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03-21-2011, 01:43 PM
We're an established Player-Driven, Role-Playing-Oriented campaign group about to celebrate our 8th anniversary, and are looking for a few New Players to join the Group (currently 4 members, desiring 6-7 so that if a couple people miss a session we're not gutted).

The main campaign is currently running with PCs around 12th Level, but for the next few months we'll be running a series of 1-2 session 1-Shots around 6th Level as the PCs sight see in a new corner of the world. This is the perfect time for New Players to enter the Group, or come visit and check us out to see if our style is right for you without interrupting the flow of a long-term campaign.

We are very open to both novice and experienced Players of ages 18+ (our current median is ~30), so long as your interests lie in role-playing and character-driven collaborative storytelling.

Here's a copy of the Flyer text posted at some local gaming shops:


If FIGHTING MONSTERS and bandits simply to EARN ENOUGH COPPER for your next meal beats life back on the farm

If at the END OF THE DAY you can be content with MORE SCARS AND STORIES than you have silver


then THIS is the campaign for you

Set in the Grunge Fantasy realm of Edheldor, this is a continuing Role-Playing Campaign in 3.5 Edition D&D. Anyone interested in developing characters and role-playing stories as much as slaying monsters is invited to join.

This is a Player-driven campaign, going where the party wills and influenced by the actions of the Player Characters. There is no DM-forced plot, save only the need to survive another day.

Of course Edheldor is not without its share of Archmages, High Magic, Politics and Intrigue. This campaign is set against the backdrop of the political machinations of kingdoms and warlords. Perhaps one day you will even become part of it a Famous Hero whose name is sung in ballads and whose exploits have become legend

perhaps one day. But for tonight there is no inn on the road and it has begun to rain as you pull your faded cloak tighter around your shoulders.

If you're interested, please Reply to this ad as well as definitely subscribe to our YahooGroup at:


NOTE - This campaign is currently running biweekly Sunday in Burbank. Campaign posts begin with message #2494. A previous, interrelated campaign in this world began at post #136. Prior to that is another campaign by a previous DM.

SEEKING PLAYERS - We are always happy to welcome a few more Players to join the group. If interested, I suggest reading posts 445-448 to review some House Rules on races and classes, then post to contact the DM. Within allowed classes, options are pretty wide open for new PCs.

Thanks for your interest.

03-22-2011, 12:15 PM
I've been looking for a Sunday group for awhile! Do you still have slots at the table? I am very interested in playing!

03-22-2011, 12:55 PM
Yes ... please subscribe to our YahooGroup for more info (if you haven't already).