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04-20-2011, 09:52 AM
This is a WOTC Module that the owner of Empire Comics asked me to run on Wed nights.

DnD 4th Edition level 1-3 campaign The March of the Phantom Brigade. The cost is 10$ and will provide you with dice, encounter cards (something new!) and a dry erase marker. The encounter does use pregenerated characters (on nice laminated card, thus the dry erase marker), but if you're an experienced player I'd be willing to allow a custom character. Ideal number for this campaign is 5-6. If you've never played, no worries, we'll do an arena campaign the first night to get you used to the mechanics, and Empire sells all the books that explain the rules to the game. Although reading the players manual and expansions will make you a better player, the only thing you need to play is an imagination. We'll be starting around 6:30-7:00 and playing til 10-11 (depends on the players schedules). This is a promo campaign from Wizards of the Coast and is set to last three months at one encounter a week. If we want to stay in line with the promo encounters, we'll have to knock out a couple a week once you all get the hang of it. Looking to start as soon as we get enough players. If you're interested in seeing the game being played before you sign up, come see us at Empire Comics on Sundays, we usually start around 3 and play til whenever... you're always welcome to watch, and if we're short a player that week or I need an NPC we might just throw you into the fray.

You can contact me via P&P games, but I don't check it as often as my email ccapps@rocketmail.com put Wed Night Game in the Subject. This game will start as soon as I can get 5-6 players.