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(Illustration by*Chris McFann)

How can a god be mad? Some sages claim all the gods are mad, and we are but the figments of their raving intellects. Yet madness does not just mean a disordered mind caught up in its own delusions and faux-reality. If madness is one man’s illusion, perhaps sanity is also an illusion, but one shared by many instead of relegated to an individual. The psychotic simply perceives a different illusion or pierces the common delusion to reveal a deeper reality. Hence, the madness common to all gods…

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Raving Priest

“Madness is a ring, and a ring has no end.”

Prerequisite: Cleric.

You spread the dogma of holy mania. Your god demands each sentient being sacrifice its mind to the infinite, black sea of the void—the true aspect of all deities. Those who follow you find solace in the sanity-crushing immensity of the gods. Those who oppose you experience the full force of the mind-blasting vistas that are reality’s true underpinning…

Raving Action (11th): When you spend an action point to take an extra action you can instead choose one opponent within 3 squares of you. That opponent is dazed until the start of its next turn.

Aberrant Strike (11th): When you hit with a melee attack against a target, that creature grants combat advantage to you and your allies until the end of your next turn.

Asylum of the Mind (16th): You gain a +2 bonus to Will defense.

What the Moon Brings (Raving Priest Attack 11)

Lunar light spreads from your palms, driving your foes to mindless violence.

Encounter • Divine, Implement, RadiantStandard Action****************************** Close blast 5Target: Each enemy in blast.Attack: Wisdom vs. Will.Hit: 2d6 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage, and each target makes a melee basic attack against a creature of your choice.Special: If you score a critical hit with this power, the target gains a +2 power bonus to the melee basic attack it makes.

The Boon of Madness (Raving Priest Utility 12)

Your words inspire an ally to fight without fear.

Daily • Divine
Minor Action************************************ Close burst 5
Target: One ally in burst.
Effect: The target can make a saving throw with a +2 power bonus or spend a healing surge. Until the end of the encounter, the target gains a +2 power bonus to all attack rolls.

Winds of Pandemonium (Raving Priest Attack 20)

You open a conduit to the howling gale of the plane of madness, buffeting the minds and bodies of your foes.

Daily • Divine, Fear, Implement, Psychic, Thunder
Standard Action****************************** Zone burst 4 within 10 squares
Target: All enemies in zone.
Attack: Wisdom vs. Will.
Hit: 2d10 + Wisdom modifier thunder damage, and each creature is pushed 2 squares.
Effect: The burst creates a zone considered difficult terrain. Creatures that enter or start their turn in the zone take 10 psychic damage and cannot use skills based on Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. All other skills take a

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