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03-23-2011, 01:54 AM
Descending to the Icon base, the heroes discover it abanndon and exposed to the harsh atmosphere of the planet. Scavaging what little technology remains, the group are attacked by hideous wamp rat creatures which they easily dispatch. Seraching further they discover one of the Exploration trams is still functional and begin to trek across the wasteland based on navigation data Uson found in the old data banks.

The group came across a retractable bridge built by the exploration team to move the trams across. Using their skills and Jedi powers, they manage to reactivate the bridge and get across. Hours into their they see in the distance a strange structure in the distance.

Traveling for many more hours they reached the destination of the other exploration tram. To their horror they discover that it has been destroyed by what they deduce is a land mind. Fearing to take the tram further they cautiously maneuvered further up the path towards the looming structure, which they now recognize as a massive marooned space ship.

Entering at only 1 mile from the ship, all of the power in their tram and equipment shut down. Uson believed they had entered a dampening field, most likely emanating from the ship. Taking what gear they have, the group pressed forward to the ship.

The heroes reached the ship and found a dark entrance into the hull. They entered a vast fungi forest slanted up ward within the ship. While exploring the strange forest they encounter native humanoids armed with projectile rifles. The heroes speak to the natives and find they replying in Basic but with a strange language of their own, referring to events, people and places known only to them. The natives bring them to their camp where they final meet Dr. Natharn and one other surviving member of the Icon Expedition.

Dr. Nartharn and his team, after establishing Icon base, made several trips to the Icon wreck, encountering the survivors and befriending some. The inhabitants now living on the ship have for several generations lived inside the hulk living out a tribal existence, passing down oral stories and using the force. The Fungi forest was the result of a ecological geranium of many species of creatures in the universe that existed on the ship. Those creature have also evolved and crossbreed to create suitable animals for the former inhabitants to hunt and eat. However, Dr. Nartharn made the mistake of breaching the old science labs of the ship, an area taboo by the “Iconians”. Worse still, his team had brought back several sealed biological containers back to Icon base to examine. Those containers revealed the essence of preserved Mnggal-Mnggal. When released, the creatures began to take over Icon base and spread into the Icon Station, slaying the majority of the crew and turning them into Zombies. Dr. Nartharn, and the few members left abandon the base and took refuge in the ruins of Icon.

When presented the Holocron, Dr. Nathararn seems uninterested in it and instead stressed the importance that they force their way into the Icon's bridge in order to uncover its secrets. Unconvinced of Dr, Natharan's urgency and appalled of his treatment of the Natives, the heroes convince one member of the group loyal to Nathararn to take them to their tribal Chief, "The First Author".

After traveling through the forest and convincing the tribal warriors of their peaceful intentions, The heroes meet "The First Author" and learn a bit of oral history of the people of Icon and their fear of the "Agents of Cloak". Given the blessing of the chief, the heroes make way to the "Temple". On their way they are attack by allies of Dr. Natharan who they manage to repel. Determined they final make way to the blast doors to the bridge and manage to open them.