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02-17-2011, 05:52 PM
I'm going to be GMing a Korgoth of Barbaria the RPG on Sunday, from 8-12ish EST.
The system used is a homebrew system that can best be described as an unholy union of GURPS and D&D. The system is designed for freedom of character design.
And for this game, I will be very loose with what I allow. Korgoth is, afterall, a Sword and Sorcery parody about blood, darkish comedy, and bloodshed. So if you want to do something hillariously over-the-top, that'll likely be allowed.
And for those who don't know about Korgoth:
You're in for a treat.

We need a Warlock (and only a Warlock). Already have a Barbarian and a Shapeshifter.

We will be using Maptools/Skype.
If interested, contact me via aschekalt@yahoo.com.