View Full Version : Looking for a Few Good Writers

05-06-2011, 07:57 PM
This is a long shot, but if you like world building and character creating, and you want something different from your usual RPG, I've got an offer for you. :cool:

I'm creating a shared world setting for what I'm calling a hypothetical TV show. It's an hour long, science fiction program based on time travel. The episodes for it will be written in TV screenplay format. I started this project because I'm an aspiring screenwriter who wanted his own place to practice and invite others to use the show to do the same.

The basics of the world have been established, but there's plenty of room to expand. All I have left to do is come up with the principal cast. If anyone wants in on the project, now would be a great time to start. The screenplay format is pretty easy to learn and I provide links where you can study it. If screenwriting's not your thing, I still need help designing characters. I'll even let you decide what real life actors would play them :lol:

I brought this up on Trigger street (an online community for screenwriters) and all I got in response were some annoying Quantum Leap nerds. Not to bash Quantum Leap, but they really kind of derailed my recruiting effort. RPGers are great at character building, so I got the idea to plug my project here and see if anyone wants to get in on this.

Link: http://chronosquad.weebly.com/