View Full Version : "In a Wicked Age..." Group Looking for Players (Baltimore/Catonsville, MD)

03-08-2011, 04:42 PM
"In a Wicked Age..." gaming group looking for 2-3 new players to expand our current roster. If you are 20-35 years of age, have at least some RPG experience, and have an interest in a new and different style of RPG, then please read on...

IaWA is a free-form improvisation-based style of role-playing game. In other words, almost nothing is pre-fab, and most everything is made up on the spot; oh, and just about anything goes, as long as you can role-play it convincingly. The game hinges on joint-story telling and character developement instead of the traditional DM dictated/narrated storylines.

Very different from the traditional D&D/d20 styles of RPG, IaWA focuses much more on character interaction and story-creation vs. 'leveling'/power-gaming/hack-and-slash battle heavy rpg'ing.

Our group meets on Tues or Thurs, depending on schedules and convenience, @ 7 and normally run until about 11.