View Full Version : 3.5 Edition game set in the World Of Greyhawk Jersey City , NJ

04-06-2007, 11:26 PM
I have been DM-ing for over 20 years and will be starting a new campaign some run around Keoland in the World of Greyhawk. If you like roleplaying in one of the oldest game worlds in the D&D universe, the place where ninety percent of all D&D spells originated. The same game world where the famed Temple of Elemental Evil exists. Then Greyhawk is it.
I prefer players in their mid 20's or older, no one under 18 please. Keoland is a very Scottish themed empire in the world of Greyhawk. though unlike Scotland the English never comsumed this empire. The game will be held every other wednesday night from 7pm to 12-midnight.
If your interested contact me via post or my contact info in the player registry.

Unfortunately this campaign folded and I am no longer looking for players. My schedule has dramatically changed recently and I don't know when and or if I would be able to game yet again. I'd like to thank anyone who responded and or participated in the game. I only wish it had lasted longer.