View Full Version : Arakain: Volume I

03-02-2011, 12:46 PM
METHOD: The game will be run through Skype and an online dice roller that is free and does not require a download to use all very straight foward.

I am looking for a maximum of 5 players for this online game. Please be a decently quick typist and use complete sentences and proper spelling the majority of the time as the game will be entirely text based. I like this approach better as people tend to be less prone to being embarrassed while typing as opposed to speaking. I use several different IM programs so if you decide to send me a message please include a messenger ID I can contact you with and the best times to do so. The game will have to be held on either Tuesday/Thursday or every other weekend as I have a rotating schedule.

I have multiple campaigns ready to be played and if there is any interest in the game I will list the options to be available depending on the number of players that are joining. Most likely it will be grand scale campaign with the characters choices in key situations shaping the course of both large scale battles and wide spread political status.

The only books I restrict from the 3.5e series are the psionics. Fairly well everything else is open for use or discussion. If you want to use anything very unorthodox just run it by me beforehand. Try to stay away from level adjustments unless its a +1 or has a very good concept you will have to bring it to me. On a side note I dont recommend just making a basic class with no concept at all as this game will not be a merciful one. I favor the point buy system and allot 32 points for creating stats. The use of flaws is allowed at a maximum of 2 and a possible 2 traits as well.
Please try and be balanced since the campaign will roam over several types of terrain and interact with many different monsters making niche builds a handicap. I do give bonus xp, items, or even extra abilities for a well crafted backstory and well thought out RP that is consistent with a long term goal in mind making it easier to achieve concepts that may not strictly follow the set rules.