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02-05-2011, 06:46 PM
Hello fellow RPGers!

I have returned with a humble request from the community - I am building a world using the Obsidian Portal Wiki base and I'm looking for ideas that my players will enjoy. I have made the world of Calathar and I'd like as many of you to read and post ideas here as possible.


I'm looking for ideas concerning deities, world history, and more detail for cities based on the descriptions of the eight nations I have put together so far. In other words...


Thanks folks, and I'm so glad to be back!


02-05-2011, 09:12 PM
First impressions...

Deities: Maybe give the current gods a connection to an element. Air, earth, water, fire and magic. Perhaps Marlek had some sway over all the elements, hence the other gods were slow to react when the evil gods hatched their plans against him. This could also open up room for lesser newer deities who are even more specialized and trying to find footing. The lesser heroes/deities can walk with mortals, because the older gods agreed to distance themselves a bit to stop their own warring.

The great waste: Why take out Ganham? There should be a good reason that the wrath was visited on this one nation. Perhaps Ganham was a magocracy and had grown too powerful. The neutral god of magic let the others destroy Ganham as a warning to the world.

Other nations: Sylforn and Tarknan have no description. Any rough ideas yet where they are headed?

General world mechanics: Is this a high magic or low magic world? High fantasy Medieval or nearer to modern times/technological breakthroughs like the renaissance? Is this one great Pangaea type continent, or are there other continents that are uninhabitable, and why?

Sentient Races: What races are found on Calathar? Why? Are all the 'regular fantasy races found here or are some missing or others present? Why?

The current world is a rather vague outline (no disrespect intended, we have all been there). I'm sure we could offer more help with a little direction as to where you were headed.

02-05-2011, 11:59 PM
Sylforn is going to be a semi-corrupt elf aristocracy. Tarknan will be a monster-overrun country, full of aberrations and other evil stuff (similar to an area within the Eberron campaign setting, but I forget the name of it now).

As for the destruction of Ganham, you hit it on the nose. The magocracy that was nearing the "blueprint" of magic, and that would have shaken up things a bit too much for the deities currently in control.

The world (from the mechanics standpoint) will be high-magic medieval fantasy. There will be one primary "known" continent (Marlek) with others taking shape much later on (what can I say, I'm a procrastinator). For now, the only continent anyone is aware of is Marlek.

Sentient races are listed within the "Character Creation" link of the footer. I plan on fleshing them out before beginning the campaign but I really need to set up the nations themselves before I can determine the stereotypes concerning the races that live within them. It seems backwards, but I have trouble organizing thoughts sometimes, which is why I'm using the site as a bit of an assistant.

Concerning ambiguity toward the world, I was kind of hoping that once play begins things can start occurring around the players. However, I can see your point that I should at least have a list of major events that have recently or are currently happening within the world.

Thanks for the critique - I've finished the basic outline for the five deities associated with the campaign tonight, and please keep the ideas coming!


04-20-2011, 03:13 AM
Looks great Talmek! Are you planing on having astral and ethereal worlds as well? Any chance of a mysterious land which strange creatures issue forth from when driven by evil. Subterranean civilisations too?