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03-06-2011, 07:49 PM
I am a DM starting a new D&D 4e campaign in the Provo Utah area. We currently have two players, ready to go, but are looking for two or three more.

We will be starting at 5th level and most likely be playing on Saturday afternoon/evenings (negotiable).

A brief introduction to the world:

Long before The Pacts of Old were established, without doubt during a time much more peaceful than now, Yoldia was divided into two regions, Asāngě in the west and Narkithűl in the east. Of the Common Races, dwarves and elves dominated Asāngě. The dwarves were mining the deep mountains while the elves were mainly concerned with the vast forests and lakes in the region. The eastern region of Narkithűl exhibited the most diverse mix of races, dominated by humans and savage races. Each region prospered and developed during the course of many a thousand years. Although conflicts between races were certainly not uncommon, such conflicts were generally dealt with in a more diplomatic manner than one can now imagine. Each race maintained a healthy distance to the other, exchanging goods and services as needed.

Some two thousand years before The Pacts of Old were established, evil began stirring in the lands. At first, a few mighty men began enslaving parts of Narkithűl. In other parts, masters of dark magic corrupted the minds of many. As conflicts arose and grew stronger, many were now forced to choose sides in what was quickly developing into a large scale war. Like a disease, darkness and evil spread through the lands. Not even the people of Asāngě could withstand what was about to happen.

For thirteen hundred years the conflict developed. Many wars were fought, and the inhabitants and races of all lands were scattered. After much struggle, the people in the western lands of Asāngě were the first to form a pact. This pact became known as The Pact of E´bor. The war in the west had come to an end. As part of the pact, the region of Asāngě was divided into three independent lands: Asavéa, E´bor, and Nāngěyala. The land of E´bor was instituted as a political centre, charged with the task of establishing peace in the lands of Narkithűl while the scattered people and races of Asavéa and Nāngěyala were trying to rebuild their lands.

The conflict in Narkithűl continued for another four hundred years without any noticeable shift towards a peaceful solution. One attempt at establishing peace did in fact result in a division of the warring lands into two factions. The northern faction unexpectedly stirred up a new war in the land of Nāngěyala, moving the conflict away from the northern region of Narkithűl. Peace was slowly returning to the marred lands left behind, and The Pact of Ήibardica was formed, establishing Ήibardica as the first peaceful land in the east. Finally the despair was beginning to turn into hope. A long and hard winter, along with a shortage of food and other essential supplies, abruptly ended the war in Nāngěyala. Although peace would only return slowly to the region, the large scale conflict had come to an end.

Some one hundred and fifty years later The Pact of Narkithűl was finally formed, marking an official end to the long conflict and much fighting. As part of the pact, the remaining regions of Narkithűl were separated into two more independent lands: Boģanthűl and Itanthűl.

Since the last pact was established, all regions have on the large scale enjoyed peace. The wars and conflicts, if any, have been of a local magnitude. Even though The Pacts of Old also served as a means to establish mutual understanding between the regions, in this aspect they were unsuccessful. Regional heritage and upbringing may make a tremendous difference in the treatment you can expect to receive. There is a clear distinction between upper/middle/lower class, based on not only which race you are, but where you are from and what you have occupied yourself with. You may enjoy peace regardless of where you live, but that is also where the similarities end.

Since the end of the old conflict, each region has developed and changed in different directions.

09-05-2011, 04:08 PM
Hey, are you still running this game? I live in Spanish.