View Full Version : Shadowrun 4th (South Bend / Mishawaka, IN)

02-03-2011, 06:44 PM
We're looking for a few more players for a Shadowrun (4E) game in the South Bend / Mishawaka, Indiana area. We meet every other Thursday from 7 to 8 until 10 to 11 pm (busy schedules, so there's a bit of wiggle room in our start and end times there). We're a relaxed group in our play style, there's a lot of joking at the table and we play loose and quick with the rules when we can. Since this a game about violent criminals and we play in my home, I can only accept 18+ players.

Edition: 4th
Setting: Seattle
Campaign Website: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/mishawaka-runners

If interested, or if you want more information, please let me know. Thanks!