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January 5 2005
Washington D.C.

Colonel Nick Fury, pauses from his reading. In disbelief he stares blankly at the gathered brass sitting around the conference table. A collection of dignitaries, the Vice President, Secretary of State, several Senators from the Arms committee, and a collection of top generals from the Joint Chief of Staff.
“Who knows about this?” Fury stammers out.
General Ross takes a seat across from his friend and replies. “You, those in this room, The President, and Dr. Reid Richardson. He was the one that discovered the extraterrestrials you are looking at, he refers to them as the Kree.”
Senator Trask interjects. “If something like this gets out….”
“Colonel Fury is well aware of the ramifications this would have, if it ever leaked out.” Ross speaks up. “I trust this man implicitly senator.”
Fury clears his throat “ I appreciate the vote of confidence General, but what does all this have to do with an ole’ soldier like myself?”
“Glad you asked Nick.” Ross says sliding him another file labeled TOP SECRET.” The Senate Arms Committee has approved funding for the creation of an espionage, intelligence, and logistic division of Home land Security, and has placed Project Rebirth, under their jurisdiction, and we want you to head it up. Nick we are going to need you to be our first line of defense, if these aliens come here lookin’ trouble.
I mean we have powered aliens, mutants that are like walking nukes, and now super powered vigilantes, it’s way past time for the Government to get on board.”
“Operation Rebirth? Sir? You mean Super Soldiers? I thought the U.S. Government abandoned that in WWII?” Fury replies opening the files from Ross.
“It did Nick, with the loss of Captain Steve Rogers there was no way to recreate the experiment, but we got a break. While on military exercise in the North Atlantic the U.S.S. Dallas discovered the body of Rogers, frozen in a glacier of the cost of Iceland. Even more amazing is our scientist says he is still alive, but barely.
We rushed him to a cryogenic facility in Manhattan”
Fury thumbs through the dossiers Ross passed him, a collection of top scientist, and special forces.
Names like Banner, Pym, Sterns, Blake, all top in their respective fields. Others, Barton, Blonsky, Romanova. The best at what the do also.
Fury looks up from the files “I want Hill with me.” He says firing up a Cuban from his jacket.
Ross grins “What ever you need Nick, glad to have you aboard.”

I would run a MSH game, rules can be found online, using either Map Tools of Fantasy Grounds
As you can tell I am interested in running an Ultimate’s type Avengers game using pre-made characters. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and any other Avenger besides the Hulk.
I am available Sundays, Mondays and Thursday, possibly Fridays., around 6 or 7 pm est (-5 gmt)

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I'd be interested in this game, has it happened?