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02-16-2011, 12:52 PM

We're starting up a FATE/Dresden Files game in West Seattle. We've got three players, looking for at least one more (will consider 2 as situation arises).

We've had some hit and miss sessions in the past, but that's helped us to identify which type of player(s) we're looking for and who would most enjoy this game.

About us:

We're into story more than getting bogged down in details. We are just learning the DFRPG FATE system (especially how it uses magic), so there will be a small learning curve with the group. However, we definitely believe story/fun trump mechanics, so if someone tends towards the "rules laywer" side of things, this might not be the best group for them. (that's not to say we don't want to be correct within the game framework, but when rules discussions disrupt game sessions we quickly lose patience) Ideally we'd like to find players who can slip into the GM shoes occasionally so that everyone gets to experience both sides of the screen.

Things we value:
creativity/originality/thinking outside the box

Things we try to avoid:

A big part of the FATE system is that the players help to build the game world - we think its critical to the success of the game. So if you're interested, be prepared to be an active participant in all phases of the game.

If any of this sounds appealing, drop me a line and let's chat! We have a great place to hold gaming sessions and the schedule is flexible at the moment, but will most likely be twice/month on a Saturday or Sunday.

I look forward to hearing from you!