View Full Version : request for link to check for new replies to threads you have posted in added, please.

03-12-2011, 05:28 PM
on smf based forums there is a link near the top that will check for new replies to threads that you have previously posted in. it seems to be a search based function which returns a list of the titles of the threads in which you have previously posted. results per page seem to be capped at around 30. opening the thread removes that thread from future search results, unless someone posts in it again.

i would like to see similar functionality here on pnpg. perhaps the forum actions menu would be the appropriate place for it?

such a function would save me many clicks drilling down through the various forums i have posted in to find the topics and threads i was interested in. i believe that such a function would increase the user base by making finding current conversations much easier overall, and also easier than the subscribing functionality.

I. J. Thompson
03-14-2011, 06:39 PM
I second that emotion. :)

03-14-2011, 09:49 PM
Are you wanting something like the Quick Links > Subscribed Threads link that already exists or something else?

03-22-2011, 12:57 AM
something else. the subscribed threads link only shows threads i have subscribed to specifically. i was hoping for something that will return results of anything i have posted to, that has a new post in it, since i last logged in. so, the end result is that i log in, click a single link, and get a page or pages showing all threads in which i have posted, which have new posts since my last login. two clicks max. (one login, one link).

i think that smf based forums will display 20 threads or so per page on such a result.

if you would like to see an example, go over to brilliantgameologists.com/boards and sign up, post in a couple of hot threads, and then see the results when you click on the link. it is one of the top three links when one logs in.

Thank you for considering it. =D

03-22-2011, 12:12 PM

You can set that up here for yourself by choosing to automatically subscribe to messages that you have replied to.

03-27-2011, 10:32 AM
I've done that before, and it's not quite the same. i find the smf recent post setup much more convenient than the subscribed thread setup, which smf also supports. here on pnpg, i found it irritating enough that i eventually nixed all my subscribed threads except for the threads for play-by-post games i'm in here on the forums. perhaps adding a date limiter? it only searches back so many days/months for such threads? just a thought.

one difference is that the 'recent posts' idea does not show all the threads i've posted in, which the subscribed threads page does. it only shows the threads that have new posts. what about adding this sort of filtering device to the subscribed threads page? and then a link to that directly in the forum tools menu or something so that it is always but a click away? add a setting where only subscribed threads with new posts are displayed, rather than all subscribed threads as is the default... would that work?

as it is a convenience, and a variant more or less, it would be nice to have, but i do not see it as critical.

it's up to you. ^^