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05-12-2011, 02:08 PM
(i dont know if this is the right area of the forums to post this. if it IS the wrong spot, please move it to the RIGHT location.)


Recently, on an oblivion modding site for a modding team I'm a part of called team eccentric, we've been doing some DND styled RPG's, just without the character sheets, or the dice.

Our most recent one,l based off of a zombie mod for oblivion, died out due to slow progression as it was play-by-post.

Recently, though, i started the recruitment thread for a new one. mainly, its based in Eorzea. Yup. an FF XIV RPG.

However, due to the community there having a very small understanding of the final fantasy universes, im getting a hard time getting any recruits.

So, im just posting this here to ask if any of the Final Fantasy XIV fans here are interested.

If you want an example of how we play, check out this thread: http://eccentricinc.webs.com/apps/fo...-thread?page=1 (http://eccentricinc.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/4014314-28-days-rpg-play-thread?page=1)

If you want to join up, go to this thread: http://eccentricinc.webs.com/apps/fo...read?page=last (http://eccentricinc.webs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/4754163-final-fantasy-xiv-rpg-recruitment-thread?page=last)

I will warn you ahead of time, when making a webs.com account, its going to want you to make your own website before letting you progress. just flow with it, and make something random that you dont want.

If you choose to join up, there are 2 camapgins to choose from.

Invaison from the south.

And gates of Therysgard.

Gates to therysgard and invaison from the south both have images to go with. here they are.


Characters will start out at a relatively medium rank, relatively speaking. As there are no character sheets or dice, its all based on the following factors: What do you do, and what do you attempt to do? Combat, you cant just say "I kill it" you have to describe a specific attack, like thrusts, slashes, butting them up the head with your hilt, things like that. i present the players with situations, and they have to tell me how they react.

Observing your enemies, is also a very useful tactic. some enemies will have different advantadges or disadvantedges, and finding them out can be the key to survival.

This whole thing is sort of like a tabletop RPG. most notably, Dungeons and dragons or G.U.R.P.S. Just without character sheets or dice.

Let me know if your interested.

PS: if you need more information, ill be happy to give it to you.