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02-07-2011, 12:25 AM
The “League of Evil Billionaires” was never really a formal organization by that name -- this is just a device that I am using to consider and organize my thoughts about billionaire archvillians, although in 1958 an organization was formed to organize the various schemes and counter-schemes, called the Knights of Order Roundtable. This organization was broken up in 1980, and the various billionaires went their evil ways:

Now what I am looking for is evil billionaires to populate this league. Because I have ideas for historical games set in the 1950s, 1970s, 1980s, or early 21st Century, I have kind of a historical perspective. For example, "I" was born in 1935, lived until 2003, and was a white supremist whose "business" was taken over by his daughter, "A", (born 1983, died 2010 -- being an evil billionaire has its risks, especially when you have a younger sister who ends up killing you.)

I've identified the evil billionaires by letter to avoid giving away too much information, in case anybody reads this thread. So far I have "A" and "I", and "M" which stands generically for the Mafia, and "Y" which stands generically for the Yakuza, and "Z", whom I've taken from a Top Secret adventure published in the 1980s.

I'll post this here, in case anybody wants to use this as a resource in their game, and to get ideas for who these billionaires could be and how they might interact:

“A”: (1983 - 2010) is "I"’s elder daughter. She is a student of the Kabalah and other forms of magic, believing that if she can find the right formulas she can manipulate the forces of the cosmos to do her bidding.

“I”: (1935 - 2003) is a white Supremist from South Africa. He fathered two daughters. "A" took over her father’s “business” when he died. Her younger sister is a heroine who opposes her father, her sister, the whole master race concept, and any other evil that catches her attention.

02-07-2011, 05:34 AM
Go for it.

It it helps I use this form to build organizations and groups. The categories are self explanatory. If one doesn't fit, remove it, if you feel you need something else, change it. It's a framework not a straitjacket.

Group Name:
Created by:
Number of Members:
Nature of Members:
Game Role:
World Role:
Relative Influence:
Public or Secret?:
Publicly Stated Goal:
Relative Wealth:
Group advantages:
Special Abilities:
Group disadvantages:
Special disadvantages:
Those who favor them:
Those opposed to them:
Area of Operation:
Headquarters Location:
Public Face:
Notable Members:
History of the Organization: