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03-05-2011, 04:44 PM
AnCon 2011
www.anothergamecon.com (http://www.anothergamecon.com)

May 20-22, 2011

Player Badge for Entire Show: $25 ($35 at the show)
Player Badge for One Day: $12 ($15 at the show)
Judge Badge: $20 ($25 at the show)

Individual games will vary depending on length of time.

Clarion Inn Hudson (http://www.clarionhotel.com/hotel-hudson-ohio-OH517)
240 East Hines Hill Road
Hudson, OH 44236
Close to Cleveland, Akron and Youngstown. It is right off the Ohio Turnpike.

The hotel has provided us with an excellent room rate. When you call the hotel, mention the discount code ANCON - 330-653-9191.


Living Forgotten Realms
Welcome to “Year Three” of Living Forgotten Realms. This year, LFR is undergoing sweeping changes in structure and content. We are happy to be offering this new material, as well as being able to accommodate the older adventures.

We Love New Judges!
If you wish to become a GM/Judge for us please check out this page Judge Signup (http://www.anothergamecon.com/OnlineRegistration/LFRJudge.aspx). Judging at a convention is a great experience - and we encourage those who haven't tried it to give it a shot! DM experience in 4th Ed is the only requirement to get started. Check out our great perks here: RPGA and Pathfinder Info (http://www.anothergamecon.com/RPGA_Events/default.aspx)

Battle Interactive
The highly successful Battle Interactive format is back – with a new adventure! ADCP 3-1 “Swarm of Chaos” is a two round, multi-table adventure for characters of Heroic and Paragon Tiers (Levels 1-20). We will be offering both SPEC 3-1 (Heroic) and SPEC 3-2 (Paragon), each a lead-in to this event.

Epic Level
Epic Tier is here! We will be offering EPIC 3-1 “The Glorious Hunt” – a three round (that’s all day, folks!) adventure for Level 21 characters (ONLY). This adventure is designed to encompass the entirety of Level 21 – and with success, you will exit at Level 22.

Exclusive Adventures – MYRE Style
The Dungeon Master knows best – especially when they’re running their own mad creations! Players have the opportunity to brave the mind of their DM’s in brand new, exclusive stories. Enter to win a free Judge Badge, courtesy of MSTB, by submitting and running your own MYRE formatted adventure. Contact Frank Belter for details.

Open Play - Night and Day
We will continue to have LFR Open Play - where you, the players, decide what adventure to play. A DM will be provided who can make recommendations for your party. Bring all of your characters – You never know who’ll be there! We also offer LFR Late Night – for those who think sleep is for the weak! LFR Late Night takes on the LFR Open Play format.

Dungeon Delve
The Dungeon Delve is back – situated across from the Main Registration Desk. Gaming is continuous – Any time five players are available, a session begins. The Delve is a One Hour skirmish with two combat encounters. New players have an opportunity to try D&D, 4th Ed for the first time, while experienced players will enjoy the challenge of racing against the clock. No matter your skill level – you will have the chance to win a prize! (Note: There is no pre-registration for this event. Bring 4 friends, or make 4 new ones!)

We have a Pathfinder coordinator currently working on events. They will be posted as soon as they become available.

Special Requests
If your group wishes to have a particular adventure run, we will do our best to accommodate. Please contact Frank Belter, and he will do his best to place it on the schedule for you.

Event Cost & Registration
RPGA events may be registered for play in advance at our Warhorn site.
http://warhorn.net/ancon-2011/ (http://warhorn.net/ancon-2011/)
The cost per event slot is $2 ($4 for two round, and $6 for three round adventures). The Dungeon Delve cost is $1.

03-27-2011, 07:51 PM

We are nearing our GM numbers, but we still need help! See above post for signup info.

Both LFR and Pathfinder events have now been scheduled.

Hope to see you there!