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02-08-2011, 06:15 PM
The System: Myth and Magic a Second Edition DnD retro-clone. It is an update to my favorite rendition of the game, without losing the 2E feel. Go to www.newhavengames.com (http://www.newhavengames.com/), sign up at their website, and then download the free PDF of the Myth and Magic Starter Kit.

The Setting: Homebrew setting, the frontier town of Watt, a small logging community at the edge a vast forest, known as the Expanse. The inhabitants of Watt supply lumber, in exchange for coin, foodstuffs, and a few other supplies, to 5 larger villages, each 8 to 10 days travel, by horseback, south or in a southern direction from Watt. Approximately 250 people inhabit Watt, not including a dedicated militia of 50 soldiers, devoutly loyal to Gerrick Orcreaver, Meister of Watt. A danger of living so close to the Expanse is the constant danger of raids by various monstrous humanoids.

Religious Pantheon: Basically, the Norse Gods, with the following being the favored of the area:
Odin, the All-father, king of the Gods. Portfolio: Knowledge, magic, supremacy, war.
Frey, Fey meister. Portfolio: Rangers, farmers, agriculture, elves, gnomes, half-elves.
Freya, the Maiden. Portfolio: Fertility, love, music, vanity.
Frigga, the All-mother. Portfolio: Husbands and wives, committed love, diviners.
Heimdall, the Watcher. Portfolio: Warriors, sentries, guards, dwarves.
Hermod, the Messenger. Portfolio: Luck, communication, bards, freedom.
Odur, the Light bearer. Portfolio: Light, sun, travel.
Sif, Thors-wife. Portfolio: War, excellence, dueling.
Thor, the Thunder lord. Portfolio: Storms, thunder, war.
Tyr, the Courageous. Portfolio: Courage, trust, tactics, strategy.
Uller, the Hunter. Portfolio: Archers, hunters, winter.

Number of Players: Im seeking 4 6 players with which to playtest, Play-By-Post, the Myth and Magic system. It would be nice if you are a 2E veteran, however, EVERYONE IS WELCOME. The only race disallowed is Half-Orc. For stats, you will roll 3d6 12 times, take the six best rolls, and assign them as you see fit. I am looking for at least one Fighter or Ranger, Thief or Bard, Mage or Specialist Mage, Cleric or battle Priest. For sake of ease, characters will be residents of Watt and known to one another.

Posting Frequency: Im unsure how this is taboo or not, however, I would like to keep a steady pace, so as to keep things moving along. What I am doing in this regard is committing to a minimum of posting every other day, with one or more posts depending on the participation of the players. When I post, I will provide a deadline for when I would like your responses. In the event that you are unable to post by the deadline, your character will be relegated to background until the next posting opportunity. In the event of combat, and you are unable to post, your next round of action will determined with character survival followed by aiding group being the order of priority. I say this, as I run gritty combats, with character death being a possibility. What happens if you die? The group gets to look through your pockets for loose change and then bury the body. I am a player oriented GM, generally granting character requests within the sensible boundaries of the game. However, I will also see to it that you will use what you ask for.

Ill leave invitation open until next week in order to see if there is enough interest and give enough time for those interested to acquire and peruse the free Myth and Magic starter kit.

02-09-2011, 04:50 AM
Update: New Haven Games just posted an update to the Thief class, labeled as the "Experimental Thief Class". It is a 4 page PDF I recommend downloading if you are interested in playing a Thief. Again, the Starter Kit and the Thief class update are FREE to download.

02-09-2011, 07:49 AM
Incidentally, houserules I will be having:

1. The class talents do not have a proficiency cost, rather, you gain one talent at first level, and one additional talent every 4 levels thereafter, regardless of class. So 1 talent at 1st, another at 4th, a third at 8th. I will be expanding the list.

2. The bonus number of languages gained for High Intelligence can be applied to proficiencies, both combat and non-combat proficiencies at an exchange of 1 bonus language slot for 1 proficiency slot.

3. In addition to the normal +1 bonus gained for spending extra NCPs on a proficiency with which you are already proficient, at whichever level a class gains a new NCP, you gain a +1 bonus to 3 NCPs in which you already have trained. The proficiencies selected for this bonus must be selected from CLASS specific proficiency lists ONLY

02-18-2011, 10:12 AM
Ok, it's been a little over a week and I only have one player interested. I'd really like this to get started. If the lack of interest is due to my somewhat emphatic posting commitment - I'm more than willing to make things a more laid back and casual pace. If it's the what happens if you can't post by the deadline, I'm willing to work with it. I've only run play-by-post games a couple of times with my regular gaming group while I'm out of town, so maybe my lack of experience outside of my regular gaming group is a knock on me. In any case, I'll bump this one last time and hopefully garner enough interest. Incidentally, the system is designed to be compatible with 2E.