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02-18-2011, 10:45 PM
Location: Beaverton, Oregon

Game: An old school sword and sorcery sandbox using Basic Dungeons and Dragons (with house rules).

Lords of Dunharrow

Too long have the northern raiders savaged the Marklyn unchecked! Too long has the unmapped and untamed isle of Cambria been their haven! Too long have the free peoples of the south suffered because no one was brave or strong enough to conquer this dread isle! That changes now. The King of Marklyn, his benevolent majesty King Ballard V, has issued grants of land and title to those courageous enough to take up this challenge. His edict is simple -- tame Cambria. Destroy the bandits, humanoids and pirates who plague the northern borders of his domain. Slay the strange beasts that prowl the fabled isle. Bring law to this fearsome and chaotic borderland.

Do this and you will be low-born no longer. Do this and forever shall your line be ennobled. Do this and create a legend. You destiny lies not here, my friends, but in a cruel and wild northland called Dunharrow.

Our DM writes role playing game rulebooks and adventures professionally full time. We play in his basement which is dedicated to gaming and is larger than my apartment and filled with mini's and role playing books of every kind new and old.

Faces blurred to protect the innocent.

This game has a strong plot undercurrent but is very sandbox as there is an entire island to explore on a hex map with resources, landmarks, towns, dungeons and everything else on it.


There are also 3d multilevel tiered dungeons.


Goal: We are an established group that has lost members due to work schedule changes (read: getting jobs) and having to move etc. We are looking to swell our ranks. Currently we have 4 players but 6 would be ideal so we don't have to miss sessions if more that one person has to drop from a session unexpectedly.

No experience required. The only thing we ask is that you get along with others out of character, be punctual and have own transportation and if you can give us as much warning as you have if you are not going to be on time or will not be able to attend.

We so far have played to completion a Pathfinder campaign that lasted over 1 year and Call of Cthulhu campaign as well. We game on Thursdays from 7-11pm.

Contact: Reply to the thread, PMs here, or an email to {my user name}@gmail.com or contact me on AIM {my user name}.

06-18-2011, 04:13 PM
Hail Loanarn,

I've been looking for a campaign in my area for a while. You are close by on my bus route and are doing a fantasy game, so perhaps I am in luck if you still are looking for more players? Let me know and I will bring meh daggers along and meh quick wit too!


PS If there's a particular type of character you are looking to add to the group, I'm open to playing whatever.

11-25-2013, 07:13 PM
I've been looking for a campaign in my area, I know this is an old thread but are you still looking for new players?