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Lakross Saber
02-01-2011, 07:59 PM
A Silence melted into the land has been enjoyed for many many years as the Wheel weavings as it will to maintain a delicate balance. Wars passed long ago giving peace a chance to flourish and rein the Nobleman into comfortable state of mind. Unit a shift within the Wheel causes its web of threads slowly turning the lives and events, playing then out in a different direction, something has started. The darkness has tainted the Wheel with its inky grip shattering the grip on the peacefulness of the silence.

But even as the balance is altered the light has made its move, by the sending of the future a warning of what is to come. A chance to survive.

The darkness’s first strike has been shown to the light’s most devout follower, and the steps necessary to restore balance laid out in detail. But the darkness has no desire to be disturbed from it course and has covered the lights steps in darkness and danger, but the wheel still turns, and the balance is still held… for now.

The air was chilly as the powerful wind ripped at the cloaks of the travelers as they looked from horseback onto the massive sprawl that was the thriving city of Frescothine, and after a moment of silence, the second, and smallest of the trio pulled the her cloak tighter against her shoulders. The largest of the three looked back through vibrant Golden eyes at the line of wagons behind the trio, their caravan.

Frescothine was a merchants wet dream, filled with all sorts of wealthy patrons looking for things to spend coin on, furs of exotic animals, carvings from Denecian artist's, rare perfumes made from even rarer plants and much more. Not to mention the things that could only be found from the Ogier mason's, extremely sturdy wood work that looked as if it had grown in the shape of a chair, or the bed post and was sure to last as long as its maker.

Even more so is the beautiful architecture that literately covered the ground, the Ogier stone masons and metal workers made the most beautifully crafted pillars, building, and all sorts of metal concoctions, blades, storm pipes, and other works of craftsmanship.

But staring at the city wasn’t going to get the coins thy needed to move on so the trio of merchants pushed their horses into a trot towards the city.

On the other end of the City another caravan was arriving, though smaller and much more different from the other, a small force of possibly thirty soldier’s, each outfitted in heavy steel plates, a less armored soldier holding a standard of red base with a golden crane flying the winged Lion of Gasconthia. The token force was lead by another, far shinier armored knight, his steel plates adorned with designs of gold lapelled leaves hanging from silver embellished stems and his head revealed for there was no helm for this set of armor.

The knight was heading towards his destination, the Grand cathedral of light, a massive fortress like construction that resided inside the walls of the city and was home to the Keeper of the light, the one who with the creator in his dreams spoke his words. He was answering the call to the Cathedral, a private messenger sent bearing the seal of the Keeper, and the knight had no choice but to answer, for no one told the man closest to the Maker no and expect no consequence.

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((okay, before I get started let’s get one thing straight, This world is the same as Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, same rules apply, if you get knifed, dead. You get clobbered over the head, knocked out. You get light on fire, you become toast. You get cornered by a Denecian woman, well you get the point. So no super humans, no getting a sword to the heart or spine and walking away, and everyone get’s injured in a fight.))

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Lakross Saber
02-02-2011, 06:19 PM
It was a beautiful and cool day, though not cool enough to make one notice it and perfect for the old bones the man was in possession of. He was still quite young compared to some of his closer friends, registering in at nearly fifty, and still able to stand up straight and had a powerful regal bearing about him.

Silver haired and with a piercing brown gaze the old man stared out the massive window that adorned his marvelous room, worked from the finest marble and with mural’s on the wall, images of angels, and the Creator and his holy hounds hunting the shadows away from his paradise. He wore pure white robes that were adorned with gold lining and the Sign of the Cathedral of Light on the back, a Golden sun surrounded by Falling silver leaves.

It was a beautiful image that the Ogier mason’s had made and every day that he awoke to the images was a good day to the Old Man, but today he wore no smile, just a hard-set grimace. His dreams of late had troubled him, the Creator had shown him things for the past month that he wished to never see, but as Keeper of the Light he had to, no he Must.

The Keeper noticed the slight creek of the massive double doors that kept visitor’s out and noted the padding of soft feet and spoke without turning. “Mikel, what news do you bring me this glorious morning.” Mikel, the young servant started but quickly regained his demeanor and spoke with a melodious voice unfitting for his large stature. Mikel was of dark skin and was highly religious, believing that only a select few, those who had earned the right should be allowed to walk the hallow hall’s of the inner Cathedral, of course he believed he was one of the few.

“Mi’Lord Keeper, the Ser Knight has arrived, and awaits for you in the Hall of Mass Worship to speak with him at your leisure, and the Lady Akasuna is waiting in the Chamber of Angels for you as well.” The Chamber of Angels was a most holy chamber and named very truly as it was the very room where the true Angels would come and show themselves in a physical form, but they hadn’t shown themselves for nearly three hundred years. Mikel’s voice nearly went to a hiss as he said the Ladies name.

The Keeper nodded as he turned with a smile. “Bring the Ser Knight to the Chamber of Angels, and pray tell, what of my Sister and her charge?”

Mikel bowed as he spoke, but his voice was tight. “As Mi’lord wishes and The Lady Fersonthe shall arrive within the hour with her charge, with your Leave Mi’Lord?”

The Keeper nodded slowly and Mikel spun quickly around and walked out at a haughty pace, The Man was certain that the Knight would have to find his way to the Chamber of Angels by himself as Mikel was spiteful to those he believed unworthy, but that would be lost as he served time in the Cathedral and lose his young-bred stubborn streak.

The man gathered his robes around him and set a brisk walk towards the Chamber himself, his steps sounding through out the massive marble walls of the Cathedral, and after what seemed like a hour, he came into the Chamber, his robes being slightly moved by an invisible wind that seemed to flow from the windowless chamber, and he sighed deeply at the earthy scent that came with the wind. The room was circular and with a domed top that was adorned with a beautiful mural of angels and beautiful women laughing painted on the ceiling, the pure white marble walls unblemished with windows and doors except for the singular pair of double doors that lead out, and when closed seemed a part of the wall from inside the Chamber.

“Good evening Lady Akasuna, I hope Your accommodations were to your liking.” the keeper spoke as he walked towards the only other free chair that rested next to the table.

The woman was sitting in the other stout, white, wooded char that seemed to be part of the Marble it rested on, it’s counter part chair and table the same. Ogier woodcraft was truly the best, and she was sipping on a frosted glass cup filled with tea.
“Yes, they were fine.”

She could be considered beautiful but truly the Keeper was attracted to women with a larger bosom, but those days were in his past, and truly he might have a stroke if he tried to be like he was in his younger days.

“That is good to hear, now our other guess should be arriving in a bit.” And as if speaking of him was a summoning the Ser knight strode in just as the Keeper was settled. He was sight altogether in shi polished silver armor, the gold leaves and silver stems that popped out from the breastplate was without doubt Ogier craftsmanship, and a blue velvet cape flowing behind him giving glimpses of the golden crane, from that same invisible wind that came from the windowless room, but oddly enough at his side he wore a simple looking sword, yet seemed to go perfectly with the beautiful armor. The Ser Knight wore no Helm and stood towering over the two sitting in the chairs, his deep blue eyes hardened from battles and long nights of worrying set into a face of stone, his long hair and bangs pulled back into a tight ponytail revealing a tiny scar towards the top right of his forehead.

For a second the Keeper felt a twinge of pity, for he could already see that the knight before him would not live a peaceful life, and that his blood would be spilt because of another’s cause, so much blood, but he quickly shook it off as the Knight placed his right armored hand, curled into a fist, side facing out over his heart and fell to his left knee, his body hunched over and his left fist planted into the marble, his head slightly turned up so he could watch their feet for motion, his deep voice reverberating in the Round Chamber.

“Lord Keeper, Mi’Queen Gasconthia, you honor me with your presence. What can this humble servant of the Light provide to you.”

It wasn’t a question, and the bow was of equal respect to both he and the Lady, but he knew if the woman said the word that the man would have his sword drawn and through his chest in a moment’s notice.

The Keeper smiled, but it did not reach his eyes, he wished that he had never been blessed, for their was much death down this path he was about to give to this man, but not as much as the others and those were not, he repeated in hsi mind, not an option, he had to do this; he had to sacrifice millions to save the billions that would fall if he didn’t.

“My child… rise for it would be dishonorable to ask a boon of you without treating you as a equal.”

They have said the first step of a journey of a thousand miles is the hardest, but for this trip each step would be bound in blood and bodies, but it must be walked. This had to be the begining to save what little could be, Oh, the light help them all.

02-02-2011, 09:10 PM
(I see, taking control again, are we?)

Aruna Akasuna did her best to sit properly in the chair and sip at her tea. She hated the outwardly appearance that she had to hold, especially in front of the Keeper. If it wasn't such an important subject, she would refuse to wear the dress she was cursed with, but she was a queen. She had to look, sound, and play the part, despite her wishes.
Glancing up at the man, she fought a scowl. She hated feeling so short as he towered over her. "Sit." She told him, taking another sip from her tea.

Lakross Saber
02-02-2011, 10:28 PM
The Helmless Knight and his group of Thirty soldier’s had just entered the City and was leaving their horses in the hands of the stable men at the Tavern they had chosen to stay in, the Helmless Knight already dismounting.

“Ser Lynce, what do you want of us?”

Lynce BisQual, the Helmless knight had just touched the floor when the soldier on horseback had asked the question, and the tall man met his eyes from where he stood.
His voice was deep and almost melodious, like a deep drum, similar to an Ogier’s but not quite as deep.

“Go to a Tavern, get drunk and if a woman says no, that is the end of it. I hear otherwise and all of you are being stripped of rank and becoming novice’s again. Except the one who treated the woman roughly, they loose both hands.”
The thirty men on horseback nodded in acceptance. It was the usual punishment for any man in the Malkier knights who roughed a woman, or killed a man without being provoked.

The Knight stepped quickly with long strides, his silver armor heavy and barely making a noise with each step, the flowing cape being stirred by the wind as he looked at the hawkers trying to sell their wares, the cold pendant against his skin sending a warm feeling into his mind, though it didn’t show on his face, that was set in stone.

He could see the Cathedral in the distance, and felt the stares he received as he walked, his left hand planted on his sword hilt as massive Ogier, and human’s of all ethnicities stopped to stir at his magnificent armor, Light he hated this armor. His steel plates were far more comfortable then this beaten silver set, though the Craftsmanship was beautiful and made for quite an impressive set, and the fact that each piece was perfectly measured made the usual metal clanking disappear, and the armor seemed to grow with him, though he knew that was only because they had a troop of Ogier metal workers with the Malkier knights always repairing armor and making new sets, though one making a weapon was far rarer.

He slowed slightly as a trio of people stepped out from a store, seemingly discussing what next years trade forecast was, though the obvious leader of the Troup stopped talking and met Lynce’s gaze as he passed, and Lynce blinked as he met the golden gaze.

He didn’t slow though, he had heard rumors of these…golden eyes people from the south, great trader’s and even better warriors.

But not the reason he was here, and so he stepped on, the Cathedral moving closer with each step.


It took him perhaps twenty minutes to walk the length between the walls and the Cathedral, Ogier cities were as vast as forests and as sturdy as a mountain, if you could, avoid laying siege to a construct made by the Ogier and never battle the Ogier; too many people would rally to protect them.

As he stepped into the Mass Hall of Worship Lynce blinked as a feeling of peace engulfed him, he was not a religious man; he knew the light protected them from chaos, but he had seen enough battlefields and enough death to know that religion had nothing to do with winning a battle, Morale and the right strategy did. But he felt it, the calm, the empty hole being filled, the warmth in the back of his mind embracing him.

The Hall was long and had massive marble pillar’s lining up and down the side’s of the risen walkway that was at least fifty spans across, enough to hold five wagons side by side and still leave room for one to walk next to them with elbow room. A stream of crystal clear water running through ruts on both sides of the Path, down on and up the other in a long and strange oval, supposed to represent the Wheel flowing ever vigilant in its course no doubt.

He quickly noticed the dark-skinned man that stood watching him from the massive main alter at the back of the hall and when their eyes met he went scurrying off, probably top inform the Keeper that he had arrived. He his a smile behind a mask of pure calm as he walked up to Main alter, a marvelous construct of Marble and silver ornamentation, a pretty maid walking by with a tray of fresh pastries, and Lynce spoke up as she passed.

“Pastries? I though the Devoted couldn’t indulge in earthly pleasures?”

The maid was pretty and well set with good features and wore a simple white robe that showed enough cleavage to make an old man have a heart attack, the tanned skin told him she was Denecian. She flashed him a smile that had surely made many men swoon as she stopped walking.

“That would be if I do be bringing these to the Devoted, which I am not. These are for the children that we do be teaching the ways of light.”

Lynce nodded as he looked at the fresh baked cookies that we’re still radiating heat.

“Would you be liking one, Mi’lord?” The maid asked as she shifted towards him and Lynce blinked as he thought.

“What would I have to do to get one, if you do be willing to part with one at all?”

The woman smiled and Lynce knew he had messed up as the look in her eyes already told him the price he would pay later, but he accepted the cookie and told the maid he would be staying in a Tavern called the Spoiled Princess. Light burn his big mouth, he had enough problems with the Denecian’s fairer sex then being trapped by a maid. Though he could do worse, and they rarely chose to stay with foreigners at least.
Time passed as the cookie settled in his stomach as he waited and after what seemed an hour the dark skinned man strode in with a sour look on his face and already Lynce knew the man didn’t like him.

“You are wanted in the Chamber of Angel’s Ser Lynce BisQual.” The way the man had said Ser was so heavily ladled with sarcasm and venom Lynce felt his jaw tightening, but he quickly forced the anger under the veil of ice he held in his mind.

“Very well, lead on.” Lynce shifted his weight to his back leg as the servant sneered at him, which quickly turned into a sickly sweet smile as he spoke.

“I am unable to direct you at this time, but if you follow that passage and take a rig-”


The servant was stunned at being cut of by Lynce that he simply blinked.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re giving me the wrong directions.”

The dark skinned man flushed as he denied it and in a flash Lynce was face to face with the man, though he had to bend his neck down to met the Servants, shi eyes growing colder.

“Deny or don’t but the next time you try to give me the wrong directions, I’ll turn you into a Devoted, permanently.”

A part of being a Devoted usually included them taking a herbal concoction that lessened the lustful desires they were possessed of, meaning they took medicine that made them unable to consummate with the opposite sex, though if they wished for children they could stop taking the concoction and leave the Devoted, though they could never return. Lynce had just offered the Servant a castration for free, and with his sword.

A moment passed before the Servant started sputtering out directions with a new fear of the light inside his heart.

“Thank you good man, now return to your duties.”

Lynce left the man shaking in his robes, and Lynce felt like smiling, he didn't.

It took him a long while to reach the Chamber of Angels and as he stepped through the doors he felt an unnatural wind sweep his cloak back, and something seemed to tug at his armor, and sword but he ignored it, reminding himself to think about it later, for he was in the presence of not only the Keeper of the Light, but the High Queen Akasuna of Gasconthia, ruler of the Plains, commander of the Malkier and Lady of the Winged Lion.
His left fist it the ground as he held his right over his heart and kneeled on his left, his head slightly tilted up so he could keep their feet in sight.

“Lord Keeper, Mi’Queen Gasconthia, you honor me with your presence. What can this humble servant of the Light provide to you.”

Lynce looked up completely as the Keeper spoke, telling him to rise, and that he even had a boon to ask of him.

“Thank you Lord Keeper, Queen Gasconthia.”

Lynce rose up and swept his cloak behind him as he stepped up to one of the chairs that sat a short distance away from the table and two of the most powerful people in the Land of Plains.

“May I inquire as to why I am present?”

Lakross Saber
02-03-2011, 05:53 PM
“Well my child, before we can get started, another guest must arrive, but we have some time before that, so let us commence with the small talk.”

The older Man sat back in the chair with a sigh of comfort, his eyes half closed.

“So, please Mi’Lady Akasuna , hw has your stay at the Cathedral been, for that matter how is being a queen working out for you, not serious troubles correct? Besides the usual smaller kingdoms making grabs for land and such.”

02-04-2011, 09:02 PM
~Oh, the stay has been fine. I've been surrounded with snotty little brats that think I shouldn't be allowed in here and have not been alliud to leave. Just a grand time for me.~
She wanted to say that, but she knew better.
"The stay has been marvelous," Aruna replied aloud, taking another sip of her tea. The halls are glorious and the gardens are beautiful. Be careful or I might just decide to stay here," She lied as she set her glass on the table at her side. "Of course the smaller kingdoms have wanted land, but you know the results of that already."
With a straight face she gazed off for a moment, thinking about who they were waiting on. Some other soldier, perhaps? The name given had escaped her and so she didn't know if it was a man or woman. Not that it really mattered. Or did it?

Lakross Saber
02-05-2011, 03:03 PM
The Keeper raised an eyebrow as he gave the woman a knowing look, his mouth quirked in a smile.

“Hmmm, yes I can understand your predicament, the servants these days are not like they used to be, so full of arrogance because they believe they are privileged, they will lose that enthusiasm in time.”

The Older man let out a laugh that sounded more like a wheeze, as he let his head rest back.

“You know, this reminds me of a time when I was younger. I had just become a devoted and I met this beautiful Denecian woman, ah that was a good time,”

~Outside the City~

“Oh, my aching back.”
The voice belonged to an older woman, her long gray hair tied up in a bun on top of her head, and with deep brown eyes that still held a fire of youth.
She wore nothing but a simple white robe that revealed her tanned arms as she sat on a powerful grey dun, Or more widely called a massive War Horse.
This was The Lady Fersonthe, and she had just arrived in the City of Fresconthia with her charge

“Well, here we are, ya speechless with admiration, huh?”
She said to her companion.

~The Chamber of Angels~

“…And then she said that, ‘I can’t believe you don’t use knives!’ HaaaaHehe.”

The Older man slapped his knee as he laughed his ass off, the story was beyond inappropriate and was not something you would expect from a man of Religious position.

Lakross Saber
02-06-2011, 03:44 AM
Lynce slowly shook his head as the Old man told his story, and a small smile slipped from shi control, he was no stranger with the strange ways of the Denecian women, and knew very well that the story was true.

“There is a Lady Present, Mi’Lord, is this truly an appropriate story?”

Lynce couldn’t swipe the smile from his face as he spoke, and he sat back in his chair with his eyes closed and with his fingers pressed against each other with his elbows propped on the armrests.

Lynce wasn’t completely sure, and knew better then to judge by stereo types, but surely a highly decorated religious figure must have more…tact, was the word? This was certainly not what he had expected from the Keeper of the Light, he felt like he could grow to like this Old man.

Polly Leigh
02-06-2011, 01:09 PM
“It is a wonderful sight is it not?” Sabine’s voice was almost gleeful with some regret. “I told you to ride in the wagon Mistress Fersonthe, not everyone can tolerate to ride like a Domier, I am impressed that you have been able to keep up with me.” The last was said with a smile, the two have grown fairly close over the past few months. Sabine is grateful that the older woman had not asked her to open the dream world to travel through else she would have missed so much.

Watching the city rise up to meet them Sabine was disappointed that her journey was now over, this is the most excitement she has had since being a child in her father’s house. At times she feels being a Loki is a curse rather than a blessing like the others keep telling her it is.

This day was not one of those days. Excitement filled her and she tried very hard not to show it. One of the first teaching of the Loki, show no emotion, it makes you unreadable. But Sabine could not keep the smile from her face as they passed merchants, peddlers and Tinkers with their music and dancing, carts full of bright colors in fabrics and pretty trinkets of accents. There were several things that caught her eye but she knew better to ask to stop, the need to hurry has been a main topic for them. Still she was enjoying the sights and seeing them through the wide eyes of a child.

Turning in her seat she glanced back at the wagon that followed them, it was filled with plenty of new items from the journey here so there was no reason to complain. Besides being this close to finding out why she was summons, the reason was never explained to her.

That thought settled deeper and Sabine clicked for Krom her mount to pick up speed heading for the Mass Hall of Worship.

Lakross Saber
02-06-2011, 10:01 PM
“I’m not that old yet, young’n”
The old woman said as she stretched her back, with a series of resounding cracks sounding and with a sigh from her.

“Much Better, well come along we must not be late, time for shopping later, although…”
She Looked over her shoulder at the wagon they were bringing.

“I think you have already spent a kings’ fortune on that.”

~The Chamber of Angels~

“Oh you are quite right boy, Sometimes My mind just wanders, Old age I suppose, do forgive me Lady Gasconthia.”

The Keeper smiled to himself as he got settled, and after a moment he closed his eyes.
‘….By the Light hurry up, Sister.’

“Lord Keeper.”

The old man opened his eyes to see Mikel standing halfway into the room, his dark eyes shifting between Him and… The Knight… now that he thought about the Knight had never given his name, funny.

“Yes, Mikel?”

“Your Sister has arrived, and her guest is with her.”
The Keeper sat forward with a curt smile.

“Good, send them here right away!”

“ She sent me ahead to give warning and is already-”

“Get out of the Way, ya Whipper-Snapper!”

Mikel let out a squeak as he was booted through the doorway, ending with him sprawled on the floor, and an older woman walked through with her head held high, a good Five, Six.

She had her Sterling Grey hair tied up in a bun, and a powerful air of command and was by definition the sight of royalty. Her Dark Brown eyes regarding everyone in the room with caution, Including himself , and she wore a set of white robes similar to his own, except they revealed less skin.

“Sister, Welcome back, I hope your journey was comfortable?”

“Yes, Yes It was fine, come Girl present yourself, no time like the present.”
The Woman stood to the Side to allow her companion through the door way.

Polly Leigh
02-07-2011, 02:06 PM
Sabine moved far into the room, she wore a long flowing gown the color of soft sea green, the neck line just on the border of inappropriate for a single Domair woman, the skirt swirled around her revealing the barest peeks of her long legs with each step. Her arms were bare except for bracelets that wrapped around the upper part of her left arm and the many thin ones that adorned her right wrist. Her honey blond hair was still pulled back into a loose braid entwined with thin ribbons in the same shade of green as her gown accompanied with tiny clips the shape of butterflies. They could only been seen if one knew to look for them. All in all she appeared very much the Domair that she is and the two guests would recognize her just as she did them.

Sabine reached out and grabbed the One Power, she made a weave of air and fire holding up a shield so to speak. If either of the Gasconthains moved to attack, she would be ready. The hatred between the two countries is legendary.

Why would she be summoned to a meeting between one of the strongest Loki on the Council, the Wiseman and her people’s sworn enemy? Surly this was not a trap to assassinate her that would be the stupidest thing to try considering who her father was. No, the Council would not allow such a thing but why then?

The answer came slowly as she stopped just shy of the Malkier Knight. Without taking her eyes from the armed man Sabine addressed Mistress Fersonthe, her voice thick with the Domair accent, “I would hope you are smart enough not to have brought me all this way to try and make a Malkier Knight my Guardian. That shall never happen.”

02-07-2011, 06:43 PM
"Please Lynce," Aruna lifted her glass again as she chuckled at the story herself. "I have heard worse than that, or have you forgotten who it was that told them to me," She gave him a glance. "There is nothing to forgive," She told the elder man as the doors opened.
Watching the events after that made her blood boil. She didn't like the attitude from the woman in green, but hse had to bite her tongue. she was Queen after all. She had to be dignified. She couldn't come out as a smart-alec infront of her long time Enemies. Giving the woman barely even a glance she set her glass back down and slightly folded her hands in her lap.
~Please, don't think I would waste my time and men in trying to control some beast like you.~ She thought to herself before sighing. ~None of you people are worth it.~
Keeping her mouth closed she turned to the man at her side, awaiting his response to the woman's remark.

Lakross Saber
02-08-2011, 05:04 PM
Lynce coughed into his hand to hid the flush of color to his face at his queen‘s comment, he had, had a weak stomach when he was younger and she never let him forget.

“Anyways wh-” Lynce had been interrupted when the Servant who he had given the fear of the light poked his head in, and blinked as the Servant gave him a fearful look.

‘I wasn’t that harsh was I?’

And the next second the Servant, who was Mikel as he heard from the Keeper, was booted through the door, which made Lynce grip his sword and go to stand up until he saw it was an older woman who with surprising lithe walked in afterwards, telling her companion to hurry up as well, and that made him stand up all the way with his sword
already half drawn before he got control of himself.


Lynce Slammed the sword back in his sheath, and moved away from the chair, though the wall was too far away to be considered part of the conversation, so he stood with his back facing the far end of the wall and his front the rest of the group, his Hard eyes boring a hole through the Dormier Woman. He felt an irritable itch in his skin that hadn’t been there before the Domier woman had came. He chalked it up to the idea that he would be made the Guardi- She was a Loki? The woman had practically announced it, and the fact she wasn’t already bound to a Guardian sent a shiver down his spine, she was far more then dangerous.

“This…Woman is your ‘Guest’?”

He tried his best to keep the venom from his voice. It didn’t work to well.

Lakross Saber
02-08-2011, 09:56 PM
“Yes My Child, she is my guest and your soon to be companion. Ah!”

The Old man raised a finger to silence the three enemies as he continued.

“You will understand why I say such in a moment. Sister?”

The Keeper motioned to the Older woman ho let out a loud. “Harrumph!” Before she touched the One Power, weaving flows of Air and Spirit to seal out prying ears and then another weave of Air and Earth in a strange weave for some reason.

“Shall I include myself?”

She asked and her Brother responded.

“I know you sister I know you shall even though I would prefer you not too.”

“Of course I would, I must understand what was so important to endanger our greatest asset with such… Stupid company.”

The Older man chuckled as his sister wove a web of weaves, of all the five points of Air, Fire, Earth, Spirit, and Water in a spider like formation that engulfed them all; except Mikel who was still watching Lynce with fear, and seemed to originate from the Older man, to those who could see the weaves of course.

“Please, try to remain seated to the best you can, and this will hurt.” The Older man said with a powerful sigh, and closed his eyes; a chant forming as he crossed his fingers into a X formation.

At first nothing changed, but the more attentive noticed the sudden quiet, eerie like a grave. Then a small odor, one that only a soldier who had fought in a war knew, the Smell of a just finished battle, a smell of death, blood and sweat, forming a sickly sweet and suffocating odor, then in a blink of an eye the floor was made of earth, splattered with blood and dismembered limbs, and bodies, some still wriggling in pain and others Deathly still were sprawled around and two opposing forces were still facing each other, The smaller one of dulled steel armor, the other of Armored plates made of pure darkness and dark, evil faces that streamed flames out from their eyes and a twisted mouth that let out a low, terrifying moan that rose with innumerable numbers into a ear drumming buzz, like thousands of bee’s all whizzing around.

The Malkier knight was standing, bloodied and Beaten in front of the smaller force, his steel plates dented and pierced, his left arm hanging limp at his side, his shield long forgotten on the massive battles that had wearied his forces down the past few days. His sword stuck in the ground before him and helm laying on the ground. His hair was matted down with sweat, and his remaining eye was watching the opposing force with intent.

The air was still as the woman sat in the courtyard before the structure that was to be the Symbol of the Newly constructed Tar Valon, her smile wide as the sun shone brightly through the air, but the sun began to darken, as did her smile, until the sky turned red and then screams rung through with clear reasons. People were dying. And through the under growth came a massive creature, s creature that resembled a man, but its black cloak was untouched by the wind and the pale face, like a slugs, had no eyes and smiled with evil intent as it walked towards her; The one Power to far away for her to reach.

Aruna was standing in her room, looking out the Window onto her Kingdom, it was perfect, her armies strong and their loyalty a force of its own and the Crops had been good, no one was hungry and all were off the streets with homes. Gasconthia was a utopia to be envied and envied it was, even by the Ogier who came to study the way of Architecture that had been developed by Gasconthian loyal Masons. But as Aruna smiled, a Black leathered dressed man walked up to her side with a satisfied smile his face was blurred but burning eyes were present, and as he spoke flame licked out from his mouth like a furnace.

“I will be Born from this Countries chaos.”

the Man grabbed her shoulder as darkness began to creep out onto her shoulder, burning and as she tried to scream the darkness slipped down her throat, stiffening it and her life and blotting out the Light.

moments passed and the Buzzing moan grew louder as the dark plated army prepared for the Final charge, and slowly the Steel plated Soldiers began banging swords on shields, until they all took it up, all except for the Last of the BisQual who simply sighed as he gripped his sword once again. Silence took as the Dark Army charged, then the crashing of swords and shields overcame the silence, horrible scream’s over took from both sides, Lynce slashing, killing, screaming his war cry for all he was worth as he slayed monster after monster, until something else broke through, a pale skinned man wearing nothing but black leather, and as Lynce struck out his sword bounced off. The man grabbed his throat and hefted in him the air like a child as he smiled Cruelly, his voice cutting the air like a blade as flames singed Lynce‘s Face.

“I will be Born in your blood.” and then his throat was crushed in a grip of Iron and Darkness Fell.

She lay on the broken, dusty earth, dying from the sword that had cut her an uncountable times after the creature had finished with his fun, her blood spilling out as her skin writhed in pain and flaming, icy spikes of hurt, but her eyes were plastered on the man in Black Leather who smiled at her, sitting in a throne made of the Flesh from her companions, her fellow Loki, and Stryder’s

“I will be born from Your Suffering.” She smelled the Burn of flesh, her Flesh and then Darkness took her.

Then as if by some divine will Light blasted out the Darkness and a sense of warmth fell upon them all, like their mothers Embrace, or a blanket and they felt that all would be well; but only if they were together, and upon this the Chamber of angels appeared back in it’s glory, and to those standing they hit the floor, well they would have if the Older woman had spun the weave that cushioned the fall, like landing on a mattress before settling them gently on the ground.

“B-B-By….T-t-t Light-t-t.” The older woman sputtered out, eyes wide in fear as she held her arms as she shivered.

Polly Leigh
02-12-2011, 07:55 PM
Sabine sat down at the table trying to comprehend the visions just played within her own mind. So vivid, so real and yet she knew it was not. 'Who was the man in black? Why did he seem .... familiar?'

“Is this path one that can be can altered?” Sabine asked softly her eyes still unfocused but she did not release Saidir.

Finally she turned her attention to the Wiseman. “It must be or else why would you bring us here.”

Lakross Saber
02-13-2011, 02:24 AM
“…Blood and Bloody ashes of the Light” Lynce whispered to himself, his fist was planted in the ground and cold sweat.
He was on one knee, similar to when he bowed but this was from the intensity of which he felt his throat being torn from him, his left mailed hand holding his throat to make sure it was still their and not ripped out and n that black cloaked mans hand as he was positive was, not even two minutes ago had been.
After a moment to regain his cool the Knight forced himself back up, his legs shaky but they held and he ignored the sweat as it poured from his scalp over his nose and dripping onto his chest plate.
“The.. woman asks a good question, this is not a pleasant fate with I have seen.” his pause was less then last, the memory of the lights message present, but his distrust was stronger

02-13-2011, 07:29 PM
With her heart pounding in her ears Aruna gripped her shoulder a moment, fearing that she would feel the warmth and fire but sighed in relief when she didn’t. Lowering her hand she refused to grasp her glass again in fear of it shaking and she would not show fear in front of...
Glancing at the woman who spoke with a frown she turned back to the elders. "I expect that you can give us answers. Who was that man, and what does this have to do with us?"

Lakross Saber
02-14-2011, 09:33 PM
The Old man listened silently as the trio before him spoke at once, their voices jumbling but each asking if the future could be changed, except for the queen, she seemed more interested in something else. ‘…Man? Hmmm…’

“Forgive me, my children, for I tell you now that indeed this future is set, but it can be…bumped in a way. Possible lessen the blow, and even give us a chance. Male no mistake, The Lord of Chaos will roll his dice, my children.

Now before you get all huffy, sister, The Lord of Chaos was an old fairytale, greatly changed in meaning by den mother’s wishing to scare children, while in fact the Lord of Chaos was the representation of the holder of balance, as nature in of itself is chaotic and unruly. He, she or it if you prefer is not malevolent, or out to ‘Get us’ as some would say. No, the Lord of Chaos simply governs.”

The man took a deep breath before he continued.

“But back to the point. You must amass a army, one capable enough to fend of the armies of even the darkest of tides.”

The Keeper sent a look towards Lynce, as he witnessed the man had seen, but continued without pause.

“A army like no other, this land united under one banner, one Powerful symbol.”
The Keeper snapped and a set of servants cam rushing in, each holding the end of a tied up piece of cloth, and the Keeper spoke as he stood to walk to the servants, his sister raising a brow.

“In close to three hundred years the chamber of angels have never been blessed with there presence, yet not even three days back, this was found, here and no one but me and my sister has access to this chamber on a daily basis.”

The set servants held up the cloth and the Keeper pulled on a string, the Cloth coming undone.

It was a banner, like those usually seen on a battlefield, a back of Milky white, the edge’s trimmed and bordered with gold and incrusted silver in intricate designs of spirals that seemed to shift before the eye. In the center, crafted with beautiful detail was the serpentine creature, with a beautiful mane colored in crimson like the rest of the creature, it’s talons and fangs imprinted and the eyes seeming to pierce. A dragon in name and appearance.

“ ‘The Banner of the Dragon shall sweep the lands, and all shall fall on their knee’s, some in rejoice, but most with tear’s, as the end of days is signaled by the Dragons Flame.’ So I have foretold, and so shall be.”

The Keeper sighed as the Servants rolled the banner up into a tight bundle, and hurried over to the Knight, who accepted with open arms, though he seemed a bit shaky.
“Now, go… you have so much work to do, and only a year to do it in. Light guide and protect you all, Light, protect us all.”

The Keeper walked back to his seat and collapsed in it, his withered body still as he rested his head on his hand, tears rolling down his face as he knew what he had just done, and knew that thousands would fall, but millions would be saved.

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Lynce’s mouth was dry as he listened to the Keeper, his hands gripped tightly to prevent them from shaking.

‘Water and Ice…’

It was something his father had taught him, a water dropping falling from a faucet onto a clear black pond, the ripples clearing out the anger, fears, happiness, sadness, all stilled, then the pond was frozen and crushed into pure nothing, giving him complete silence and control in his mind.

His hands stopped shaking, and his face hardened into a rock as the Man spoke of the Army of shadows he had faced, the daunting numbers and feel of despair that had been like a crushing rock on his back.

‘There is always a way to win, always if you are willing to look.’

The servants coming in was dually noted from the stillness of his mind, but that stillness was nearly shattered when the banner was unrolled.

The magnificent of the Banner was awe inspiring, and the Dragon seemed to move, though that could have been a trick of the mind.


Lynce wordlessly took the Banner, his arms nearly shaking as he held it, a warmth seeming to radiate into his body.

“The Army of the Dragon, shall rise, and Light will sweep away the darkness, Light protect and preserve us all.”

The Knight began to walk, leaving the Chamber with the Banner still held in both of his arms.

Lakross Saber
02-16-2011, 07:05 PM
“Now wait child, do not tell me you have already succumbed to the Banner‘s Will!”

Fersonthe’s voice echoed around the room. The doors slammed shut and locked, allowing none to leave or enter.

“Be Wary, that cloth has already sent three of the servants running off seeking glory. In fact they said the same thing you just did, It is touched by the one Source, have no doubt of that. Besides there is still much to be discussed,”

She turned back to the Keeper, her brother with a slight grimace.

“Brother, you cannot allow them to leave without…without understanding the importance of their roles, that is just idiotic. They need to know that, in fact, world now rests upon their shoulders.”

The woman almost sounded like she was pleading. Turning to Aruna, she shifted a hand and pointed a bony finger at her.

“Queen of Gasconthia, you must stay your hate for Domair. The burden you hold in despising them will only worsen the outcome if you refuse to put your feud behind you. I cannot stress this enough. Your Generations and Kingdom in the years to come will regard you as the birth of the Highest Power. A Queen among Queens. But, only if you succeed, and to do that, you will require assistance. Assistance from those in this room and those you will acquire along the way. Have no doubt, this is not something you country can take on at this point, you must unite the lands or else the Darkness that you have seen will sweep the lands like a plague.”

Her other hand raised and she now pointed at Sabine.

“Domair, I raised you from the age of seven, you are the closest thing I have to a daughter and I fear for you, but you must bury what you know, what has been pounded into your head by your tutors and listen to what you’ve learned from me. You are but 1 key, and useless without the others, You must, I repeat MUST! work as one and only then can you change the fate of what is yet to come. Heed my words! And you!”

She turned to Lynce.

“You must protect the girl as you would your Queen. All of our fates rest on whether you succeed or not, so be wary of who you trust. But be warned; do not turn away those true to the cause, for the end shall surely come, now you must go, time is precious and we have little. GO!”

The old woman flung her hands up, as if dismissing them before turning back to her brother with a face as hard as rock.

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Lynce was snapped form the stupor he had been in as the doors slammed shut in his face, nearly catching him in his face, and he blinked as if the light had shone in his eye and was trying to get the flash mark out of his vision. After a moment of listening to the Older woman and without looking back over his shoulder, Lynce turned around though not all the way, his arms still holding the tightly folded Banner as his left eyes narrowed.

"Touched by the one power? You mean this thing has a sway over those who touch it."

Lynce's face flushed at the thought, at how easily it had influenced him, how quickly it had as well.


He listened to the rest of the older womans speech and set his jaw with determination. Work with the Domier? He a BisQual was to work with the blood of that which slaughtered his?

The knight shook his head to clear the webs.

'After seeing what I did, prhaps old hatreds can be set aside...for now.'

"I...will see to the best of my ability that the...Lady shall come to no harm, on my word , and on the name of the BisQual family, she shall come to no harm as breath enter's my body."

Lynce made a small, yet formal bow, more like a tilt of the upper body at the waist but still a bow as he tucked the Banner to hsi side, the pull for glory still tugging at his heels, but this time he quashed it, having embarressed himself more then enough this day.

"My Queen and...Lady."

Lynce was gonna have to work hard at refering to the Domier as a Lady without pause, but he still pulled open the door and held it open for them both.

Polly Leigh
02-16-2011, 09:52 PM
Sabine did not follow right away; she just needed a moment to absorb the facts of the situation.

There was truth in Fersonthe words, she had trained her from the age of seven but so had her father’s advisors, the hate runs deep between Domier and Gasconthia. The blood lust runs deep within the two Countries and she is just expected to accept their trust. A Queen and her … Malkier Knight. Their alliance is already stronger than the word of an old woman, no matter how powerful she may be. And that left her vulnerable, a position she doesn’t like … not one bit.

No matter how many questions plagued Sabine but she knew she had to wait to get the answers she needed. For now she would just follow and wait, because in truth she didn’t understand how Fersonthe could trust that the Knight would protect her, did he even know what he would be protecting her from? His pledge cannot be trusted; no Gasconthian can. The past has proven that time and time again.

Back straight and shoulders squared Sabine made to exit the room pausing in front of the Knight called BisQual, a name she knew. The look on his face told her feelings were justified.

Exiting the room Sabine had a feeling of dread but could not help but feel some excitement. She would no longer be under the forever watching eyes of the council or her father’s watch dogs. Not being able to help it a small smile shaped her lips.

02-17-2011, 07:50 PM
Aruna bit her tongue as hate flared through her body. Work with a Domiar? Unthinkable. Disgusting. How dare they even think to ask her something like that. After all that’s happened between the two Kingdoms? That’s like asking a man to forgive the one that slaughtered his wife and children. Nearly impossible.
But it was possible.
It was time to put her feelings behind her. There were bigger problems than just having to deal with one of those bratty Domiars. She couldn’t ignore that,
Couldn’t she?
Either way, she would have to try, despite her feelings.
Listening to the woman she silently sighed. She didn't want to be a famous Queen. If she could choose it, she would rather just be a village woman, but that wasn't her roll. She was a Queen, and she would have to act it. She didn't choose her fate, so she had to live with what she was given.
and live it she would. As grandly and strong as any Queen ever. They will not know her as just a Queen, but a feirce Warrior that tried the hardest she could to keep the world safe.
Lifting herself from her chair she knew that the Elders would need to talk, as would the three of them. Wiping the look of disgust from her face she nodded at Lynce as she passed him, signaling to be followed. She paused down the hall, a few feet between her and the Domair, before turning to face her.
"What is your name?" Aruna kept her face normal and offered a light, airy tone as best as she could.

Polly Leigh
02-18-2011, 09:10 PM
Sabine had anticipated the take charge attitude from the Queen, the only question was if she was going to allow her to have it. Weighing the options Sabine felt it best to find answers before making any moves.

“I am Sabine.” She replied thickly accented “How much of that vision did you understand,” she paused briefly, “believed?”

Lakross Saber
02-18-2011, 09:21 PM
Lynce raised a brow as the women passed him and he quickly followed suit, making sure the door shut with little noise before turning his attention to the two women, who were currently speaking to one another.

‘Now that I truly think, what is the queen doing here? Better yet, when did she leave Gasconthia, and why wasn’t I informed.’

“Excuse me my Queen,”

Lynce butt in between the two women’s conversation as he walked up next to the two with a stoic face.

“But as we go to leave back for Gasconthia, may I be so bold as to ask why you are here, in the Cathedral, and not in your home. On top of that, when did you leave, and why was I not notified of your leaving. Have you a escort?”

He knew the answer to the last, for if she had, at least one of the Malkier would be among them, for they were the major force of the Army and they all reported to him. All of them.

As he waited he began to slowly walk ahead, they had to make back for Gasconthia immediately, and even a child could understand the ergency for such an action.

02-18-2011, 09:32 PM
Aruna flushed at Lynce’s questions. “What other reason would I be here besides being called upon by the Elders? And I left a little over a month ago. You know I despise being escorted by your little puppies, so of course I don’t have an escort. Why you weren’t informed, forgive me for saying but that was not my fault. You’re second in command was ordered to tell you the day after I left."
She then turned back to the Domair.
“The Elders have yet to lie, so why would they lie about that? They seem to be shaken up about it themselves just as much as we were. The true question is…what should our next step be?”

Lakross Saber
02-19-2011, 05:48 PM
"My little puppies? You realize that all it would take is one wrong step and you could be dead with a dagger in your ribs, or worse even!?"

Lynce voice didn't raise by the look in his eyes spoke of the unspoken anger, though it was quashed as he added.

"My Queen, I simply fear for your well being, as is my duty. I must insist that when ever leave the castle, at least three guards if no more, but that will be for another time. We will gather your horses as we move along to gather the rest of the troops."

Lynce paused in thought before a small smile appeared.

"So you left a week before me hmmm? Well that explains why I wasn't informed. My Second in command died in a minor skirmish with Facliones."

Facliones was a small kingdom, a blight really, that was nested between Gasconthia and Domier, they aren't a threat, least they weren't until recently. Their militaristic power had grown and the last battle, the one where his second died had almost been lost if the Heavy calvary hadn't arrived at that point.

'We'll have to watch them closer...'

He through out an answer to her question with out much thought.

"It's very simple, of they are speaking true then we have little choice bu to turn to the other countries, and plead our case, hoping for them to believe that if we don't band together we will die. But first we must return to Gasconthia and prepare ourselves. Besides your birthday is little over a month away and what would happen of you were not present?"

Polly Leigh
02-19-2011, 06:42 PM
The Queens answer didn’t surprise Sabine, blind faith. She would get her answers tonight after everyone sleeps.

Following the exchanged between the two Gasconthian’s Sabine’s own unease heightened. “Your plan has a great flaw to it Malkier, I will not be going to Gasconthia.” She told him. “You go and gather your forces and I will go and gather mine and we can meet on neutral ground.”

02-19-2011, 06:58 PM
"Oh yes, the party." The Queen grumbled under her breath. Aruna knew she should behave more like a Queen instead of just running off and slipping from her maids and Knights, but she found it enjoyable and entertaining. She should start acting like one more so now. Besides, she was turning 25 in the next month. Next think you know, she’ll be having suggestions thrown at her for marriage.
She blocked a gag.
Marriage. That was definitely the last thing on her mind. There was nothing that she despised thinking about more than a man other than Rhuarc…
Turning to glance at the Domair, a hand went to her hip. “Separating is not a good idea, so I refuse it. It’s better that we stick together than separate just after learning of this turmoil. Besides, you going to Domair to gather forces? I might be young, but I’m not a fool. Our hatred will not be settled so easily. If you wish to go to Domair, it will have to be after I send a notice to the King and when we are with you.” Aruna turned to walk towards her room for her things, but then turned back to Sabine. “And if you decide to run off and head to Domair anyway, you will be put under close guard. I trust the Elders and I refuse to let you ruin their warning.”

Lakross Saber
02-19-2011, 09:47 PM
Lynce quirked an eyebrow back at the Domier, his face stoic as he stared at her, and when he spoke after his queen no emotion was in his voice.

“Your forces and our forces? You sound as if you have the whole of Domier already backing you. I am afraid that while it could have been said in a better way, my Lady Gasconthia is correct, we cannot wait on you to make a journey you might not finish due to some cut throat or bandit, Loki or not, and I won’t send my knights to be slaughtered by ‘your’ people upon arrival. At this moment in time the best choice is to return to Gasconthia, for as long as it is known you are with the Queen and Me no one shall raise an arm to you in hate. Now unless you have any better suggestions we must make haste.”

Lynce gave no second as he spun around and began to follow his queen, she needed at least one guard at this point, but he kept his pace slow so the Domier could catch up without having to seem to.

Polly Leigh
02-19-2011, 10:01 PM
“You can refuse it all you want that does not change the fact that I am not going to your home land. The Elders might rule over you, but not I.” Sabine replied holding her shield firmly in place she would have them both strung from their feet at the first movement toward her.

“You claim not to be a fool and yet you expect me to walk blindly into hells mouth where as you pointed out the hatred lives so vividly.” Taking a step closer she laughed but not in humor. “If it is so easily done then let us travel to Domair first then visit your home.”

Forgetting her training Sabine added with emotion, “That was about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. That you would actually think me stupid enough to trust either of you for one moment. This is not a negotiation, you are not my Queen and I am under no one’s command.”

02-19-2011, 10:41 PM
“Indeed,” Aruna agreed.. “I have no one as foolish as you under my jurisdiction, Sabine,” She sneered the name. “But why waste time going to your Kingdom first when mine is right along the way? Why take three months to journey to Domair and then two back to Gasconthia while we can just take it down in order. Whether you like it or not, we have to work together, and I’m afraid that two beats one in choosing what we do next. If you’re so ill about, turn to the Elder you came with and ask her what you should do. Surely you can find no problem in doing that.”
Aruna continued walking down the hall to her room. She wanted this dress off and fast.

Polly Leigh
02-20-2011, 08:21 PM
“Foolish indeed.” Sabine whispered turning from the Queen she hurried away, there was no way she was going anywhere with that woman.

Once outside it didn’t take long to gather Krum, Hency and Leeta, and turn them for Domair. If all that the Wiseman showed her was true, she was going to need help, help she could trust. “Foolish…” she murmured, “Stupid woman.” Krum bend down to allow her access to her seat. Settling comfortably Sabine twirled her index finger and produced a weave of air that would make the wagon weightless allowing Hency and Leeta to keep pace with Krum as if the wagon was not there.

Domier are famous for their War Horses, none can match their size, speed or strength and Sabine ran with three whom she loved very much. “Let’s go home.” She cooed to her beasts and for the smallest of moments she felt as if she were still a little girl riding in the green fields of Domier. Of course that was before the Gasconthians attacked destroying those fields of green.

02-20-2011, 08:29 PM
Aruna had stripped from her dress in moments and was pulling on her more enjoyable garments consisting of a pair of black slacks and top with a long, silk robe in the colors of silver and black that hung around her body instead. Pulling her long reddish brown hair up from around her neck, the chain that she wore came into view. Slowly, she pulled it up, bringing the ring hanging from it into view. A sad smile fluttered onto her face as she gazed down at the amethyst jewel.
This had been the ring he had given to her in proposal all those years ago. Before the Domiers had killed him. Hated boiled up in her chest as she gripped the ring in her hand. She wanted to do all she could to get her revenge against the Domiers. At the name all she felt was disgust for the woman they just met…Sabine.
Aruna glanced away from the mirror, trying to wipe her mind clean but the memory broke through anyway.

The sun was setting as a 12-year-old Aruna sat on the top of the Castle wall, a young man, 16, standing beside her. Since he had been accepted into the army, Aruna had been noticing strange things. The looks the other Knights would be giving Rhuarc. The sneers and comments about the Domiers from the others when he would pass by them. Why were they acting that way? But Rhuarc would just smile at them and continue with what he was doing whether it was eating or training or talking. It didn’t matter to him.
But it did to Aruna.
“Rhuarc…can I ask you something?” Her small voice traveled with the wind as it blew around them.
“About what?”
Turning to glance at the man behind her, she had to smile. He was tall, a few years older than hair, with short, red hair and pale violet eyes. Already toned and strong at his age, he was dressed in black breeches and a sleeveless, brown leather shirt. His gaze was intent on the sunset, but she knew that he was listening.
“Why, why are you always treated different? By the other Knights? Why are they so mean around you?”
Rhuarc chuckled, uncrossing his arms and sitting down beside the young girl, hanging his legs over the side of the wall. “Well, I’m a Domier. The others here all see me as an enemy and not an ally, no matter how long I’ve lived here.”
Aruna gasped. “You’re a Domier? But, but daddy says that their the enemy! That, that they’re ev-”
Rhuarc placed a soft finger over her lips, cutting her off. He gazed down at her. “Does it really matter if I was born here or there? Does that make it any different in what I’m doing? To you?”
Aruna thought for a moment, and then shook her head. “No, I suppose not.” His finger pulled away but she caught his hand. “But, that doesn’t mean they should be mean to you! Just because you’re from another place. It’s foolish.”
Rhuarc chuckled, wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him, kissing the top of her head. “If only others could see it like you, Aruna. Gasconthia families are treated the same in Domier too, I’m sure, but that’s just the way it all is. Others are just too stubborn to see that they’re just the same.”
“If that’s how you feel, why did you join the army?”
He was silent for a moment. “I joined the army to become closer to…become a General of the Gasconthia army… and in hopes to be united with…someone I truly care about. It’ll just have to take a few more years before I can receive my wish.”
“Is this person…nice?” Aruna asked.
He gave a soft laugh. “As sweet as can be,” His gaze turned back to the sunset before he sighed. “Aruna, can you promise me something?”
“Promise you something?” She tilted her head to the side.
“Yes. You are to be a Queen one day. All power of this Kingdom will rest in your hands. Promise me, promise me that you will not just judge others because of their lineage or birthplaces. Don’t treat Domiers like all the others do just because they are Domiers. Not everyone wants to fight, and not everyone is…evil. Not everyone agrees to war, no matter what side they are on. Promise me.”
Aruna giggled. “You have the weirdest promises, Rhuarc.” She told them. “But, I promise.”
~And what a swell way to keep a promise, Aruna, you big dummy.~
She now felt guilty. She had taken the wrong direction in this course, trying to force Sabine into coming with them to Gasconthia. Perhaps she should look at it through the other woman’s eyes. She was a Domier, alone, and in the Presence of the Gasconthia Queen and her Head Knight. Of course she would feel…small. And upset.
Well, there was nothing that Aruna could do to change her words, but maybe there was something else she could do.
Tossing her things into her bags she slung the two of them over her shoulders before leaving the room to pass them off to one of the Hall boys. She didn’t like others touching her things, but she had to grin and bare it. Maybe she and Lynce would leave in time to catch up to the Domier woman and…

Lakross Saber
02-20-2011, 10:07 PM
‘Women… if they aren’t getting mad at men and blaming them for everything, they are trying to kill each other…’

Lynce stifled a sigh as the two women departed from the other and with a slight shake of his head he stirred into motion, his long strides taking him outside the Cathedral, his Queen would be safe here for the moment an quickly set to returning to the inn where his soldier’s waited for him.

It was a twenty minute walk but he covered it in fifteen, and as the inn came into sight his soldiers were already mounted and ready to move, must have had a look out for him. He stopped a smile from forming and quickly mounted his own steed, which had been saddles and bridled for him. The powerful white stallion was deep chested, with long, powerful legs that had long hair reaching to the ground from its fetlocks and battle trained. The horse was as much a soldier as Lynce was and was aptly named Ruin.


One of the soldier’s, like the rest of the soldiers was dressed in steel splint mail, but had a white blade etched into the shoulder pads responded with a gruff voice of a veteran, but he wasn’t even twenty five yet. Still he was a Blade Captain, the Malkier version of a lieutenant.

“Yes, Battle Lord?”

“Take a brigade and provide an escort for the Lady Gasconthia until she is safely in Castle Gasconthia, tell her that I have rode after the Woman and that I shall met her at a later time. At this point she is at the Cathedral of Light. The rest of you ride with me.”

A Brigade had twenty five soldiers, leaving Lynce only five of his original entourage, and Matrith gave Lynce a startled look after hearing the Queen was present but quickly got over it and picked his brigade, and left with a curt nod to Lynce, his group getting a wide berth from the ones walking along the street.

“The rest of you,”

Lynce looked at the remaining group, all veterans and well rounded in battle and familiar with its casualties.

“I expect trouble, for the one we ride after is a Domier.”

The men suddenly got very focused, but confusion filled them at Lynce’s next sentence.

“She is not to be harmed, matter of fact not even a hard look from any of you as we ride a protective detail for her. I expect complete obedience from you all, and I will understand if you would rather not be part of this. Speak up now for this is your only chance.”

No one said a word and Lynce nodded.

“Then we ride, I have no doubt that she rides a Domier Horse, and due to that it will take us time to catch up to her.”

Someone spoke up this time.

“Ser, if I may speak?”

Lynce nodded.

“Why do we ride after this…Domier?”

Lynce paused for a bit, thinking through his response and when he spoke the men raised an eyebrow in surprise, more then when they had heard about the Queen being present in the Cathedral.

“We ride after her by request of the Keeper of light, or else I would never think of her again.”

That ended the conversation and Lynce turned his horse towards the exit of the city and they set off at a brisk pace, no point tiring out the horses in a pointless sprint for distance, not against a Domier Horse. It would indeed take time.

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And so the Wheel had begun to weave its strings of fate, all being shifted and twisted by these weaves brought forth of neccesity, becoming like a whirlpool centering around the fates of these select few, each a key component of a bright future, yet useless without the others and as the Wheel weaves the Darkness is moving its piece’s against them, unknown horrors waiting in the darkness and even crueler is the hearts of men, and their unbound threshold for evil, greed, hatred, lust, envy and jealousy.

The Wheel is set, and fight as they may, it will drag these few to greatness, or to death if the Darkness has its will. This is,

TheWheel of Time

A Age of Balance

(Blue Represents the Story Line of Lynce and Sabine, and those who end up joining them.)

(Red for Queen Aruna and company as they travel along their path.)

(This is mostly for me and the readers so they can distinguish between the two different stories.

Lakross Saber
02-21-2011, 05:43 PM
And so the Paths set and the darkness shifting the time for the Adventure has come.
A week has passed since the two groups,

Lynce and his five warriors, who were setting off to find the Domier Loki, Sabine and to convince her to come to Gasconthia.

And the Queen Aruna on her way back to Gasconthia in company with a Brigade of Professionals,

but each path is slated to come into contact with another key player, and their own bumps on the pattern, but who these players are, and the bumps, only time will show.

Lakross Saber
02-21-2011, 08:23 PM
Matrith blinked against the Sun from behind his helm as he rode his horse, the chestnut brown steed that was home breed in Gasconthia, he and his men were escorting the Lady Gasconthia back to her home land, the men forming a perimeter around the Carriage that was transporting the High Queen.


Matrith barely turned hi head to look towards the voice, his eyes still searching for possible threats.

“See something?”

“No, ser.”

The soldier was rather green behind the ears, as green as someone who was trained in the Malkier fashion could be, which meant he was professional level, but a bit prone to distractions, as all recruits were.

“Well I was thinking, isn’t it strange that we have been traveling the main route between Fresconthine, and Gasconthia for a week now and we have yet to see a single soul besides ourselves?”

Matrith thought for a moment, the recruit was right. They were traveling a major trade route and yet not a single caravan had crossed their paths.

“You know what Rook, you might just make it in this world.”

Matrith looked back around, his eyes keying in on a black spot in the distance ahead of them, and his hand fell to the sword on his hip.

“You just might.”

As they rode on the Dark spot grew larger, and larger, then individual specks could be made out, and as they got even closer Matrith realized it was broken down Caravan, three in fact, each rather large, and with quite a large number of people, all men wearing baggy cloths milling about as a group of thick armed men were set to repairing the Caravan‘s, and a tall, ratty looking man with a large knife on his belt hailed Matrith.

“Good day, good sir! Tell me, are you coming from Fresconthine?”

Matrith blinked as he stared the man in the eye, an itch settling in-between his shoulder’s, and he stopped his horse a good distance away from the man, motioning the others to stop as well, the Carriage driver halting as well.

“That we do, what can I do for you.”

The Man had a beady look to his eyes, that seemed to shift towards the left behind him as he rubbed his hands together.

“Well how is the trade this time of year?”

Matrith blinked before he snarled and drew his sword with a cry of

“Soldiers to Arms!!!!!”

It happened in a blink, all the men that had been milling about pulled short swords out from their seemingly baggy cloths, which when shifted revealed the shine of metal underneath, the soudn coming from behind him as well and the beady man was already running away like the rat he resembled.

His blade flashed out at the first man close enough as he backed his horse up, like the other soldiers to form a tight circle around the Carriage.

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Lynce sighed as he, and the five with him sat around a small fire that was cooking their midday meal on the side of the main road towards Domier, their horses tethered to a movable Picket line they always had. They had been waiting for a day and half now, having found a path that lead into a shortcut that Lynce judged put them a day ahead of their target, the Domier woman.

‘…Hmmm no what I think about it I have no idea what her name is…’

Another of the solders yawned, while another shifted in comfortably in his armor.


Lynce looked back at the fire, and the three rabbits that were roasting over it, each soldier had a months worth of rations, but those were bland and the men needed fresh meat.

“Women, even when they don’t know it they keep us men waiting.”

One of the older soldiers through out and even Lynce smiled at the comment, the truth of it reaching hi-


Lynce whispered to himself as he remembered the Denecian women from the days before in the Cathedral, he had left without so much as a word and things like that always came back to bit a man in the ass.

“What is it Ser?”

A soldier asked but Lynce just shook his head.

“Check the road again would you?”

~Narrator Time!!!!~

“Ser Balstond!”

A tall, well built man in brownish colored armor that seemed to be made from one piece of metal yet shifted as smoothly as silk when moving and didn’t encumber him from horseback, the Symbol of a Horse with a flame coming out of its mouth.

“So, you have found her?”

The soldier who wore the same uniform, yet not so ornamentally styled responded.

“Yes, we have seen the woman, and as you ordered we have remained unseen. Ser, at the range we were, we could have rushed her and finish this in a moment. Why did you order us to only observe and report, we were trained for situations just like that!”

The Ser Balstond gave the soldier a hard look but answered in a emotionless voice.

“She is a Loki Soldier, and if she even saw a hint of you it would have been ended with your death, probably by burning of what my sources tell me. Anyways we move, and try to cut her off, I now this road well and up ahead is a side path that will lead us right up ahead of her, as long as she has no idea we are coming.”

The Ser Balstond kicked his war horse forward, a Domier war horse and the twenty men also on Domier war horses stirred forward, their lances and armor clanking with motion, all except the Ser Balstond.

Polly Leigh
02-21-2011, 10:02 PM
Sabine was glad to finally see the prying eyes fade off; however hard they tried not to be seen but she knew the moment she picked up after leaving the inn she stayed at the night before. They obviously didn’t know she was a Loki.

They were soldiers of Domier, why did it feel like they were tracking her. Every instinct Sabine had told her that her father had not sent them to escort her home.

Her only chance was to out run them; on War Horses as well she would just have to be faster than them. She didn’t know this land but the Inn Keeper told her to follow this road and she would hit the next town in about a day.

With weaves in place Sabine hit into a run with her head low and eyes alert.

02-23-2011, 07:59 PM
Aruna sighed. She had refused to ride in the Carriage, but of course, she had to submit. According to Matrith though ‘you’re the Queen. You should be traveling like one’. She would rather ride her own horse, but she, again, had to submit.
Though she did grumble about it under her throat.
At the sound of talking, Aruna set the book she had been reading down and sat up from her pillows. The silk nettings hanging around her Carriage, a soft pale-ish white, blew swiftly in the wind as the talking continued. Listening in, she sighed again and pushed her throw blanket back and, on her knees, peeked out through the netting and looked at the attackers as they drew their blades.
“You are making a foolish choice.” She called out the where she could be heard by everyone. “Do you not know who I am? The Queen of Gasconthia does not take being attacked lightly. I am giving you a choice. Turn now and leave, orstay here like fools and die.”

02-23-2011, 09:44 PM
As the knights prepared to do battle perhaps one of them would notice a one of the many barrels on the caravan shudder slightly before falling off its cart altogether.The barrel broke apart upon hitting the ground revealing a sprightly man whose hands and feet were bound and his mouth gagged. Looking around fearfully he saw that the bandits seemed to be preoccupied and proceeded to make his escape.

After much wriggling the man managed to rise to his feet, he then went on to hop as fast as he could away from the road.

Lakross Saber
02-24-2011, 10:02 PM
Matrith’s blade was like a snake, wriggling past shields and swords alike, striking at weak points in the armor when the exposed vitals of the neck or higher was not revealed, and with each flash men’s screams were sounded, more bustling from the sides of the road sounding as more armor clinked.

“Lady, these aren’t your average Bandits, we must retreat!!”

Matrith turned in time to see a man, obviously bound and gagged hopping away at a good pace in the direction he planned on taking and blinked as his sword took another man in the eye and sent him sprawling back.

A Malkier soldier fell to a mass of men as Matrith whistled in a high pitched tone that sent the men into a full retreat, well only after they pushed the attacking men back enough to give the carriage a chance to push forward, which it did, Matrith hoped the Queen was holding onto something tight, it would end badly if they got surrounded again .


The remaining nineteen knights surged forward, blades flashing at the men that scrambled towards them and the Carriage with the prize in the center, Matrith doing the work of three men as he pushed his horse to trample on the men who were before him.
The Carriage broke free of the throng of men and the two horses drawing said carriage were set to a powerful sprint that would have surely matched any Domier horse, amazing what fear could do.

Matrith wasn’t so set on the retreat, acting as a rear guard and even watched the bound man still jumping up ahead of him.


As he rode past the bound man, her reached out and caught the hopping man by the back of his shirt and yanked him up on the horse by pure arm strength and spoke in a dangerous voice.

“Be still or I will throw you into the next lake I find.”

Matrith meant it, and he forced his horse to race off after his companions.


Matrith let his horse pull to a stop, the bound man still laying over the pommel of the saddle, which couldn’t have been comfortable, and looked at the remainder of their little band wagon.

Nineteen knights, all covered in blood, both theirs and the ones who attacked them.

“Your Majesty, are you alright?”

Matrith called moving closer to the wagon, his first priority would be to make sure the Queen was alright then he would set about questioning the bond man. His second priority was to get the Queen back to Gasconthia or Lynce would have his head.

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The Ser Balstond had already kicked his horse into a full burst, his twenty men following as he urged his horse faster by tightening his legs on the well trained beasts sides, both leaning forward with the air flapping mane and hair around the same.

He didn’t know how the woman knew, but if it hadn’t have been for their scout’s sharp eyes they would have been left in the dust before they even knew it, he was going to tan the hide of those two idiots that gave themselves away, but first the wench had to be put down before she could cause more trouble.

The band of horsemen burst from the side road onto the main road a little bit after Sabine’s horses passed the entrance and Ser Balstond smiled in triumph, they had caught her, and it was only a matter of time before they got her.

Arrows were loosed by the horsemen behind him, the years of training in the art giving them more then good aim, enough to make sure that none of the shafts got close to the horses, the woman yes, but not the horses. Well trained Domier horses aren’t as common as some thought.


Lynce blinked as a itch settled into his shoulders, and he shifted them uncomfortably.
‘Let this woman get here soon, as if the darkness was on her heels.’
Lynce shrugged his shoulders again before staring back into the fire.


02-25-2011, 06:46 AM
The man shouted a muffled protest as he was unceremoniously hoisted onto the knight's steed. He wriggled a bit but quickly lay still as it became clear his situation had only become marginally less perilous.


The flight from the bandits had left him with a sore belly. Stifling his discomfort the man instead listened.

Your Majesty? Was he in the company of royalty? Judging by the designs of the knights armor and their accent they were Gasconthians which meant that the person in the carriage they so desperately defended was none other than...........oh my. What strange fate did destiny have in store for the man.

02-26-2011, 11:44 AM
Aruna shook her head, pushing herself to her feet, exiting the Carriage. "Of course I'm fine. Your men are the ones that you should be worrying about. They're the wounded ones." She glanced at the bound man on the horse for a moment, head tilted to the side and an eyebrow raised. She ahd seen him, jumping down the road. That only led to two separate things. He was the Bandits hostage, or he was one of the Bandits and he was playing a game to try and get close. Either way, she was prepared.
With one of her knives clenched secretly within the sleeve of the long silver and black robe she wore, Aruna reached up and ripped the gag from the man's mouth. “Who are you?” She demanded. “Why were you with those men?”

02-27-2011, 06:25 AM
The man eyed Aruna apprehensively as she walked up to him. Judging by the way the knights treated her it was likely that she was none other than the Queen of Gasconthia herself. The man was somewhat surprised at her appearance. He had expected the Queen to look more.....regal. Still, despite her lack of ornamentation she certainly had the force of personality befitting a monarch.

The man took a few moments to work the stiffness out of his jaw before replying: "I am Kross van Gilder, a bard by trade. I was travelling with the trade caravans when we were waylaid by bandits. The ruffians stole my possesions, bound me, then stuffed me into a barrel. You have my gratitude for rescueing me but alas there is naught I can do to repay you."

02-27-2011, 07:00 PM
“Hmm.” Aruna gazed the man over.
~A Bard, huh?~
That was a story that she could believe. She didn’t doubt that bandits would capture people, but…what if he was lying. She didn’t think so, but she wasn’t stupid to put her guard down. She would keep him with them. She wasn’t going to let him leave them and then bring back more attackers.
“All right then, travel with us. It’ll be easier and you won’t be, no offense, captured as easily as you were. That is, if you have no objections.” If he were to refuse her offer, then he was part of the Bandit group. She’d take care of him with no problem as she continued to clench the poison covered knife in secret.

Polly Leigh
02-27-2011, 07:28 PM
Sabine was panicked as the riders fell in behind her; she had talked herself into believing she was imagining that they were anything but escorts. She knew better now.

Whispering to Krum to run as he has never ran before she lowered herself even further trying to make herself a smarter target. Even with the one power she would rather run for safety or at least until it was completely necessary to fight. A soldier she was not but nor was she without means to defend herself. Thank you father she thought as she raced for what she believed to be for her very life.

Of course how would that have been different from going to Gasconthia? She saw little except those casing her were Domier and somehow that made it worst. And what of her father? What has happened to him if her own people are after her?

Arrows were flying and she was eternally grateful that Krum was a trained War Horse as were Hency and Leeta. They knew how to dodge and weave from arrows, swords and anything else that came at them. Her father made sure she had the best Domier had to offer. In fact he trained them himself. It was hard not to think about him, it had been so long since she had seen him and if Sabine didn’t make it to the next town she just might never see him again.

A thought accrued to her then, she needed to slow them down to put some distance between them. Eyeing a large oak tree Sabine throw a weave knocking the tree down across the road just after she passed, it would be hard pressed for any of them to make over the tree, of course they will go around but that should give her a little lead way from them.

Sabine hoped anyway.

Lakross Saber
02-27-2011, 09:52 PM

Matrith said as he followed after her, and heard her proposal to the tied up man. His eyebrows were raised, which was to the remaining soldiers the equivalent of open shock on another’s.

“Do you not think it dangerous to even offer this to a man which we have no idea who is? No confirmation on whether or not his story is truth!”

Matrith gave the bound man a hard edged look, keeping his eyes away from the dagger the Queen was trying to hid, poorly.

“ My Father said once ‘A Man with no hands, holds no sword’ I suggest we try that fact literately.”


“Keep the rope slack until I give the signal.”

Lynce said to the three soldiers on the other side of the road, the last two soldiers behind him and holding onto the thick rope along with him, his eyes drawn to the direction the noise was coming from, Horses, and a lot of them. Light Calvary if he was worth his title.

It had been a small drone at first, one that Lynce had almost ignored until he remembered his training, and he had quickly pulled out his eyeglass to see what the commotion was, and was not surprised to see that their charge was being chased, he was surprised to see that the ones chasing were wearing the brown armor of The Knights of the Half Moon, lead by no other then Ser Balstond, head of the Light Calvary division.

It had been a shock, one he got over quickly and set about preparing for battle, twenty Light Calvary units would tear five soldiers apart with ease, they had to dismount them, and a Rope and six powerful soldiers just might do it, now they had to wait.

02-28-2011, 07:25 AM
He didn’t know what to do next. Everything was just strange to him. Where was he supposed to start? Where was he supposed to go? The thoughts would start ,but he couldn’t decide on which one. What choice would Gai make? Where would he like to go first? Domier? Gasconthia? Or maybe even Tar Valon? The arguments in his mind were driving him insane, yet he couldn’t find a way to decide what to do. Maybe he should flip a coin…
The day was warm to him as he continued to walk down the road. A little while before he had been passed by five men on horses and they had disappeared too fast for him to make note of anything they were wearing. He shrugged, thinking that noting was really important with them. But apparently, he was wrong…
He ended up coming back to them, but he quickly dodged behind a few trees, thankful that he hadn’t been seen. He could make them out, but he couldn’t hear them, meaning that they wouldn’t be able to know he was there, right? But, then again, his luck had been bad these last few days, so maybe…
Trembling in the ground reached him, and he was smart enough to realize what it was. There was a group of horses, a lot of them, heading their way. Had something happened? Were they chasing these men before him? He didn’t know, but it was none of his business. He’d better not be caught in this.
But then again…Kashi scratched his head, his short, red hair wet from sweating all day. Watching this might be entertaining.

02-28-2011, 08:29 AM
Kross was savvy enough to sense that the Queen and her knights still eyed him with suspicion. It was understandable though personally Kross felt it bordered a little on paranoia. Still that's what politicians are like and paranoia was a healthy quality to be had in a royal guard.

"I see her Majesty is both insighful and magnimous. There is no offense taken, war is not my chosen trade after all. It would be my honour to ride with you, your majesty. I was hoping that riding with a caravan of such size would deter the average bandit. I was surpirsed that we were assaulted by such a large and determined group of rogues. Being a major trade route the armies of the various nations usually lay waste to any raiding parties that become large enough to threaten the economy. "

Lakross Saber
02-28-2011, 08:10 PM
Matrith looked towards his queen as he elaborated on the subtle Point the supposed bard had either knowingly, or unknowingly revealed.

“Ma’am, we must discuss this ‘random’ bandit attack, as I am sure that you have figured out…”

Matrith gave the Bard a edged look.

“It was no such thing. They were trained soldiers. They set a point and waited, and had a three sided ambush waiting, and in fact herded us in this direction. I have no doubt that they have already moved against us, probably waiting up ahead with a larger force and with far more danger. This is a calculated attack, and an armed force is probably already formed to siege Gasconthia on word of your death. Of course this can‘t be confirmed without an eyewitness or conformation.”

Matrith blinked as he looked back at his queen.

“I see three choices now, one, we take our chances and ride to Gasconthia, probably die. Two, We Track back and try to find a way around and get to Gasconthia in secret. Or we back track, find Lynce and appeal to our allies for an army to ride under BattleLord Lynce.”


Ser Balstond grimaced as he and his troops finally cleared the downed tree, the woman in the distance taunting him without trying and he set his horse to sprint at full tilt.
It was a mistake, Balstond would look back in his last moments, to have charged head on without a care, a rookie mistake. He had missed the signs that people had camped, the tidiness and small fire that only seasoned travelers used, and the fact that the packs were still present on the ground would have been a large warning of danger, but no, he over looked them and would pay for it.

A single word caused his world to turn.


A taunt, thick rope burst up from the dusty road ahead of him and their had been no time to shout warning, or to stop his own horse.


Lynce nearly had his arms pulled out of socket as the first horse tripped over the line, Ser Balstond’s, and it didn’t end there, more horses came after and tripped, though only five horses were stopped by the line, the rest by their fallen comrades until all but the luckiest ones were left mounted. The downed horses were kicking wildly, hitting their riders and others as they tried to get up, and some of the riders never did. Lynce had a bow out, his soldiers as well, as the downed horses got up and began to run off, their training stopping them before they got to far though.


Six shafts flew into the rising soldiers, some hitting true, others just shattering more bones, and after a few seconds more shafts flew, and again until the downed soldiers didn’t raise again. Three soldiers already moving to go after the three remaining riders and the Domier Girl, mounting on the waiting Domier warhorses. Why waste a blessing of swift feet?

Lynce and the three remaining soldiers set about making sure that the downed soldiers remained down.

Lynce blinked as he looked down on the before him body, the mans face turned at an odd angle, no arrow had found its way into his body, though Lynce presumed that he had died from the tripping of his horse, and raised his blade to make sure he was dead, and was interrupted by one of his men’s death scream

Balstond was on his feet, two others that had played dead with him, and bloodied sword in his hands as another soldier fell to a quick thrust.

“You got me good, and taught me what haste can do to a man. I’ll remember that Malkier. A BisQual right?”

The man looked at Lynce as he let the Malkier knight fell off his blade, his face set in stone, and Balstond twirled his sword, a Heron marked onto the blade.

“Even if you didn’t look like Luc, that sword and shield would give you away.”

Balstond smiled as the two Domier soldiers set about the remaining Malkier, who was making them think twice about charging forward. Domier were great horsemen, but Malkier Knights were far better swordsmen.

“So, I take it Luc has fallen?”

Lynce gripped his sword tighter as Balstond walked towards him, his blade still twirling as he kept eye contact with Lynce.

“Little over a month back, tell him hello when I send you to him.”

Lynce rushed forward, shield forward, as his sword thrusted out under the shield towards Balstond’s Belly, who simply hopped back as his sword went over the top of the shield, though the blade wasn’t long enough to score a blow.

Lynce brought his shield up to knock Balstond’s sword back as he fully extend his sword arm in a powerful thrust that would have pierced Balstond’s stomach but instead gave him a shallow gash as the Domier turned his body sideways, then both took a quick step back.

Balstond felt the trickle of blood from his stomach and smiled.

“Oh, your father taught you well.”

Lynce retorted.

“Yours didn’t teach you good enough.”
And they rushed each other again.

03-01-2011, 02:00 PM
Aruna sighed and glanced at the Knight beside her. ~Did I not say to go after Lynce when you came and told me that he ordered you to take me home?~ But, a Queen was not supposed to say such things like that. Not to anyone.

Rhuarc never cared. He asked her to talk freely and normal. He didn’t want her to speak to him like royalty. Just…normally. ~If only he was still here.~

Aruna gave the man, Kross, another look before turning back to Matrith. “Do what you want with him, but don’t kill him for he’s still coming with us. Search him, but don’t bind him. He can ride with one of the Knights. If he is indeed a spy like you believe he is, Matrith, letting him go free after announcing your tactics for the next steps is foolish.” She glanced further down the road. Nothing seemed to be there, but she wasn’t foolish enough to take that road. But she did need to get back to Gasconthia. Her 9 Advisors wouldn’t be able to keep order in Gasconthia like she could for too much longer.

“We shall back track, taking the path Lynce took for a while before heading back to Gasconthia. If we run across the captain, we run across him. If not, I shall send one of your Knights after him with a letter on what has happened. Does that qualify your intentions?” Aruna asked him.

03-02-2011, 10:26 AM
Kross was somewhat mortified that the Queen even had to order her knights not to kill him. Riding with the Queen was starting to become more trouble than it was worth esspecially if she was the target of an organised and dangerous opponent.
If the Knights were to search Kross they would find nothing much on him. The bandits had taken his money purse and most of his possessions were back with the caravan. If the Knights were to search Kross throughly, they would discover a handful of coins he kept hidden about his person in case thieves made off with his money purse.

All the while Kross couldn't help but feel indignant about the whole state of affairs.
"What cruel circumstances are these that a humble foole must stagger under the weight of suspicion?" he lamented in a rather melodramatic tone.

Lakross Saber
03-02-2011, 08:13 PM
Matrith frowned as he looked towards the so called Bard with contempt. Matrith didn’t trust people he never knew, matter of fact he really only trust BattleLord Lynce. It was a generally known fact of the Malkier knights, Royalty was just that, Royalty and that wasn’t gonna change anytime soon. Stupid is, as Stupid does.

The Malkier knights had two different Factions, in sense. One was perfectly happy with serving Gasconthia, Mostly made up by Gasconthia born and the such.

The other Faction voted to leave Gasconthia and march on Domier once again, to restore the nation that had been lost fifty years ago to the Half Moon Knights, but the Malkier knights followed the Battle Lord, and the Battle Lord served the Queen.

But their had been talk that perhaps they should forget Domier, and take over Gasconthia, the Malkier knights did make up practically their entire militaristic force.
The previous Battle Lord had quickly put down any talk of that.

Matrith was in mind with the latter group, meaning he didn’t hold royalty in high regard, and he started fingering his sword as he thought about putting the Bard down.

“Men, untie him and after giving him as cavity search arm him. If he travels with us he travels as a extra hand in battle.”

Matrith walked after the Queen with a grimace, his fingers still stroking the hilt of his sword, a habit he never got ride off.

“My Lady, To go as far back as the Domier trade route would be to much, I would suggest we take the old trade route with Malfoust.”

Malfoust had been a country that had fallen only three years ago to the newly established Froseft, they kept mostly to themselves, only allowing traders and the sort through their borders. Most of the time those traders came back…different, changed and never spoke of what they saw. So it quickly had become a place that was avoided by outsiders.



Lynce blinked away the blood that ran a current into his left away and down to his chin, his shield held up to protect his neck and upper body, his sword held ready as Balstond and he circled each other.

Both had taken wounds, deep and shallow but Balstond had on thing on Lynce. He was faster, and wasn’t weighed down by armor.

His only other back up, the remaining knight had been pushed back to a tree, his shield the only thing keeping him alive.

Lynce had almost missed the subtle movement that Balstond made, and Balstond’s blade nearly pierced his eye, but instead it was knocked off the shield.

“Tch, almost had you that time, keep your head in the game.”

Lynce frowned as he adjusted his stance to Heron stalks the Marsh, a rushing thrust that changed to Snake from the Underbush, a spinning upward slash, a move that left you open but could cut a man in half if done right. Balstond had down the same, trying to counter Heron stalks the Marsh and their bakcs hit each other, giving both men a look of surprise. Lynce recovered first and swung his shield around as he twisted, the bladed edge heading for Balstond’s neck, who in turn blocked with his sword, and using Balstond’s force Lynce twisted the other way, his elbow connecting with Balstond’s temple and he heard the man grunt as he stumbled from the blow, and Lynce continued to spin, his blade biting into Balstond’s abdomen, right below his ribs, and he let out grunt of pain, and Lynce smiled, right before he felt a blade hit him under the ribs, tearing through the armor, and even though it wasn’t meant for actual combat, said armor was the only reason it hadn’t been a kill shot.


Both men stumbled away from each other holding their sides, Lynce the lesser of the injured due to the ornamental armor he wore.


Both said in union.

03-04-2011, 07:54 PM
Aruna waved her hand as she moved back to her carriage. “Do what you want. Take what route you want. You’re Lynce’s man. I trust you to get me back to Gasconthia.”

Tired of talking she closed the curtains behind her as she settled back down. She picked her book back up but didn’t read it. Instead she just gazed at the words, thoughts running through her mind.

If they were to be attacked again, the enemy would not get away so easily. She wasn't going to have that much compassion if they were stopped again.
With a silent sigh she turned back to her book, waiting for the journey to continue.

Polly Leigh
03-04-2011, 08:03 PM
Sabine glanced over her shoulder as the Knight yelled. Why was he here? The thought flash through her mind then set it aside; she wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity he presented her with. She might be young but she was far from stupid and one of these “country men” knew the fate of her father. They would not dare go against her father unless he were …

Without warning Sabine whipped Krum around causing the Domier riders to scatter leaving them to the hands of the Gasconthians, hopefully they could their job well and she will not have to worry about them anymore.

At full speed she raced back to catch the battle between the two knights and her heart jumped, “NO … I need him alive.” Using the One Power to project her voice making it sound 5 times louder, “Do not kill him yet.” At the same time she reached out binding the Domier leaving him defenseless and unable to move. She needed answers.

Dismounting place Sabine placed herself between the two men so the Knight could not kill the other man, “What of my father you traitorous bastard!” She demanded squeezing the bind tighter.

03-04-2011, 08:17 PM
Kashi sighed and turned, deciding to leave, until he saw the woman jump in between the two Knights. That wasn’t a very good idea. He couldn’t just turn away now and let her get hurt!
Rushing forward, Kashi refused to grab his sword just yet, hoping to get the woman out of the way first.
Why was he helping her, though? He didn’t even know these people.
Then again, what kind of man would just leave a woman there in the middle of a fight, eh?
He reached her just in time before he stopped, noticing that the other man that was attacking had been frozen. But how?
"So, I gueess the young Lady didn't need my help after all, did she?" Kashi chuckled to himself, placing his hands on his hips as he laughed.

Lakross Saber
03-04-2011, 08:59 PM
The sun blasted into the room, a long, dark shadow being cast from the man who stood before it, looking out on the bustle city from his palace height, a smile on his face as he watched. He wore a long white, gilded robe, images of crimson hounds and sky blue larks masterfully stitched in patterns, his handsome face marked by age, the crows feet and frown lines apparent with wings of white at his temples and spreading through his dark hair. His eyes still held a youthful Vigor though that contradicted his age and a straight blade hung at his hip, his firm hand resting on the pommel.

It was his kingdom, his people, smiling and playing down there, those happy children running around the working men. The smith’s shop bellowing out smoke as the thread weaver spun her beautiful silks of a multitude of colors.
It was enough to make any King happy.

If only it would last.

“My Lord, we can’t ignore this problem any longer!”

The man in the white robe, the King of Faclionessighed as he turned around to look at the four other, far older men that sat in large chairs around a large circular table, one smoking a pipe as the one next to him waved the smoke away.

“I know that!”

The King said as he walked up to the table, a massive map, perhaps seventeen hands long an twenty hands wide sprawled out on it, a map of Gasconthia, landmarks pointed out by symbols, towns shown, fortresses mapped out and the Capital shown with full detail of the city defenses and walls, and the few weak points. The City of Gasconthia was massive well over a mile long in each direction from its center, the Palace, also known as Haran Asha’man. Or Hand of the Guardian as when the Capital is under attack all the peasants retreat into the Castle and it in itself becomes a fortress.

“Then why do you delay!!!”

One of the old men shouted as he slammed a still tough hand on the table and the King responded.

“We aren’t strong enough to take on the Malkier Knights, you, I and the boy down the street know that!!! Even with the task Masters we hired from Domier our troops don’t even match half the number of the Malkier, which by the way number a hundred thousand at al times, each trained to be a killing machine. Not to mention their régimes of Loki and Stryders!!”

The King settled into silence as did the old men, moments passed before the King sighed.

“Look we must wait until the right moment to strike, a year at the most before we can match their numbers and another two before they are ready for battle.”

One of the Older men spoke up.

“What if we… bolstered our ranks with Mercenaries? I hear the Tuscan Fangs have close to Fifty thousand in their ranks as of now. And the fact that we can match that number with trained soldiers should put us up with them.”

The King paused and blinked.

“To enlist the entirety of the Tuscan Fangs would cost…”

“We can afford it, after we take over Gasconthia.”

On of the older men said.

“But we can’t afford to run out of room, we are to small a country to support the massive population we are in hold of long without expanding, and that means Conquest!”

The King grimaced, as he knew the truth, but he still held stubborn.

“But Why Gasconthia, why not a smaller country? Why must we attack a country as strong as Gasconthia!?”

The Pipe smoking Man spoke up in a dull monotone.

“Because they have a weak queen as of now, she is young and no privy to the ways of the world, and Gasconthia is weak under her rule. We will not get a better chance then now.”

The King flinched as one of hi strongest points had surely been shot down to the other old men, and they were his council, and were equal to him in power.

“This is suicide!”

The King said, but the Old men had made their minds.

“We will lose this war.”

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Lynce ignored the Woman as the two circled each other, and Balstond struck like a serpent , his blade trying to knock Lynce’s shield away but he froze, as if in ice.
Lynce Blinked as the man froze and after a moment he gripped his blade tighter.

“Sorry Women, he is to dangerous.”

And with a spin he went to remove Balstond’s head, and nearly shouted when the woman got between him and Balstond.

He stopped his blade all but an inch from the woman’s neck, his muscles straining as he had brought his arm into a dead stop, not easy with a spinning slash, the blade still quivering from the stop and his face showing open and burning anger, but he pushed it down.

Lynce took a quick look at the Knight that had been fighting the two Domier and raised a brow, as they were both dead and the Malkier knight was just wiping hi bloodied blade on one of their bodies. The knights were trained very well indeed.

Lynce had been about to pull his blade away when another man came into his sight, unarmed but rushing for the Domier woman, and he acted on instinct. The moment the man came within range Lynce spun on his toes, the bladed edge of the Shield swinging out as Lynce spun, followed by his sword as he came to a stop, aimed for the mans neck and body, Lynce’s face a mask of stone.


Matrith Blinked as the Queen walked away, and after she was back in the Carriage he spit on the ground.

“Mount up men, and Bard, either you walk till the next town we you can get a horse or you can ride with Karles.”

Matrith pointed a rough looking soldier, hi helmet off and revealing the eye patch that covered his left eye and the vibrant scar that ran down the man who was built like blacksmith’s left cheek.

“We move fast, and you will be watched.”


Balstond was petrified, literately, his body couldn’t move no matter how he tried and he was frozen in mid thrust, the woman not even an inch away from having her head removed from her body and stomach pierced by his sword. She was stupid to have gotten between the two, a fool and a Loki if the fact his body was frozen was any proof.

“Your Father?”

Balstond ignored the squeezing bonds.

“Your father was executed nearly a year ago.”

The man smiled, it was cold and humorless, but a smile all the same.

03-05-2011, 12:34 AM
Kross accepted his blade and regarded it casually as if it were a mere stage prop.
"Ah the sword, whose weight is more grim purpose than it is cold steel."

He tested it's weight and gave it a swing before sheathing it and mounting up. To Matrith's mild surprise Kross didn't make any of the mistakes most commoners made when handling a sword for the first time though he did seem to wield it with rather more flourish than seemed practical.

Kross didn't seem to mind having to ride with Karles. He'd suffered far more unsavoury people in his travels.

Polly Leigh
03-05-2011, 10:18 PM
Sabine stood very still as the Words cut her; if her training from Tar Valon had not been so strong she might have believe the traitor. She would have known if something had happened to her father. Her Advisors would have prepared her, so he was obviously trying to hurt her. But why?

“Your words are venous with lies.” She said surprised at how calm her voice sounded. “You obviously know who I am, you didn’t even ask me who my father therefore I was right, your intent was to do me harm. I will know why. And try to make me believe that something has happened to my father will not work. I would have heard therefore you are liar and traitor to the crown; I will have my answers from you one way or another."

She paused thinking what would be the worst thing for a Domier? "If you choose not to answer my questions truthfully then I shall allow the Gasconthian to finish your death very slowly.” Sabine really hoped the Knight would not debunk her in front of the Domier, she needed him to think that they were “together”. It is truly un honorable to be killed by the hands of a Gasconthian. Really she never understood the whole hate thing that lived between the two but if this man were a true Domier soldier then it would matter to him greatly.

03-06-2011, 12:25 AM
There was a few seconds for Kashi to react. Seeing the man’s blade come at him he fell backwards, landing on his hands and dodging the man’s blade before springing over in a flip and landing on his feet again.
“Now now,” He gave a smile. “That’s the thanks I get for trying to help? That’s not very nice, now.” He shrugged at the Knight before turning back to the young woman. “Are you all right, my dear?”

Lakross Saber
03-06-2011, 06:03 PM
Matrith gave the Bard a single look before he booted his horse forward, the knights forming a circle around the carriage once again without word.

It would be a day and a half before they came upon the next town, and another day before getting to the trading route that was their destination, then again a fortnight before they could even see Gasconthia. Matrith intended on making the journy in half the time.


Lynce raised a brow at the man as he spoke, more at the smooth way he had dodged a sudden attack, a lot of wasted movement, probably useless on the battlefield but in a one on one fight, a good maneuver. He would remember it.

The man stood back up straight and with a quick twirl that flicked the blood off his blade he slid his sword back into the sheath on his side, the three knights on horses returning with a few arrows missing and some new cuts, one with an arrow in his shoulder and a slight grimace in his face.

The one that remained on the ground with Lynce walked over, eyeing the new arrival with skeptism.

“Only a fool.”

Lynce gave the word ‘Fool’ a stricter tone as he slid his edged gaze between the man and the Domier woman.

“Rushes in-between a battle. A good way to get beheaded if not worse.”

Lynce gave no notice to the woman’s blatant lie to Balstond as he watched the men get off their horses. Only extremists thought the way that the Domier woman put out… Even the Malkier had a few of those.

“Get that shoulder taken care of, now.”

At least on Malkier knight in five got training in the medical field, they might not be the best, but enough to keep a man alive.


Balstond raised a brow as his smile went away.

“You’re an extremist huh? While being killed by a lowly Malkier is a bit shameful, to die by the Blade of the Battle Lord of the Malkier is no such thing.”

Balstond smiled again as he stared the woman in her eyes.

“The truth is as I tell, this I swear on the light, my pretty little girl. His head was on display at the traitors stake. And make no mistake, your head will be joining his. If not by my blade, then by the next, or the next, or the one after. You are Exile.”

Balstond laughed, a clear, single note of amusement

03-07-2011, 12:38 PM
The book was making her heart ache. Why, oh why, had her maid sent her with a story of a forbidden romance between a princess and a Knight? Did the whole world just want to make her suffer even more for the loss of Rhuarc?
Her hand traveling down the front of her shirt she grabbed the ring and hand in it her fingers. She fought the tears. She wouldn’t cry in front of anyone. Especially not the Knights, let alone some man that they had just met.
His birthday would be coming soon. She didn’t know what she would do that day. Perhaps go visit his grave. Maybe go to the top of the wall and sit where they used to. Or maybe…go see his younger brother. But he was a Knight now, too. And he hated Aruna, all because of his brother’s death. She doubted that the young man would want to see her anytime soon. But maybe, just once…
Glancing out of the carriage she could make out the new man riding behind one of the Knight. Perhaps talking would make the pain leave her.
“So, just where exactly were you heading?”

03-07-2011, 11:45 PM
Kross was quietly suffering getting chafed by Karles's plate armor when the Queen suddenly popped her head out of the carriage with her strange query.

"Ironically your Majesty I was heading to the Gasconthian Capital that I might entertain you. Your birthday is coming up and one of the castle functionaries was gathering musicians and entertainers from across the land for the party."

Polly Leigh
03-08-2011, 04:31 PM
Sabine sighed in disappointment, “How sad, Mihalic always told me how truly shameful it was. I am somewhat … disappointed to be honest.” Turning her back to the Domier she used her weave to lift him into the air to hang upside down.

So the Knight is the Battle Lord, he must be a Bisqual; maybe there would be safety within his circle. If what the lout tells her is true then she would hunted for more than just being an unguarded Loki. She just might have to use his pledge to keep her safe long enough to find out what happened to her family at least. Of course her father would disown her, this she was sure of.

Her voice was clear and strong but if one where to look close enough, her deep violet eyes told another story. She had been gone for quite while from Domier but if her homeland is in distress then she surly would have heard about it by now. A traitors pole, “And what were my father’s crimes against the crown, what are mine?”

She didn’t have to tell the newcomer how she was doing … he could see her position. However she did have the thought to thank him for trying to come to her assistance but right now she needed to deal with the slime who meant to have her head on a pole. But why? She did not understand.

03-08-2011, 04:58 PM
Aruna couldn’t help but a small smile at the thought of her birthday. She loved the thought of the party that was going to be thrown. Everyone, from Lords to Servants to peasants of the City was invited to come and see her, resulting in guard being high, but entertainment for everyone. She wasn’t just going to have the Rich invited. What kind of Queen would she be then?

“For entertainment, huh?” She asked the smile still there. “What kind of things do you do?”

03-09-2011, 10:54 AM
Kross blinked in surprise at the Queen's question. It wasn't often a person of noble bearing enquired into the exact nature of his job.

"Well....it depends on my audience. For the most part I simply play songs. Sometimes I will tell jokes, or stories and sometimes I collaborate with other entertainers to put on a play. I also know a few magic tricks."

Lakross Saber
03-09-2011, 05:16 PM
Matrith slightly shook his head as listened to the Queen and the 'Bard' talk behind him, his eyes trained on the surrounding terrian as he determined the distance to the town, it wouldn't do to attract trouble and the men were tired so he and another woudl go itno the town while the others made camp near the trade route. Queens don't bunk with soldiers.

"Ma'am. We are coming up on the village."

it was a dainty little rown that Matrith and been to once or twice while patroling the borders. The only inn the town had was called the Queen's Secret. An odd name and now that Matrith thought about it, the irony was stifling.


Balstond had resigned himself to death already, and as he swung up from his feet he closed his eyes.

"I will only answer. he was beheaded for treason, after all he let you go, A Loki.

You will die for the same reason, for being a Loki. And that was all I was told."

Balstond opened his eyes, his face still.

"Now at least allow me to die a warriors death."


Lynce took one look at the Domier woman before going to look back at the man getting his shoulder patched up, then stopped. Looking back at the woman Lynce blinked, it showed his suprise as if another man gasped.

She looked hurt.

It wasn't easy to see but it was there.

Lynce looked over at teh new arrival and blinked again, this time not from suprise before he began to walk past the Domier woman, stopping so that hi left shoulder was across from her right and they were facing oppisite directions, his eyes on Balstond.

A moment passed before Lynce placed a heavy hand on her shoulder and said four words that carried with them the understanding of a lost family member.

"All will be well."

Before he took another step, drawing the sword at his side and the shield from his back, waiting for Balstond to be dropped.

03-10-2011, 03:48 PM
All will be well?

Kashi immediately felt an inner loathing towards this man. Nothing was ever the same after close ones left you. Never. How could he lie about something as important as that? Foolish Gorilla he was, but Kashi kept silent. He didn’t know these people, and something told him that he didn’t want to know them. But…its not like he could just walk away now…or could he?

No. He wouldn’t turn his back on these…people. Not yet, anyway.

Polly Leigh
03-13-2011, 06:38 PM
For the briefest moment Sabine felt a kinship to the Knight, but it faded as if it were never there. She had to steal herself for what was to come. If it were true then her nation was in anguish and she needed to return home to uphold her family’s name. There was no way she could not go, not after hearing news of her father’s death with the understanding of what she must do. He would still have supporters one did not to become as powerful as her father without having backers.

In the back of her mind she wanted to cry out that he had to be lying even though Sabine didn’t believe he was. She had to know for sure and somehow convince the Maliki to help her but even if he wouldn’t she still had to go, there was no other way.

Without a word Sabine released the Domier leaving him to fall without warning and walked away joining the newcomer to watch the outcome. She had never killed anything in her life and knew she would have been able to take the man’s life so she was grateful that she didn’t have to.

Watching with a stone face Sabine’s mind was already working as the Loki training intended but another part was agonizing over the thought of losing her only family.

03-13-2011, 07:20 PM
“Magic tricks, hmm?” Aruna kept her face straight but inside she was smiling. She liked watching those, despite the fact that she was no longer a child. She opened her mouth to ask some more, but the Knight cut her off. Pulling her head back in the carriage with a frown she picked her book back up. “All right. You know what to do,” She told him with a wave of her hand.

Lakross Saber
03-13-2011, 09:12 PM
Matrith nodded before looking back at the 'Bard' with a smile.

"Magic, hmmm? Well, we will see tonight at the inn."

With a quick nod to Karles Matrith booted his horse forward into a trot, Karles doing the same to cover the last strech with speed, the Carridge's horses being stirred to follow as the rest of the men rode a arc to the other side of the town to set camp.


Matrith blinked up at the inn, the sign swinging in the air showing a royally dressed woman, flamboyent red gowns, long red locks hanging from under the crown that had many jewels set into it and a delicate, pale finger held to her blood red lips.

The Queen's Secret.

Matrith smiled as he dismounted the horse, Karles looking bakc at the Bard, hsi eyes telling him to not make any sudden movements as he dismounted as well.

"My Lady."

Matrith said as he stuck his head into the carridge, hsi face blank.

"It is important that you remain unknown so you will go under the name Fastine, a noble woman on her way to her sisters wedding. Acceptable?"


Balstond shook his head as he pushed himself up from the ground, blinking and glanced up at the knight before him, his sword and shield ready.


The soldier looked to hsi sides for his sword then jerked his head forward as his sword was kicked before him .


Balstond grabbed the single edged blade as eh forced himself back up.

"Malkier always had honor, yet they were always so... extreme in their look on life."

Blastond said as he twirled his sword, the young man before him making no sound as he watched, it unnerved him a bit but he pushed it down.

"Well, this is the end."

Balstond rushed forward, putting all hi weight into the form called 'Hawk diving at Rabbit', a powerful thrust that either killed the opponent, maimed him, or left you completely open to a counter.

It was the latter in this case.

The Malkier used hi shield to divert the direction of the thrust and his own sword pierced Balstond through his heart and bursted out his back.


Lynce blinked as the blood splattered on his face and after a moment of listening to Balstonds final breaths he twisted the blade and pulled it free, stepping away from the still warm corpse as it fell to the ground.

Lynce flicked the blood from his blade before he sheathed it and then looked bakc at he new comer.

"Men, arrows out."

Two bows were pulled out quickly, arrows fletched and trained on the new comer, the bow strings taunt as the awaited the order to fire.

"Explain yourself before we leave you a pin coushin with the rest of these men."

Lynce wasn't kidding.

03-14-2011, 05:45 PM
Kashi watched the blood fling. He was frozen as memories of what happened in his past rose in his mind. He didn’t like thinking about it.

At the order of the Gorilla, Kashi wiped his look of anger from his face and replaced it with a thin grin.

“So, is this what I get for just trying to help save a young woman? I mean, sure, I noticed that I wasn’t needed, but is threatening me really necessary?”

Polly Leigh
03-14-2011, 06:59 PM
Having turned away from the gore of the kill Sabine drank in the appearance of the newcomer and unknown to either Sabine had weaved a net of air; those arrows would not have reached either herself or the newcomer “My name is Sabine and where as your assistance was not needed, I own much gratitude for the thought of it.” Offering a half smile she turned back to the Knight, “And to you, however I would ask as how and why are here and not on your way to Gasconthia.”

Her heart was pounding with anticipation but one could not tell by looking at her, that part of her training she was grateful for. She needed answers fast, a feeling of dread washed over her leaving behind a need to reach Domier sooner than later.

Lakross Saber
03-17-2011, 01:40 PM
Lynce flashed his un-readable gaze between the two, wondering who to answer first.

“Lady Domier, I am here to make sure you survive, nothing more, nothing else and seeing how I have saved you from being killed by your own people, I would like to know what it is you have done to deserve such a... warm welcome, but first things first.”

Lynce looked back at the new comer and shrugged.

“Be that as it may new comer, you are an unknown factor and I do not like unknown factor. Explain yourself, your motives, and we shall see if you’re worth the arrows trained on you. If not then I apologize for this rude method.

((Sorry Polly, a mis read post)

03-17-2011, 08:47 PM
"On my way to wedding, hmm?" She stood from the carriage, pulling her black robe open to slip the knife she had forgotten she was holding back into the back of her pants. She glanced up at the sky and saw that it was getting close to sunset. “Then do as you like until tomorrow. Drink. Skirt around the town. I will most likely be in this Inn’s Library. I’ll expect dinner a little after nightfall and some wine after that.” She turned and headed towards the door but then turned back to Kross. “You’ll come along, won’t you.” It wasn’t too much of an order, but a suggestion.

03-18-2011, 12:03 AM
Kashi grinned at the woman’s reply, but kept a straight face at the Gorillas’. Explain myself? Motives? Had this man never come across a traveling man on the road.

“I need not explain anything to you. I have done nothing wrong so I see no reason why I should be questioned. I tried to save a young, beautiful lady from being attacked by a man with a sword only to find out that she didn’t need help and that her friend thinks that I’m an enemy. Pardon my saying so, but I don’t have to say anything to you,” He then turned back to Sabine. “But I gladly will to the Lady.” He gave a grin.

Was he slightly flirting? Yes.
Did he many anything by it? No.
Would he continue doing it? Without a doubt.

03-18-2011, 01:04 PM
Kross briefly wondered whether the Queen was toying with him. Dismissing her knights while inviting him to join her would only antagonise the knights further. Then again....if the knights were truly hell bent on killing him then straying from the Queen's presence would only give them more oppertunity to engineer an unfortunate accident for him.

After a brief mental calculation Kross decided he best curry the Queens favor seeing as it was the only thing that kept the knights in check.

"I would be honoured, M'lady. I shall pose as your servant if anybody asks."

Polly Leigh
03-18-2011, 10:13 PM
Sabine saw the confrontation coming and needed to gain control and fast. She needed the Knight and by the looks of the newcomer he could probably handle himself quite well if he was willing to anger a Battle Lord so casually, unless he missed that little detail.

“To answer your questions before the two of you come to blows, I am an unguarded Loki and I will be continuously hunted because I do not intend to allow anyone to have any kind of control over me.”

Keeping the shield up between the three of them Sabine stated the obvious. “I am at a disadvantage, you both know my name and I know neither of yours. But I am afraid I don’t have time to wait for introductions I must return to Domier and find out the truth about my father.”

Lakross Saber
03-19-2011, 12:24 AM
Lynce blinked before shaking his head only a bit. It was a shame, but if the man was truly innocent, then he would live with his blood on Lynce‘s hands…until he forgot about it.

“While I respect your view of things and understand it, I must apologize for you are a risk I cannot allow.”

It was simply a matter of truth, not malicious intent, or hatred, the man was just to foreign to consider safe. And it was a rule of Lynce’s to destroy things he deemed unsafe.

With a quick shrug of his shoulders, Lynce brought his hand up and made a simple gesture, his index and middle finger together as he motioned towards the new comer, and the sound of two bowstrings snapping sounded out as Lynce waited for the man to be pierced. But low and behold, they didn’t reach. The two arrows seemed to hit a invisible shield before falling to the ground.

Lynce clicked his tongue out of annoyance.

“Something always happens huh?”

Lynce gave the Domier woman a blank look as his soldiers blinked their confusion.

“Loki’s can be quite inconvenient. At times.”

Well, she saved the man, her problem.

Lynce’s hand rested on the pommel of his sword, his finger tapping steadily as he watched the new comer.

It is never simple to kill people, is it?


Matrith gave the Bard a single glance before he rolled his eyes, Karles watching the stable boy leading his horse and Matrith’s as the carriage driver followed.

“Karles, you know the drill, always alert three hour shifts.”

Karles nodded and followed Matrith as he quickened his pace to hold open the door for the Lady ‘Fastine’ and he took a quick look inside, his eye brow raised.

It was what one would expect from a Inn that served fine ale to men just done with work, tables filled to brim with men drinking gambling, more men standing, singing, and surrounding a podium where a fair haired, and well curved lass was singing a raunchy song about a Nobleman, three sisters, and a goat.

Matrith had missed this atmosphere more then he expected, it was jolly, not strict and the people were happy. Though he wondered what the Lady would think of the song that was being sung.


Matrith let his half smile show, a simple curl of his lip.

Polly Leigh
03-20-2011, 02:26 PM
Sabine sighed after the arrows hit the ground and eyed the Malkier Knight.

Her thoughts jumbled between two questions? Was her father really dead and if the Malkier is a BisQual he would have to be the son; however she could not be sure. He still had not given it, almost as if he would rather her not know it.

She did however believe he was the son of Luc and that meant he would keep his word if given on his father’s name. “If you are truly a BisQual I accept your pledge of protect on your family’s name.” He would not have expected that but it was the fastest way to get him to move it to Domier.

Turning to the newcomer, “And we welcome your company if you are willing to travel this path with us.” Sabine offered him a small smile telling him she was sincere, “You will not be harmed unless you do something foolish enough to warrant it.”

Gathering Krum and her other two horses Sabine made her weave on her wagon and tied it off, “there are enough Domier War Horses for everyone to ride, the rest should be brought along to have, they are not so easy to come by.” Mounted she waited on the others.

03-20-2011, 11:57 PM
Kashi watched the events with a small grin on his face, but on the inside he was annoyed. With both the Gorilla and the woman. When had he said that he wanted to travel with them? What makes her think that she could act like that when the other man and he got into harm’s way to protect her? Not very thankful, was she? What was she? A Queen?

Keeping the small smile on his face to cover his true thoughts he gave a short bend in his back to give a small bow to the woman.

“I am Kashi Towzen. Just a traveler, I assure you.”

You had been looking for an adventure, A voice in his head decided to sound. If they were attacked like this, perhaps more will come.

Yeah, thanks for the advice.

“Just…where is it that you’re going?” He finally decided to ask. No harm in that, right?

03-20-2011, 11:59 PM
That was the last thing that Aruna wanted Kross to say, but what could she really do about it? Nothing.

Nodding at Matrith as she walked into the Inn she pulled her hood up to shadow over her eyes as she glanced around. It was much different than the castle with the drinking men and the woman singing about…oh my God; was it something about a nobleman, three sisters, and a goat?

Giggles left the Queens mouth as she caught herself watching the show. The ones around the castle never acted like this. She missed being able to sneak down to the town and meet up with Rhuarc and see how the townspeople acted. She found it very enjoyable, and missed it terribly now that when she went into Town she was accompanied by guards and bowed to.

She would enjoy this while it lasted.

Standing by the door still she waited for Matrith to move in and get the rooms. In all truth, she felt rather embarrassed in walking up to someone she didn’t know in situations like this. Matrith could take care of it all as she stood there, smiling and nodding her head in tune with the song.

“Surely, this isn’t one of the songs you planned on singing, correct?” She asked Kross.

Lakross Saber
03-22-2011, 08:57 PM
Lynce blinked at the Domier Woman, Sabine her name was right? He looked at his Soldiers, one who simple shrugged and mouthed the word 'Women' to him.

Lynce Sighed as he walked over to his horse, still tethered to the post and looked at hsi remaining force, three uninjured, one injured, and one dead.

"My name is indeed, Bisqual, Sabine. And my duty is to ensure you survive, and if that means I have to take you from Domier, I will not hesitate."

Lynce whispered into the ear of his horse.


Before he swung up onto his mount and watched as his knights did the same, leaving only one left open and Lynce looked at the new comer.

"Take Jerad's horse, just be careful not to make any sudden movements, his was always a bit 'Jump'y." Lynce let a half smile show, as the rest of his troops laughed, even the injured one.

Malkier horses were taught to only allow a rider on them if a specific word was said before hand. It prevented horses from being stolen.


Matrith had already payed for the rooms and was currently sitting in a booth with a tall mug of brew before him, his eyes scanning the crowd as Karles relieved himself in the out house.

Polly Leigh
03-23-2011, 08:49 PM
“Kashi, it is a pleasure to meet but my time is so short, we are heading to Domier”, Sabine replied but not in a condescending way, her anxiety was eating a whole in her. “I must find the truth about my father.” An array of emotion briefly passed her face but she hid them carefully. “I am glad however that you will be traveling with us. You are aren’t you?” the last sounded a bit excited. “I have not had the pleasure of seeing much of the world ...” she left the rest unsaid.

Looking ahead down the road then back at BisQual, “Shall we then?” She waited for him to take the lead, she was no warrior as far as they knew even if she was the daughter of a War Lord.

03-24-2011, 01:29 AM
What was with these people? Just met and already they were asking for him to join? Why would he do that? He just came from Domier and...He shivered. He didn't not like the thoughts of returning.
"My apologies, but if it is Domier that you are headed too then I must decline. I'd rather not return to that...foul Kingdom after what I have seen." His memories flooded his mind nad began to grow lightheaded again. It was always the same when his memories of that wretched place came to him. He would have to find a place for a quick nap.
Without so much as a goodbye, Kashi grabbed his head in one hand and stumbled off with a look of pain. Struggling to keep his eyes opened he found a soft place in the woods, not too far from where the attack was, and settled his back against the tree. He despised these happenings but he has come to live around them.
He hadn't been off his feet for two minutes before he felt himself loose conciousness, and he just prayed that nothing bad would befall upon him in the meantime.

03-24-2011, 09:34 PM
Glancing around the room Aruna quickly headed towards the stairs. She had received directions that the Library was on the second floor towards the back. She was there in moments and smiled. Rows and rows of books were there; very surprising for how small this Inn looked. She was sure that she could find a book in here that didn’t involve a forbidden romance.

There were several others here that occupied the room with their own books. Some in front of the warm fire on the large, woolen chairs and a few others at the tables. Heads lifted when she entered the room but they quickly went back to their books. Aruna had to smile again.

She felt like she was home.

“Grab a book, Kross. Get comfortable. I just might be here a while.”

Leaving the young man to do what he wanted in the Library, Aruna headed towards the shelves towards the far corner, picking a place to start her search.

03-24-2011, 10:35 PM
~The Time has come…~

Mariella curled her hair behind her ears, biting her lip as she stood on the tips of her toes, reaching for the book on the top shelf in the Library of the Queen’s Secret. The thick, blue bound book was just within her reach Just a few more inches…

A shadow fell over the small woman and a pale hand reached over her to grab the book she was struggling for. Mariella grinned.

“Thank you, Zera.”

Zera Mandragoran’s face was plain most of the time so it looked strange with a small smile in return. Holding the book out to the smaller woman they both turned to return to the table in the far corner. Mariella’s staff was still there, as were the drinks they had brought with them. Everything else was in their room, though Zera’s blade still hung on her hip. Zera sat in her chair after pulling Mariella’s out for her and propped her feet up on the third chair, watching the woman as she began flipping through the pages.

“What is it?”

Mariella glanced up at the other woman. “This is all about Aruna Akasuna, Queen of Gasconthia. Did you know that she’s been Queen since she was a little older than a child? Nearly 10 years now!”

Zera pinched the bridge of her nose. “Yes, I know. You’ve told me several times on our journey,” The door to the Library opened and her hand quickly went to her sword’s hilt. Seeing that it was just a woman and a man she let go, but she kept her hand close, seeming as how her hood was still pulled up. She kept a wary eye on the both of them; especially as the woman made her way over to the books behind them.

Mariella patted a hand on the other woman’s arm as she continued to flip through the pages. “Calm down. There’s no harm here, I assure you. Not yet…anyway.”

“Hmph,” Zera crossed her arms and glanced at the fire for a moment. “Why is it that we had to stop here for the night? We could have just continued on to Gasconthia. You say you feel something coming, so why not get there as soon as possible?”

Mariella glanced up from the book. “It’s…hard to describe but the moment this Inn came into view, something told me to stay for the night. I don’t know what it is, but it was there.” She closed her eyes for a moment. “But I can still feel…the darkness looming over Gasconthia. We still have to go there.”

Zera nodded in response. “We should leave early tomorrow. The birthday will be soon so we should arrive before then; just in case.”

Mariella opened her eyes and buried her face back in the book. “Just in case.”

~…For Destiny to begin~

Lakross Saber
03-26-2011, 05:18 PM
Lynce raised an eyebrow as the man collapsed to the ground, and he felt a stab of annoyance again.

"So, I take it we can't just leave him here?"

He didn't need the answer, he already knew what it was.


One of the knights nodded and dismounted.

"Throw him in with the Ladies cargo."

Lynce looked towards Sabine and kicked his horse up to match her, his face blank as he stared at her.

"Lady Sabine, if we must go to Domier I suggest a small detour. I have a....friend that has her ears to the ground and obviuosly something is happening Domier. She is statio- living in a village just north of here."

Lynce paused for a moment, then continued

"If indeed you are being hunted for being a Loki, would it not be a fool idea to hand yourself to them on a silver platter?"

Logic was always best.

Lynce looked back and raised an eyebrow, Micheal had tied the man up, his toes to his thumbs behind his back and tossed the man into the carravan rather roughly.

Lynce hadn't said tie him up but....well, it made sense.


Matrith took another draft from the brew before him as Karles took a seat next to him.

"She went upstairs, library, you know what to do if you see anything strange."

Matrith stood up and began walking upstairs, Karles taking the brew for himself.

Matrith walked into the Library and took a quick scan.

The Queen was in one corner, reading, and a few others were scattered around, but when his eyes fell on the lady with the sword.

To others it would seem his hand twitched, but it was really him stopping his hand for reaching for the blade on his hip, and he calmly walked over the the Queen and sat down in one of the chairs, turning it so he could keep the swordswoman in side view and the queen in full view.

"My Lady. What do you be reading?"

03-27-2011, 12:18 AM
((Hey guys, sorry for the long Hiatus. I've been working my ass off to finish up a big school project.))

Kross smiled. He knew that song well and many others.
"Unlikely, I prefer to get a feel for the crowd before selecting a song to perform. The average nobleman prefers more sophisticated comedy."

He sighed as he observed the merry making around him. Too bad he had to stick with the Queen else he might have been able to make some coin if he could borrow a lute or perhaps win a few pots at the gambling tables before being ejected.


Kross breifly wondered what sort of book the Queen would select but decided it rude to hover around her. Instead he went to look for some books of his own.
He eventually picked out a book of fables, whimsical tales that were ultimatly morality plays decrying one vice or another. Alternatively they could also turn out to be really bizzare forms of erotica. Either way they would provide inspiration for new material.

Kross wasn't surprised to two other people in the library and only mildly taken aback when it turn out one was an edgey swordswoman. This reminded him of the borrowed sword that hung at his own belt. It wasn't an ornate sword by any stretch but it was still a knight's blade, and to see such a thing on person like him probably raised a lot of questions. He did jump slightly when Marith entered. Silly thing to do the knight was only concerned about the Queen as usual.

He eventually sat down at a respectable distance from the Queen in a position where he could keep everyone in view.

03-28-2011, 12:25 PM
Aruna kept her mouth shut and head turned towards the shelves at the sound of her name from the table those two women were sitting at. She tried not to freeze, but she did for a moment before continuing to look.

Ignoring Matrith’s question she continued her steady path down the row of books. She didn’t want a story about a Romance or Royalty. She was tired of that. She just wanted something that held adventure and maybe one with a little horror. Hell, she’d take fantasy if she could find one, but it seemed that her hopes weren’t taken into notice at the moment.

It didn’t take too much longer though and she finally found a book that fit her grounds. Three of them, actually,(four if you want to count the other one) about a wizard and a couple of small people...and something about a Ring.

She gave a smile of satisfactory and moved to a chair in the corner. Sitting criss-cross in the frumpy red chair Aruna began to lose herself in the book, the other three on the floor before her.

No, she wasn’t going to read them all tonight. She would give the owner money when they left in the morning for them and indulge herself in them some more then.

Infact, she might just find herself back in the other room soon, enjoying the music and the others there as they sang along. She was just seen as some traveling woman her and not a Queen. They wouldn’t act so proper like her City would. They would make…quite a show.

03-29-2011, 07:51 PM
~The Time has come…~

Zera immediately took notice of the man’s look as he glanced at her sword, and she felt suddenly, very protective and anxious as he sat down, but her face didn’t show it. She sat there; watching the three that had entered like a cold stone while Mariella sat and read of the Gasconthian Queen.
It was a silent surprise when she glanced over the Mariella and saw her gazing at the woman in the lone chair away from them, the hood over her face. Mariella’s eyes came back to the book page she was on before zipping back over to the lone woman. A smile broke through in her face.
“What is it?” Zera asked as low as she could.
“Nothing important at the moment.” She stood up, the same book in her arms, and began to head towards the door. “I am getting rather hungry. Let’s fetch some dinner, eh?”
Zera swept from the room quickly after the smaller woman, eyebrows raised. “What was that all about?” She asked.
Mariella paused just outside the door in the hall. “I believe that we might not have to go to Gasconthia after all.”
“Why do you say that?”
“That was the Queen of Gasconthia sitting right there beside us.”
Zera raised her eyebrows even higher. “And what makes you say that?”
Mariella held her book up and Zera had to take a double look. The Picture of the current Queen of Gasconthia, Aruna Akasuna was there all right. Dressed in that same outfit the woman in the Library was just wearing. If they could get a good look at her face, maybe…just maybe…

~…For Destiny to begin~

Norik The Pirate
03-29-2011, 08:53 PM
The wind danced the leaves across the denst forest floor.As though celebrating the return of a goddess after a long journy from home.
A young sitting against a tree could be seen from the not so distant road.He looked just like any other common man strong ,steardy,but yet the scars he carries on his face tell a differant tale.One of which he just couldnt seem to shake from around his head.His deep blue eyes spoke of pain and sorrow of a life he had come to known as once a dream and no longer a reality.The smell of the sea still carries on him as though a content reminder of the betrayal that lead him to this new found hell.How long must this pain last he thought daily through his head,but no time left to ponder he had a quest to fulfill vengance to take honor to regain.
He found himself on the road to Domir.A distant town to the north in search of the one still called Ra~sam.
The only one left that Norik believes could still hold some anwers to the questions still bubbling inside his head.

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The wind danced the leaves across the denst forest floor.As though celebrating the return of a goddess after a long journy from home.
A young man sitting against a tree could be seen.He looked just like any other common man strong ,steardy,but yet the scars he carries on his face tell a differant tale.One of which he just couldnt seem to shake from around his head.His deep blue eyes spoke of pain and sorrow of a life he had come to known as once a dream and no longer a reality.The smell of the sea still carries on him as though a content reminder of the betrayal that lead him to this new found hell.How long must this pain last he thought daily through his head,but no time left to ponder he had a quest to fulfill vengance to take honor to regain.
He found himself on the road to Domir.A distant town to the north in search of the one still called Ra~sam.
The only one left that Norik believes could still hold some anwers to the questions still bubbling inside his head.

---------- Post added at 06:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:52 PM ----------

The wind danced the leaves across the denst forest floor.As though celebrating the return of a goddess after a long journy from home.
A young sitting against a tree could be seen from the not so distant road.He looked just like any other common man strong ,steardy,but yet the scars he carries on his face tell a differant tale.One of which he just couldnt seem to shake from around his head.His deep blue eyes spoke of pain and sorrow of a life he had come to known as once a dream and no longer a reality.The smell of the sea still carries on him as though a content reminder of the betrayal that lead him to this new found hell.How long must this pain last he thought daily through his head,but no time left to ponder he had a quest to fulfill vengance to take honor to regain.
He found himself on the road to Domir.A distant town to the north in search of the one still called Ra~sam.
The only one left that Norik believes could still hold some anwers to the questions still bubbling inside his head.

Polly Leigh
03-31-2011, 08:14 AM
Sabine saw no reason for the Malkier Knights to treat the newcomer like they were but then again what did she about the world. A lot more if her father had not had to send her away, but that is what he was trying to change. Now he might be ….

Pushing that thought out of her mind Sabine dismounted so she could make room in her wagon. She was sure that the BisQual had not noticed that the wagon was made from Gasconthian hands. She has always had an eye for the beauty in things and the carvings were rich with design that added a depth of sophistication. She even had the inside made to certain speciation’s to give her secret compartments though out. So just throwing Kashi was not an option.

Undoing the ropes that were used to tie him up, Sabine spread him out on the floor using a gorgeous bear skin throw to lay him on then she bonded him so he could not have the freedom to search her things. He could move but not much and she would know the moment he was awake.

Remounting she considered BisQual’s words but the need to head to Domier was stronger than logic. “We must travel closer Domier; you must understand that I need to know what has happened, what happened to my father.” She tried to hide it but if the Knight looked close enough he would see the desperation in her eyes even if he tone didn’t mimic it.

Norik The Pirate
03-31-2011, 09:56 PM
The cool breeze of the sunset hit Norik's face like a cool drink of water.His journey to Domier had been a long one, but finally that was drawing to a end.Tipping his hat up he looked in amazment as the city towered in the distance.Unlike anything he had ever seen the white walls of the city seemed to glow with a radiant shine in the mist of the forest[for the city was set in a clearing deep in the middle of the forest].In the middle of the city a tower was contructed that almost seemed to sctratch the heavens.It was pearl white whose majesty could not be compared by anyothers.Atonished that something so buitiful could be found in this putried waseland Norik had to dig deep to push on.

As he approached the massive gates to Domier.He noticed that etched into the wood on the gate was a symble like the witch he yet ever seen.It was a Tree set i a field and surrounded by many assortments of beast and man.
"Quite breathtaking isnt it"spoke an old begger sitting down by the gate.His tattered and torn clothes shown that he was without a haven to dwell.His musk smelt of dung and his face cover in dirt.BUt who was Norik to judge the old man had more of a home than he.
"Aye"Norik replied,"In all my travels i have yet to something as majestic as this be.Tell me old timer how does one seek intrince into this said city."
"Ohh sir have ye not yet heard,today is the day of the Inetra feast."replied the old prospecter as he took a drink out of a bottle of wine spilling most of it on his shirt.Then the old man pointed to the ingravig on the gate and said,"Long before the land was divided and torn there stood the Inetra.A tree that gave life to the one source in deed to protect us from HIM.So once every 5 years the city of Domier the place were the Inetra stood holds a feast for it and all are invited who wish to com share in its glory!"
"I see good sir well with that I bid thee far well" said Norik as he pushed open the gate to the city.
"The one source is calling you boy and you know it,why run you away. The dark one beakens for you but me thinks that Inetra has other plans Captain Norik Of Bascalisk.HAHAHAHA........"Said the Old propector but when Norik turned around to quetion the man there was not to be found, say his emptied bottle of wine laying on the ground.
Baffled by the statement Norik thought,How could the old begger had know about his past and the order.The world that left and betrayed him.How.norik walked away more confused than before but he know that all would soon be made clear soon enough......

Lakross Saber
04-02-2011, 08:01 PM
Lynce sighed as he eyed the woman, then hardened his resolve.

“You will know of your Father when we reach Honoleth, Lady Sabine, but desire should never over run logic. That is how people die.”

Lynce frowned as he booted his horse forward, ending the discussion, though he felt the woman wasn’t going to let it go as easily.

Quick subject change.

“Tell me, have you ever killed someone?”

Not the best subject change.


Matrith grimaced as the two woman left, seeing the quick look the younger of the two had given the queen and set his jaw.

“My Lady.”

He said as he stood up, his hand falling to his sword hilt.

“We are leaving, now.”

He didn’t like the feeling he was getting.


Karles, who was still sipping at the Brew sent his eyes scanning to the door to see another knight, A Malkier walking towards him, his face hard.


Karles nodded and the Knight continued.

“A Force of possible fifty men are making their way towards us as we speak, an advancing party for a larger force no doubt, the scouts are still investigating. They seem to be Falcionens by their crests.”

Karles nodded and stood up, no doubts that, the knight was mistaken, no, they were trained to trust their sect, and most trusted anyone who was a Malkier, Brotherhood was important and teamwork was a, no, the most key factor for the way they fought.

“Go back and tell the men to get ready to move, and inform the inn keeper of our departure.

Karles was heading to the Library will the knight did as he asked, and as he passed two woman he gave them a kind smile, off setting his stony face before walking into the library, closing the door behind him.

“Ser! A force of close to fifty men are moving towards us, suspected on being an advancing party of Facliones, we must leave now.”

Matrith blinked in surprise and gripped his swords hilt tighter.

“Milady, we must leave. NOW!”

Norik The Pirate
04-02-2011, 11:23 PM
Music filled the walls of Domier as Norik pushed his way down the busy city streets.The festivities were all but to much for him to bare.Everyone seemed to be enjoying the Feast, yet an unsetteling feeling came through Norik's bones.As if something or someone was there waiting for him.
" He's here"Norik said to himself,his gut has never steered him wrong before and he wasnt about to start doubting now.
As he walked down the bazeer he noticed an odd looking man down the way.The looked to be about 5'9 and 220 pounds.His garments were that of a noble, blue and golden colors that seemed to glisten in the sunlight of the day.Though he looked like a noble of the city Norik knew who the man really was.No matter of diguise could fool him that easily.Norik could smell the sea off the man from the distance of a days journey.As he moved in closer he noticed a weapon vender to his right ,acting quickly Norik snatched an arrow of the vendor's shop.continuing to move toward the man he broke that head off the arrow as to use it for persuation without drawing to much attention to himself.
"Mylord a word of your time"said Norik as he approached the strange nobleman.
"Way yes my good boy what can i do for a straping young lad like yourself"replied the nobleman his bitty green eyes squinting in the sunlight as his bruched his hair out of his face.A quick smile came about his face,but was soon replaced with a face of fear as he felt the arrow head that Norik had broken off touch his stomich."whats goin on here",he said quitly as not to make Norik jab the arrow head into his gut.
"You don fool me Ra~Sam of Bascalisk,and you know why I'm here do ye not"Norik spoke quitly into the ear of Ra~Sam as not to make a scene.
"Captain Norik why do you atempt to hurt one of your own,come let us go somewhere that we can be alone and away from all these commoners."replied Ra~Sam as he pointed his chubby finger to an ally behind a vendors shop.Norik nooded in a approval and forced the man into the ally where no one could see."First things first Captain, remove this arrow from me so we can talk like civilized men of honor".spoke Ra~sam
"Honor has been taking away from me and you have quandered all yours so why play around the hull you sea rat.Who set it up Ra?Why am I a traitor and you a free man without quarm or worry.Spoke Norik Strongly as he gripped the arrow head tighter and pushed it just enough to spill a few drops of blood from Ra's stomich bfore slamming him agaist a wall of the dark ally.Ra's eyes slammed shut from the pain.
"Arhh, what is all this about Norik why do this to me,who am I but a servant to Bascalisk just like" quickly Norik slammed his fist into the side of Ra's face before he could finish.
"I AM NO SLAVE"shouted Norik as Ra fell to ground.Hatred and sorrow filled his vains as he stood watching Ra spit blood and teeth onto the dark ally street.As Ra rolled over and gasped for air Norik looked over himand said,"Stop playing games Ra.Where is he?"Still spitting out blood Ra replied,
"Even if I tell you he will find you and kill you Norik.Bascalisk is not a someone to reaken with and you know it.Kill me if you will, but i will have the glory while you rot."Norik knowing in heart that Ra was right, but he had to make a stand.Against all odds Norik knew that all is never lost.Reaching down he grab Ra by the shirt and punched him again and again in his fat face until no trace of Ra's bitty eyes could be found.{meaning he beat his eyes shut}
"Tell me where he is Ra and ill let you die with your dignity still entached"spoke Norik as stood over Ra's body still laying in the ally street.The blodd seemd to pour out of Ra like waters flowing out of a stream in a forest."RA"yelled norik as he stepped on the arrow head still sticking out of his fat belly.In a gasp for air Ra sat up than fell back down.
"Captain they are going to Honoloth they seek to kill a Loki there you must go and stop them.They paln to kill the heiress to the throne of Domier.Bascalisk is coming to start a war the Blood Purge still rages on.Please Captain,...."Ra paused and tears ran down his face as he tried to look up a Norik.Ra crawled to his knees with his head hung down low at Norik's feet."Norik....No my captain please let me go with honor to be with our fathers in the one source."Tears fell from the man's face as he wept for all his doings.
"Why Ra...You have been my friend from our child hood I would have died for you,but you betrayed me.I will not grant you the statisfaction of forgiveness.Your father would hold dishonor on you.Live with the path you have chosen.Spoke Norik boldly as he stepped over Ra and walked out of the allyway and headed toward the city gates.
Sorow filled him to how the Order of Bascalisk had changed Ra~sam.But there was no time Norik had to make it to Honoloth before another fell victim to the Order's evil ways.....He just hoped that he wasnt to late.......

Polly Leigh
04-04-2011, 08:34 PM
Sabine opened her mouth to retort the Knight when his question about having killed someone stopped her. Sabine didn’t lie, “No, I was sent from Domier when I was very young. I was spared that rite of passage.” She didn’t elaborate on the meaning, “Somehow I don’t believe that remains the truth for much longer.” She almost whispered.

“Are you sure this woman will know of my father?” Sabine asked not sure what to do at this point. What did she know of war? Oh more than she was willing to let on, until she knows of her father’s fate she was not going to share anything with anyone. “I do not wish to waste time, I must learn the truth sooner than later.”

04-05-2011, 02:07 PM
And just leave these people here to deal with them alone?” Aruna stood slowly, picking her books up. At a time like this she should keep calm. Getting worked up was not a good idea. “Do you think that is wise?” She slowly made her way to the door before glancing over her shoulder at Kross. “It looks like we’re about to find out if you can use that sword or not.”
Making her way down the hall, Aruna bit her lip. If she was to just leave these people to fend for themselves, that would make her more of an monster than the ones attacking. She was a queen. She had to protect her people. She hoped that the Knights didn’t argue with her, but she had a feeling that they would.

Lakross Saber
04-06-2011, 07:48 AM
Lynce glanced at the Lady Domier and sighed to himself.

“It will be a short ride Lady Sabine, and if I am correct your father is a noble, or else you wouldn’t even be worth killing, forget sending some one like Balstond to do it. And if a Noble was killed, she’ll know. That’s why she is there.”

He set his horse to a brisk trot, the journey to Honoleth would take half a day at the pace he set, enough to see how well the Lady Domier could keep her cool.


Matrith smiled to himself as the queen decided to stay and fight, it was a brave notion, but would be pointless though, for while a fifty man troop wouldn’t provide a problem, it was most likely an advancing party, and a Harold for a larger force…But the queen had ordered, and maybe, just maybe…

“As Milady wishes.”

Matrith said as he walked after her, talking to Karles as he did.

“Karles, send Malcolm out with a message to the nearest home station, tell them A Falcionen force is marching on us, they will know what to do.”

Malcolm was their message carrier, a Falcon that went to the nearest Sword roost, a message bin that was checked daily for any messages, and a Home Station was one of a series of fortresses that dotted the surrounding terrain of outer Gasconthia, home to the First Defenders, a force of Malkier Warriors dedicated to only one thing, the protection of Gasconthian Soil and citizens.

There are four different divisions of the Malkier, each with their own unique purposes and subdivisions, but the major divisions are as such.

the First Defenders, as previously stated were a force for Border defense, numbering between 25,000 and 20,000 at all times

The Malkier Knights, the bulk of the Malkier, the force used mainly for invasions, and also for repelling invasions. Numbering near 40,000 to 50,000 at all times.

The Legion’s of the Lost, a Mysterious group that only numbers 1,000 troops at all times, only being used in invasions, though only one report of them entering a battlefield has ever been recorded.

And Finally the Troops of Disorder, Malkier’s force of Loki’s and Stryders take up the rest of the force of the Malkier, Numbering somewhere between 20,000 to 24,000, but are stretched out between all the other four divisions.

They are all refered to as Malkier Knights but eahc have their own unique names.

(I just wanted to write that. ;P)

Lakross Saber
04-07-2011, 08:07 PM
And so they set off, the wind at their horses heels, Lynce leading the band of warriors, noblewoman, and captured….someone, their destination, Honoleth. A small village that bordered the land between Domier and Facliones, unaware that Gasconthia was being invaded.

The sun was beginning to set as Lynce pulled his steed to a walk, letting the warhorse rest from his exertion, and Lynce looked back at the group, and nodded. They were here.

Honoleth was a small village, with only ten or some odd buildings, the homes of the townsfolk were out at a distance from each other, being farmers and such, a Black smith, grocery, tailor, etc, The Largest building being an inn called the King’s Folly, their destination.

“Alright men.”

Lynce said as he de mounted, handing his horses reins to the nearest knight.

“Feed, brush and take care of the horses, I have an old friend to see…”

Lynce began un strapping the armor from his body and slung it over his steeds saddle, wearing nothing but a white shirt, and shorts, a dozen cuts and blood stains coloring them, and winced as he pulled the shirt from the wounds he had neglected to tend to, he was going to regret it later, but now too much time was being wasted, and tonight was better anyway.

Lynce pulled out a set of much lighter plate armor, it resembled leather as it kept close to the body, and was far flexible, easier to get on as well, which he demonstrated by pulling it on over his bloodied cloths, ignoring the pain as he tied his sword back in place at his hip, his shield hidden in a special compartment on hi saddle, also where the Golden Banner was stored.

“He looked back at the Lady Domier and motioned towards the town, a small smile on his face as he spoke with a new, country bumpkin accent that seemed to fit him.

“Calm me, Malcolm…Milady.”

And bowed with a foolish grin on his face.

04-10-2011, 01:01 PM
Kross simply looked back and forth between the various people for a few seconds digesting what was going on.

"I am no stranger to violence m'lady but.........while I can defend myself I cannot bring battle to your foes as a knight can. I think it would be wise to leave as well."

Seeing the way things were going Kross followed Aruna to the door.

04-11-2011, 02:45 PM
~The Time has come…~

Mariella froze as she exited the Inn, her grip on the book she held getting tighter. Zera seemed to be able to notice the uneasiness in the air as well. She was smart enough to put two and two together.

”What is it?” Mariella asked her Guardian.

Zera’s eyes narrowed. “I can’t tell where they’re from but I know their coming. There’s scent off the iron and leather is wafting in the air. I can tell that there’s not many.”

”But they’re coming here. Is it for an attack?”

“Perhaps. I’m not sure. I’ll have to get a look. Until then, it’s no problem to be ready for the worst.” Zera pushed Mariella into one of the nearby alleys and waited, a death grip on her hilt.

~…For Destiny to begin~

Polly Leigh
04-13-2011, 10:10 AM
Sabine stared at BisQual thinking at least he gave her a name to use. “Malcome? Is there anything else I need to know about you? I mean I would not to give away that you are the Battle Lord of Malkier Knights.” Her grin told everyone she was teasing then added as she made her way to her wagon. “I can attempt to heal those wounds but I must warn you healing is not my … talent.”

Not being able to help herself Sabine ran her hand over the smooth wood. Opening the small door leading into the wagon Kashi appeared to still be out of it, what has happened to him and why has he not awaken yet? Those thoughts ran through her mind as she entered and retrieved a small velvet bag the color of crimson with a gold tassel tie and a golden crane on the front.

She could not just leave Kasi with her wagon could she? No he might find a way to search through her things. Something she could not happen but she could not just leave him on the side of the road, he was so kind to try to help her. She decided turn her weave around, he would not be able to open or search through anything but he would be able to leave as he wished but not to reenter. If he tried he could be suspended in air until he was cut down, just a small trap of her own design.

Satisfied with her weaves Sabine went to stand by the Knight, she already knew what the outcome of the conversation with the woman but there was still a small slither of hope that it was not true. Keeping her head high and her back straight Sabine waited for him to lead the way.

04-13-2011, 03:53 PM
Kashi's head was pounding still, but he regained consciousness...only to find out that he was in the back of the woman's carriage. What was her name? He knew that the guy had said it, but he couldn't remember what it was.

"What the...?" He struggled up to his feet. So, he said that he didn't want to go with them and they take him anyway? He didn't think that he would make it far with his head acting like it was now and so he decided to just stand there for a moment, listening.

Malcolm? That was this Knight's name? Guess it’s no worse than the name that Gai had given him. He hated it, but he would live with it.

“So,” he leaned forward out of the carriage. “Where exactly is it that you’re taking me to?” He asked.

Lakross Saber
04-13-2011, 05:43 PM
~At the Malkier Camp, far side of town~

“Alright, Knights, we have a force of fifty troops, Falcionen by the looks, as I am sure you‘ve heard!”

Matrith spoke to the twenty knights who were standing at attention. Matrith, after leaving the inn had rallied them and put them in standard formation, five rows each with four troops in them, and would remain in that formation until given an order.

“They march on us, as a herald for a larger force, coming…”

He gave it a moment for dramatic Flare. Matrith was a real good talker when he wanted to be.

“To take our land, kill our men, and enslave our women!”

And he had no qualms lying to get his men riled.

“Our we going to let them?”

The Knights let out a single noise, the sounds of swords bashing against shields, the traditional Malkier Knight response.

“Didn’t think so. Now at this moment all we have to face is an advancing party, but as I said they are only a herald of what is to come, an invading army is coming and if the First Defender’s don’t arrive in time, we will have to hold them back as long as we can.”

If it came to that, they would all be Killed, no doubt, but they would make sure that they didn’t go alone.

“Now raise our banner, and let us go met these invaders with a storm of arrows.”

Again just a bash of shields, but that was enough.

Karles was scratching his head as he sat next to Matrith.

“Ser, wouldn‘t it be better to just…I don‘t know, ambush them?”

Matrith responded without looking.

“Yes Karles, but that isn’t the Malkier way, when we kill, we make sure they know it is us.”

Karles nodded, he was a practical guy, who didn’t care what his opponent thought of him, as long as they were dead and his men weren’t.

Matrith turned his horse around and smiled at the princess.

“My Queen, would you happen to know how to use a bow?”

Karles blinked his surprise, asking a queen if she was able to use a bow now was asking her to kill, but he kept his mouth shut.


“I think I’ll pass.”

Lynce said, his voice and face back to normal as he stood up.

“I am but a simple merc in this town, I am not well known, but my face is recognizable by a few people, especially at the King’s Folly, our destination. You will be Lady Aveline, my charge, a cousin to a minor noble somewhere to the east who is going for a…what do you women call it? Ahh, A ‘Baby shower’ I think.”

Lynce took a deep breath as he watched the Loki do what ever she was doing before putting on the blank, honest expression of Malcolm the Mercenary.

“So Come along, Ma’am.”

Lynce, aka Malcolm began walking, his hand resting on the simple, yet beautiful blade at his hip, changing the way he walked even, his steps spoke of a man who his craft well, but lacked the grace a man who was taught the art of the sword by a master, and held the heavy steps of one who had taught himself all he knows.

They were walking through the Bazaar, a mess of stalls as food makers, with freshly baked pies and smoked meats airng from their wooden tables, farmers with their fresh produce and animal hides for sale, taliors with colorful hues of silk and clothes decorating their stalls and hawkers crying out about their beautifull and cheap jewlery showed their wares for the suprising number fo people that were walking around. honoleth was becoming a center for trade and Lynce could already see it becoming a prosporous town.

“Right this way, Ma’dam.”

04-17-2011, 12:02 PM
Kross's heart sank as he heard the knight's firey rhetoric. Their paltry force was going to take on a force over twice its size without resorting to any kind of subterfuge to even the odds. There was bravery and there was stupidity. He had to speak now and if he was struck down for impudence well that couldn't be worse than getting slaughtered by Falchionens.

"Ahem! I am not a military man but surely discretion is the better part of valour. Not to doubt the fighting prowess of your men ser but are you proposing taking a on a force over twice your size without using any cunning strategems to even the odds?"

He turned to the Queen

"Further more what makes you think they are after us? One does not send an entire army after one person in this manner, our previous pursuers were disguised as bandits. Certainly marching an army on this village would provoke Froseft to muster its own military and if the Falcionens were indeed after her majesty it would mean provoking the ire of two nations at the same time which is not a wise move. This leads me to believe that this is simply a mundane power grab by the Falcionens and that we are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, which means this is not our battle, which means there is no shame in trying to evade it."

Kross was under no illussion that his protests would be met with disdain by the knights but the Queen might yet still see reason.

04-19-2011, 04:25 PM
Aruna paused, thinking for a moment. Kross was right, after all. Who's to say that they're after them? No one knew why they were here. They might not even be here for an attack. She should just calm down and wait to see what would happen, right?
From the corber of her eye she saw the two women from the library in the alleyway, watching and waiting. Strange women, but they had nothing to do with her. She turned back to the others, waiting for the Knight's reply. What should she do?

Lakross Saber
04-20-2011, 02:29 PM
"I never said they were coming for her, Bard, matter of fact they probably don't even know she is here, I doubt it matters to them. As for Froseft, I doubt they are trying to take it over, why have a advancing party sent this way if they were going to invade Froseft..."

Matrith frowned.

"then again, what if it is just a rear guard...Hmmm, the bard has a point their."

Matrith grimaced.

"Well, when the scouts come back we'll know, which should be soon, until then, we treat this forgein force as a direct threat on Gasconthia."

Matrith gave the bard a cold smile.

"How 'bout you? You know how to use a bow?"


Lynce paused and looked back over his shoulder, his eyes unreadable as he looked back at the prisoner that wasn't a prisoner anymore.

"We are at as border town of Domier called Honoleth. What you do now is your own choice, and I will not interfeir."

And that was that, he looked back forward, put on the smile and began walking again, heading for the Kings Folly.

04-24-2011, 06:19 AM
Kross thought for a moment.

"Well I did once play the Phallic Huntsman in A Midsummernight's Cream, the role involved me shooting a dummy arrow into a costumed maiden's buttocks at 25 paces.......aside from that I can't say I have much experience wielding a bow. A crossbow on the other hand I know how to use."

This wasn't particularly surprising. The traditional bow required years of training to master. The crossbow on the other hand required less training to use effectively and so was a popular choice among militias, mercenaries and anyone else who lacked the time and dedication to master the bow.

Polly Leigh
04-25-2011, 08:54 PM
Sabine didn’t have time to convince her guest passenger to continue on with them and she didn’t want BisQual to waste time either. He would come or not.

“We must hurry.” Sabine urged BisQual on ignoring the sights and smells that would normally cause her spend coin freely. She loved shopping in the different towns, the items of her wagon were proof of that but today they held no interest. Nope none at all, all she wanted was to speak to this woman then she will know what she has to do.

04-26-2011, 10:55 AM
Kashi sighed and got off of the carriage. There were several choices that he could make. He could leave and not see them again. He could stay here at the town for the night before leaving, or he could stay with this group; despite the fact that this 'Knight' was being a pain in the ass and not doing too much.
He would stay for the night. He really had no idea where they were now and so he had to think before he could figure out what to do next. Staying one night here wasn't going to be a problem, was it?
Despite his thoughs, he followed the two of them, looking for the Inn.

Lakross Saber
04-26-2011, 06:51 PM
Matrith frowned and crossed his arms, leading his horse with his knee’s as he looked ahead of himself, at the marching troop’s, heading to Lestof path, it was an easy path that could let a massive number of traders or civilians, and troops, into either country, and was were Matrith was sure that the advancing party was coming from, and where their scouts would be back tracking to return information.
“A Cross bow huh? Very well, I think we might find one in town.”
The Malkier didn’t use Crossbows, the thought that anyone could master one deterred them away from them, that, and that they took too long to reload made them frown, and the length of time necessary to become a master at the quicker longbow also made them pause, so as they were stuck at an impasse, but it was young Lynce, believe it or not who had come up with the solution at the ripe age of ten, while he was being taught the bow.
He had devised a system of position’s that went by angle’s, so instead of each soldier being a master archer, they worked as a group, each aiming at the same angle that the captain ordered.
The first position was a dead 10 degree angle, the second was 45 degree, third 60 degree, fourth a 70 degree angle.
It was quantity not quality, and when you have twenty thousand archers firing in the same angle and direction, it didn’t really matter.
“Karles, see if you can find one.”
Karles nodded and pushed his horse back into town.
Lynce blinked as he stopped in front of the King’s Folly, the sign showing a man in royal cloths kneeling in front of a Jester sitting in a throne with a crown on his floppy hat, and a harlequin mask on his face.
“She changed the sign since last.”
Lynce/ Malcolm said before walking in with a dumb smile on his face.
“Hello, folks!”
He was greeted by a number of people, most rough looking men, with a few women, most smiling friendly, a few just looking at him and his companion.
“Malcolm, Welcome back.”
A rather young and clean looking man said as he walked up, his face split in a charming grin. His blond hair was slicked back and his simple clothes were quite clean as he looked at the Lady next to the fake mercenary.
“And, if I might be so bold, is this charming young lady?”
Lynce/Malcolm took a short side step to block the young man from direct access to Sabine.
“She’s a client, Ashratine, and a well paying one.”
Malcolm’s hand was gripping his sword’s hilt lightly as he smiled back at Ashratine, who held up his hands defensively.
“Don’t worry, I have gotten out of that business Malcolm, I’m an honest work’en man now.”
Lynce/Malcolm kept smiling honestly, his hand was still on his hilt.
“I am sure you are Ashratine, as sure that the sun rises from the west.”
The man laughed as he shook his head.
“You my smile like a fool, but light burn me of you are one Malcolm, alright I’ll leave this one alone, what about the other one that is following you? The man.”
Malcolm thought for a moment.
“Do as you like, swift finger’s, just be careful, he is a quick one.”
Lynce smiled to himself as he walked past the man and to the bar, taking an empty stall towards the side and patting on one next to him for Sabine.
“Watch him, he’s a very good thief, and has robbed me blind three times without me knowing.”
Lynce whispered under his breath as he etched a triangle in the air at the bar man who nodded and disappeared into a door.

Polly Leigh
04-29-2011, 09:37 AM
Taking a seat Sabine leaned over she whispered “I could trip him if you wish.” Then it accrued to her that if she embraced the source it would be felt if anyone was close enough. That would not be good for her. An unguarded Loki was bad enough but now … Looking around Sabine waited for whatever was to come, there was an anguish sitting deep inside. She already knew the truth; she knew her father was dead. She was just trying to fool herself into thinking she needed this woman’s words to make it real. A woman she didn’t even know.

Under her cloak Sabine rubbed the parchment, it will change everything. The Knight was completely clueless she would swear to it.

And what of the mission they were being sent on by the Wise One, what of the dark man in her vision how was he going to fit into this?

Lakross Saber
05-02-2011, 09:24 PM
"No point, after all he is a Stryder, and would know."

It was a suprise to him when he found himself suspended in the air after trying to stick a knife in him for stealing from him, a memory he had buried.

He had never felt safe with Users of the source around, but again, he buried it.

"Anyway, we have more important things to do, see."

He pointed out a little girl that was holding a small doll, her golden curls accenting her cute dimpled face, she wore a dress, pink in color with white lace, and she waved cheerily.

She most surely didn't belong in a bar.

"Come along now, milady."

His, Malcolm's, voice said as he stood up and walked over to the litle giirl who smiled, her cheeks dimpling as she said.

"Papa Malcolm!"

The little girl nearly tackled Malcolm, who, unbeknownst to the those that only knew Malcolm, was smiling as Lynce.

"Little Suzie, by the light you getting bigger, you might just have to start picking me up."

He, a mixture of both the simple Malcolm, and the duty solemn Lynce, picked up the girl and held her to his side with a single arm as she giggled.


Malcolm, or mayhaps Lynce, smiled happily as he walked towards the back of the bar, not really waitting for the Domier woman to follow as he walked into the back.

"Ah, the dutiful father makes his appearence, with his little princess on hand."

Lynce frowned as he sat the little girl down, getting pout from her, but she knew that when in the back, it was tiem for buisness and went over to sit in a very large, and comfy looking chair in the corner.

It was a simple room, a fireplace and some shelves with books on them, with a scattering of chairs, and a single woman sitting across from the door, and he made sure it was shut before he spoke, knowing that it was already guarded against eavesdroppers, it always was.

She was young, and only a fool wouldn't notice her beauty, or the way her dress hugged her curves, her olive colored skin flawless and her dark brown, nearly black eyes piercing and how her smile seemed innocent and yet could provoke a dark desire in most men, even Lynce had to fight it down.

"A pleasure as always, Misenna."

Lynce was here, not Malcolm, and his voice was hard. Misenna found toying with him a game, he never liked messing with users of the 'Source', Misenna didn't help that.

"And with a charming young lady as well, have you finally taken...

she lifted her pinky with a raised eyebrow and a knowing smile. Lynce's eyes hardened.

"Misenna, this is not the time, we have come for answer's, please provide them."

He looked back at Sabine and gestured her forward.


Polly Leigh
05-02-2011, 09:48 PM
Sabine followed somewhat confused by BisQual but shrugged it off for the time being, it would be useful later to know his heart held something other than war.

Not only did Sabine drink in the woman but also the level of power this Loki held; her weave was recognizable but she didn’t feel threatened by her. “BisQual told me that you would know the happenings in Domier, I am seeking news of my father, Garvin Va'Snamal.

Lakross Saber
05-08-2011, 05:16 PM
Misenna’s eyes widened as she listened to the woman speak, and Lynce looked as if he just got ice cold water poured on him, Sabine Va’Snamal, the daughter of Lord Va’Snamal, high lord of Domier, in other words, the King of Domier.

“This must be either my luckiest day, or my most unluckiest day, to have not only the High Blade of the Malkier, and the next Queen of Domier visiting me at once, a truly strange event.”

Lynce was staring daggers into the back of Sabine, his hand tightening on the blade at his hip, and a face of stone.

Misenna stood up from her seat and took a deep curtsy, pulling her dress out as she bowed her head, then rose back and sat back down, her face dark as she thought about Sabine’s question, she did not like being the bearer of bad news.

“Lady Sabine, no Lady Domier, I am afraid that I am having to be the bringer of bad news, for your father, the King, has been killed.”

Lynce raised a brow as Misenna finished speaking and sent a look at Sabine, waiting for her reaction, he had a slight idea how she would react.



Matrith said to the two scouts that sat on their horses before him, the small force that was his personal little army standing at ease, sharpening swords, lances and checking their arrows, stretching and getting ready for battle as the scouts spoke.

“The troop of fifty is indeed an advancing party heading towards us, light cavalry, a Light Stepper leading them, they are heading a click northeast, and will pass by us in about twenty minutes.”

Matrith grimaced as he heard about the Light stepper, but he shook it away as he spoke to Karles.

“Tell the men that we’ll be using 'Door Hinge', get five volunteers and Tell Franz to come here.”

Karles nodded and with a light tap of his boots the horse started forward, and Matrith turned to his other companion’s, his eyes on the queen but the Bard in his field of vision all the same.

“Well ma’am, have you ever seen a man die, if not I suggest you head back to the town, we can free at least one knight for a guard, nothing more, as for the Bard.”

Matrith looked directly at the Bard.
“He’ll be staying.”

Polly Leigh
05-08-2011, 08:18 PM
Misenna’s words didn’t affect Sabine as she would have thought. There was no great epiphany of emptiness or loss that didn’t already feel. If she were honest with herself she knew as far back as the Inn, why else would a Domier want her dead?

“I know.” Sabine whispered turning to face BisQual still addressing Misenna, “It would be best if no one knew I have been here. Better for us both.”

With a heavy heart Sabine pulled out the thick cream colored parchment, she knew it would change more than just the direction they would be traveling.

“I have not read it but I know the contents … I will be waiting for you.” Having said that Sabine fled the room, she suddenly felt the need for air.

05-13-2011, 04:41 AM
At some point one of the knights had managed to aquire a crossbow and disdainfully thrust it into Kross's hands along with a quiver full of bolts.

The crossbow was in decent condition and thankfully had a foothold on the front which made it easier to reload the thing after every shot. Despite their stopping power and ease of use, crossbows were slow to reload and tended to be inaccurate beyond a certain range.

One of the knights gruffly told him to stand besides one of the archers and pick off targets of oppertunity, but only after the archers let fly first. It was clear he didn't expect Kross to be of much use.

05-14-2011, 02:39 PM
Aruna just gave Matrith a glare. Such a foolish suggestion to give her. She wasn't going to go anywhere and especially not any time soon. She would let the men do their work and fight while she stayed behind and watched, but she certainly wasn't going to run off and hide. She was such a stubborn woman, after all.
She glanced behind them at all the townspeople that had taken notice of what was happening and hid a small, sad smile. Whether they were her people or not, she couldn't just leave these people here alone, could she?
"Matrith," She called to the knight. "Do you think this will make a difference?"

05-14-2011, 02:47 PM
Kashi stayed silent through the entire ordeal, smiling at Lynce and the child, and then frowned when he followed them to the back of the room. As he listened, he had to admit that he was a bit shocked. A Queen? And of Domier, no less. That was just great. Not only was he back in the worst place on the planet that he hated, but he was also in the prescence of its Queen. He'd have to be careful before he could...
Learning of the death of the previous King made him want to grin but he kept it under wraps as the young woman fled from the room. He watched after for a moment and then turned to Lynce.
"Well? Are you going to go after her?" But he already knew the answer. "Of course not."
Against his better judgement, Kashi turned and strolled after the woman. After all, he couldn't just leave a woman in pain like that. Even the Queen of the Country that he hated.

05-14-2011, 02:56 PM
~The Time has come…~

Mariella and Zera watched, pondering, waiting. The woman and men from the library were with the group of Soldiers that were waiting for the attackers. Mariellla had been correct. The Queen of Gasconthia was here.

But why was she here and not at her Palace? Did this have something to do with the dreaded feeling that Mariella had been feeling or was it something else?

Or something much worse?

"What shall we do?" Mariella asked her Guardian.

Zera thought for a moment, her hand on her swordhilt. "We should just wait for now. We don't know what's going to happen. It might not even be a battle" I highly doubt that it isn't, though. "We just wait nad watch before we decide to interfere."

Mariella nodded, gripping her staff.

Just Watch and wait

~…For Destiny to begin~

Lakross Saber
05-15-2011, 09:54 PM
Lynce looked at the cream colored envelope in his hands then looked back up at Misenna who smiled back at him from her seat and he opened up the top of his breastplate and slid the letter into a special pouch used to carry secret messages, the letter was almost to big to fit.
“Who is now in charge of Domier?”
Misenna sat back in the chair as she started to speak.
“A man name Nicholinuos DeFrouge, a close advisor of last king, and the man who had Lord Va'Snama branded traitor, accused and found guilty of treason and executed, a dangerous power play that paid off for our new ‘lord’.”
Lynce raised a brow.
“Did he have any proof? Branding your king a traitor is not an easy feat to perform, and would have taken irrefutable proof.”
Misenna shook her head and shrugged.
“That, I don’t know, you’ll have to go to Meria if you wish to know that.”
Lynce nodded and sighed.
“Alright Misenna, thank you for the information-”
“My Lord, if I may?”
Lynce motioned for the woman to go ahead.
“I have heard some… disturbing rumors as of late.”
Lynce raised an inquisitive brow.
“In the east ern front of Domier their have been reports of witch hunts taking place. And the punishment for being a ‘witch’ is to be burned at the stake. Sir, they are hunting women with the ability to touch the one source and are burning them to death.”
Lynce narrowed his eyes as he stroked his chin.
“Have their been any confirmed cases?”
Misenna nodded as she frowned.
“Alright… have their been any close calls? With any of the other four?”
Misenna shook her head sadly.
“Felina was almost discovered, but managed to escape before anything could be proven, and she is already back in Malkier territory.”
Lynce crossed his arms and nodded.
“Alright, give out the word to all Malkier agents that can use to return to home base, and await for further orders.”
Misenna nodded then looked towards the little girl, who was still sitting in the massive chair.
“What about Suzie?”
Lynce smiled to himself, then quickly hid it behind a frown.
“Take you into Gasconthia and bring her to the Malkier Keep. For now I have to go find the Lady Sabine and get us settled for the night.”
And to read the letter, he added to himself, but at a later time, and he left the room, following the strange man that had left after Sabine, his form back to that of Malcolm.
Matrith blinked as he looked at the column of knights, four rows of five, well it would have been five if the fourth and third member of the final row weren’t standing next to him, one was Karles, the other was a somewhat short man, with light blue hued leather armor with the insignia of the all seeing eye on the cuirass, he had grey eyes and short brown hair and he wore a long, billowing cape that was patterned in forest camouflage, and he had two long daggers sheathed at his sides instead of swords, and in his hands he held a large, powerful looking recurve long bow that was possibly only a foot shorter than the man holding it, the quiver on his back was filled with long, black shafted, black fletched, black headed arrows.
“Yes boss.”
The man said with a country accent, his finger stroking the yew wood recurve bow.
“We have a light stepper, take him out the first chance you see, no hesitation, and no mess ups, understood.”
The man nodded.
“Yes ser.”
And with his knee’s he stirred his horse forward, heading to a high hill that gave him a good vantage point of the pass that Matrith was sure the advancing party was coming through.
Matrith looked at the queen and thought about her question before answering.
“Most likely not, all it will do is delay the inevitable. Sorry, My Queen.”

Polly Leigh
05-18-2011, 08:15 PM
Once outside past the noise of the Inn Sabine stopped and took a deep breath holding back the tears, she needed to make it to Ya’bicke Passage. If the story was true then Ethen would be there waiting for her, he would have all the answers. He would have word from her father.

Hurrying now Sabine knew BisQual would try to stop her but in reality she needed him to come with her. If he read the letter he would come but either way she was going. It was vital that she went.

Reaching her wagon Sabine entered quickly, she needed to change. Choosing a midnight blue riding gown light and airy with a matching cloak both comfortable and weightless and one of her favorites. She had a hard ride ahead.

Sabine paused a moment to finger the tiny key she always wore. Her mother’s, she died when Sabine was very young and now her father … if that were the case then Ethen would be at Ya’bicke and she would not be able to pretend it wasn’t true. Her wish for a didn’t life seemed childish and unwelcomed now.

Exiting the wagon Sabine moved to ready Krum, she knew he was up to the ride ahead of them but … she looked at the Malkier horse, a fine stud indeed but no match for her Domier War Horse. It was a known fact. She would be able to out run them getting her to the Passage before them, which would give her time to speak with Ethen alone.

She knew both Kashi and BisQual were behind her, “We must hurry to Ya’bicke Passag, the answers I need are there. We must go in secret, we can not be seen or years of planning will be lost.” She didn’t know if either or both would follow but it would be nice to have a sword arm just in case she were to run into anymore kinsmen.

Lakross Saber
05-22-2011, 05:34 AM
“Ya’bicke passage? Doesn’t that lead into Falcionen territory? Why would we need to go their?”
Lynce asked as he saddled his horse, checking to see that his armor, the Dragon banner, and his other equipment was present and ready.
“And last time I checked Ya’bicke passage was a path wound through the two mountains Astrophe, and Yastle, having solid, tall walls on both sides and doesn’t give out until one is on the western province of Falciones.”
Lynce looked over at Sabine as he prepared to mount his steed.
“Who are we meeting, and to what extent? Sabine?”


Matrith squinted as the cry of a red tailed hawk resounded in the air and the knights rustled about, reacting to the signal that Franz had released as he caught sight of the enemy troup, they pulled out arrows and nocked them, but left the lines loose, waiting for first sight of the enemy as Matrith lead his horse forward.

"Remember men, on Karles signal, fire."

They gave a silent answer and Matrith nodded at Karles as he lead his horse out onto the main road, getting on the path that the advancing party was traveling on.

Karles nodded as he looked down at the troops.

"Alright men, aim at the back, take out the rear guards and scouts first."

Matrith stopped hsi horse and looked over at his troops, and smiled.

The only one of the visible was AKrles, adn only of you knew where to look, perfect.

Polly Leigh
05-23-2011, 10:11 AM
Sabine figured that BisQual had not read his father’s letter yet. “If my father is actually dead then I good Knight am the Queen of Domier. It almost means my family is no longer in control of Domier and the war my father and yours have fought against for so long is about to erupt.”

Sabine mounted Krum and turned him toward BisQual. Her violet eyes spoke true as he voice softened, “Our fathers have been working together for many years. Don’t be shocked, they both wanted the same thing. Peace. They both were tired of killing our sons and daughters, the war between our countries belonged to our ancestors not us.” The sadness returned, “We must hurry, previsions have been made and right now I am the most hunted woman in the land.”

“You need to trust me and to do that you need read your letter.” Sabine settled herself comfortably then made her familiar weave around her wagon. They would have to move fast.

05-23-2011, 01:10 PM
“Ya’bicke passage, hmm?" Kashi was sitting in the wagon again, arms crossed as his feet hung out the back of it.
That sounds like fun...
War, eh? That really sounds like fun.
But where wass all of this going to lead? Besides, what was he still doing here with the two of them? He should stay here and turned back to Gasconthia. If he were to be seen in Domier...
Blast the foolish woman, He thought. Blast the foolish man pride.

Lakross Saber
05-26-2011, 07:13 PM
Matrith blinked as he saw the figures marching in the distance and he licked his lips, tasting the salty perspiration from his upper lip, in anticipation. He hated waiting but knew that going head on would end with casualties on their side, if they had just ten more men, then the roving sphere maneuver could just barely be done and this would be easy, but they didn’t have those ten more men and so they had to use the hidden Bull maneuver.
Minutes passed as the figures got closer and Matrith rolled his neck, a sign to Karles to get the men ready, which he did with a simple look and three fingers raised, pointed a little to the left, out in font of Matrith and as one the soldier’s silently rose their bows up, still letting their arrows lay slack but at the ready, with not a single sound between them.
The band of fifty stopped ten meters from Matrith, not sure as to why a single warrior was standing in the middle of the road and after a few moments of wonder, and a short bustle a single man rode out, his horse quite small, as was its rider and Matrith raised a brow. It looked like a light stepper, but it wasn’t, the man was just extremely short, Matter of fact his horse was nearly thrice his side, Matrith was going to give a stern ’talking to’ to the scout who said a light stepper was with them. A Light stepper would never be stupid enough to ride right up to an opponent, they were assassin’s Just like the Malkier Blade Ranger’s. Karles adjusted the aim so that the back ranks were in the target zone
“Make way, you fool or do you wish to die at the hands of the Falciones special brigade.”
The man was pompous and Matrith sighed and shrugged his shoulders.
Karles said.
Close to twenty powerful Long bows twanged, then death rained down on the rear ranks of the advancing party, and the man sitting in front of Matrith fell from his horse, with a massive black shafted, black feathered, black tipped arrow through his skull, and as quickly as the first volley was off, a second was as well, hitting the front ranks of the troops as they surged forward, and more fell, men and horses screaming in pain and death as another volley fell as quickly as the first two, and again, and again, until silence reigned over the hills.
Matrith called simply from horse back, taking off his helmet as the man trotted over.
“The usual Ser?”
Matrith nodded.
The usual was the stripping of all armor, weapons and provisions, then positioning the bodies in the middle of the road ahead of an impending march, for the marching army to see, their troops laying dead, and naked before them.
It spooked, demoralized, and reminded them the cost of fighting the Malkier which in turn discouraged many from attacking Malkier.
Lynce laughed as he mounted his horse.
“A Queen indeed, a Queen of a lost land.”
Lynce looked at Sabine, his eyes sharp as his Blood took over.
“Don’t speak of my father as if you were friends, I will determine if you can be trusted or if you can’t. You have insulted me, told me what to do as if I am your page and to top it off you’re A Domier, their next Blood line Queen even, and a Toucher of the source, you could kill a number of people where they stand just by wishing it. As of right now, I am treating you like a viper in the midst of my camp, with caution and hostility. You wish my trust, you must earn it.”
With what he wanted to say for days out of the way Lynce settled in his horse.
“Now, lead the way, or let us be done with this business, I have things that most be done, and quite shortly I will be returning to Malkier, with or without you.”

Polly Leigh
05-26-2011, 09:21 PM
Sabine steeled herself from his words; she didn’t understand what he meant “If you have forgotten you followed me, I only accompanied you here so I could give you that letter. As far as I am concerned our journey ends here. As you put it I am Queen of a lost country … that is Luc’s fault. He made my father believe … no he made be me believe that I could end this war between our lands. But upon meeting you I see that was a lie. Your father got my father killed with his foolishness.” Krum was feeling his masters’ uneasiness and it made him pace in circles. Sabine was just threated or that is how she was seeing it and she was no match for BisQual’s sword. Of course she can touch the Source if need be but Luc gave his word that his son would protect her if he was not able to do it himself. Sabine didn’t believe this man before her would honor his father’s oath; she was going to have to on guard there was no doubt she was in danger from all sides.

“You better see me as a viper; I was raised to believe all Malkier’s are better off dead and know that if I wanted you or your men dead, you would be. I maybe young but I am the Queen of Domier very much my father’s daughter. There will be plenty of my father’s supporters to provide me with the means to take the throne. I don’t need you; you followed me I didn’t invite you to come along. I only came here with you to be sure whether or not to give you that letter only because I gave Luc my word.”

That is when she noticed Kashi was sitting in the back of her wagon. Making another weave she closed off her things to him. “You will be more comfortable further inside, we will be moving very fast. Do not try to touch anything inside; it would be dangerous to do so.” She added as an after though “I hope I can trust you.” Sabine didn’t wait for a response she was scared and had no one to trust. She clicked Krum in the direction of Ya’bicke Passage her pack would pull away from the Malkier quickly.

06-08-2011, 05:15 AM
((Gonna take a few liberties here. Sorry for not posting in a very long time.))
Kross supresed the urge to vomit as he rumaged through the bodies of some fallen Falcionens.
He was no stranger to bloodshed but he was not hardened to the consequences of battle as some soldiers were.

He had been concelaed with one of the archers when the fighting started. After the first volley was loosed Kross began picking off any men that somehow managed to survive the rain of arrows. Despite being easier to use Kross still took a significant amount of time to reload his crossbow between shots and as a result had only downed a handful of targets.
He had to admit it that the victory was impressive. While the Malkier had the advantage from the start Kross was surprised to see them annihilate the Falciones without even needing to engage in melee.
He had been full prepared to take flight if the battle went badly, thier code of honour did not apply to him but it turned out that running would be unnecessary......not to mention impossible now that his Malkier captors could once again focus their attention on watching him.

One of the officers had generously allowed Kross to take some loot from the corpses, it would be impossible for the Malkier to carry all the spoils of battle themselves anyway.
Though Kross found looting the dead ditatseful, pragmatism won out in the end. His own possesions had been stolen from him and dead men no longer needed their equipment or gold.
And so Kross took for himself a travelling cloak, light leather armor, some rations, a few gold coins and a rapier that had previously belonged to one of the more foppish officers.

Now that he had done battle with them some of the knights afforded Kross just a tiny bit more respect, with several giving him a hearty slap on the back that nearly sent him tumbling to the ground.
Looking around Kross wondered if he might find the Queen. Ironically Kross was far more at ease in the presence of royalty than the gruff knights around him.

Lakross Saber
06-12-2011, 05:11 AM
(No problem man)

Matrith raised a brow as he looked at the bard, then he looked back at Karles, who nodded.

He hadn't run, and he had helped with the fighting, and was taking supplies with little reaction on his face telling if he had killed men of his own country.

"Keep an eye on him...for now."

For this moment Matrith turned his horse and spurred it onward, stopping by the queen.

"Well Mi'lady, shall we get back to town? We have defenses to prepare, and various other things."


Lynce didn't respond to what Sabine had said, and set himself to the ride after her.

He followed because he was going to bring her back, but he had been away from Gasconthia for far to long, and needed to return with her or without. His duty was his first priority, the rambling of an old man who had lived his life in the Temple of Light since his birth were of little importance.

An Involuntary shiver went down his back as he remembered the man in Black from his vision in the Temple and he shook it from thought.


Polly Leigh
06-26-2011, 03:31 PM
Sabine kept herself low to Krum as she urged him to fly over the ground, it did take long for her pull away quickly. However she kept her pace to where Hency and Leeta could keep up and still they left BisQual and his men behind. She didn’t care, the need to be safe was too strong and the only way she would find that was within the haven her father arrange for her. That was the only way to safe … so she kept telling herself.

Entering the Passage Sabine found herself in unfamiliar surroundings and it made her uneasy. She had every right to be for too soon she found herself no longer alone. Seven figures heavily cloaked slide out of the shadows forming a half circle in front of her. Quickly she embraced the True Source, very sense within her screamed to turn and run but even a Domier War Horse has their limits and hers were tired. They stood little chance of out running the seven before her. Krum could feel Sabine’s distress and reared back letting his hooves fall with a thud.

Not being able to see their faces made it that more intense but when the deep voice rang out it startled her and worst she had to prove it by jumping. “Long way from anywhere for a lone traveler.”

Sabine didn’t know what to reply so she didn’t say anything.

“Maybe she is lost?” Anther to her left spoke moving his mount closer to hers.

She caught the accent to be Domier she might have a chance, “I am not lost, I know exactly where I am and you are in my way to get there.”

“Oh are we?” he snickered and moved closer.

Sabine put her hand on her whip already weaving a line of air, fire and spirit and hoped it would be enough. Movement to her right catch her eye two of them were making a weave. She was in trouble and BisQual was not around to help her this time. Her only chance was to strike first …

“Where are your manners? Frightening a little thing like this.” a new voice sounded from behind her, now she was really scared as she whipped Krum around to find an older man, about her fathers’ age with light brown eyes. She met his gaze with defiance and an actual smile filled his face.

“Your Grace, I am Ethan.” He bowed from the waist but didn’t dismount. “Make sure we are secure Amid.”

“Yes MiLord.” One of the weaving men replied and changed his weave.

“I would know those eyes anywhere,” moving forward with his hand out showing her the ring of her father, only those loyal to her family wore them. “We need to hurry Milady please this way.” He held out his hand to guide her. “Things have been set into motion by the ….” He stopped.

Sabine knew she was coming here to meet with Ethan … not that she wanted to admit it but she would feel safer if BisQual was there. “The Battle Lord BisQual and his men are not far behind me I would wait for them to arrive before we go. This is not a personal insult to you for your men … if they are your men … you do understand.”

“I do but I have strict orders from Stoven to get you to the Abby the moment you were discovered. It is not safe for you out in the open; the Battle Lord shall have a safe path to you. I give you my word.”

Stoven … Her father’s right hand, that make her move quickly to follow.

The Abby was larger than she thought it would be, an active city lived behind the great stone walls. From the outside one would never be able to tell but so much was happening around her. She soaked in every aspect of the people and their actions just like the towns the she traveled with Fascines.

Being ushered into the chapel Sabine found a very familiar face, “Stoven.” She called out rushing to embrace him.

“Milady …” He was large enough to sweep her up in a protective hug something not usual for them. “Thank the Maker, you are safe.” There was both relief and sadness in that statement.

“Stoven, you must tell me the truth, please I need to know everything that happened to my father. Who is responsible?” Her violet eyes begged for him to tell her the truth.

Shaking his head Stoven led Sabine into a room off to the side; she knew immediately it belong to her father. The room screamed of his presents, making it more real for Sabine. Stoven then took a seat on large beige couch ordered some wine and food for Sabine then cleared the room so they make speak in privet. And told her the truth leaving out no detail then left her to herself.

06-30-2011, 07:09 PM
Aruna smile a grim smile at Matrith she hated war and her people have been at it for far too long, “It would seem we have much to prepare for, however if there is a chance to vacate this place and leave it in peace, should we not explore that venue?” not that she wasn’t completely impressed by the talent of the Malkier’s Knights, but she would prefer to avoid destroying this town.
“Matrith, just how far would Lynce go to return the Domier girl? Don’t you think he has been gone far too long if he had not run into difficulties?” Aruna had thought he should have caught up to them by now.
Waiting a reply Aruna caught sight of Kross, he had handled himself that would mean he has seen battle before. He might be handy if not entertaining unless he is a spy. Best to keep him close until she learns which it is.

Lakross Saber
07-08-2011, 06:09 PM
Lynce urged his horse on faster, his face a mask of determination, confusion, and restrained anger as his horse sprinted on towards the pass, which he was able to see now.

He had stopped to rest his horses, his men on their way back to Gasconthia, with a message he would be coming home soon, probably alone.

But as to his anger, while Lynce had stopped he ahd read the letter, after seeing his families signil sealing it shut he had thought it a forgery, but the writing style, the use of words and phrasing. It was his father.

That was why he was moving so fast, he had to get answers. why had the woman had a letter from his father, adn what had he ment by 'Unification' and the 'corruption of the stilettos'.

He allowed his horse to slow as he reached the pass, the tall walls of the mountain the path was carved into loomed over head as Lynce scowled. he heard quite rustling and his sword whipped out with a scrap of metal on metal, the point stopping in front of a darkly dressed mans face, hooded of course, who's hands were reaching fro the sky.

"Peace, don't kill the guide now."

Lynce paused then flipped the mans hood back with ih sword point, revealing teh bright blue eyes and dark brown hair.

" 'On the roaring Griffiojns, shall our blades ever ride, even into the darkness.' "

The man said and Lycne raised an eyebrow.

He had spoken the oath all Malkier take before earning the right to bear the emblem.

"Very well, you're a guide, so guide."

the man nodded then started walking into the pass, Lynce following behind, his eyes open for signs of traps which never came, adn he realized the man was leading him down a path that seemed to long for the regular pass.

"Where are we going, and when will we arrive?"

The dark dressed man looked back and smiled.

"We are already here."

Lynce scowled.

"do not play games with me you fo-"

Lynce paused as he came upon the abbey, the pass suddenly opening up to reveal the glorious walls that rose at least five stories high the same color fo the mountains around it, adn looke dto be able to hold a large village and then some in its walls if Lynce was a good judge of scale.

"Oh my."

the dark dressed man nodded.

"Lady Sabine is awaiting you, so I shall take you to her right away."

Lynce looked at the man as he walked on, and started his horse forward to follow, cautiously.


Matrith looked at eh queen and sighed.

"Odds are ma'am, that even if we did vacate the area the village would still be totally destroyed, they are here to invade ma'am, and to be honest all we did now is swat a fly that was buzzing on the bull, we have only one option of we are to survive, we must run to the capital, thier is nothing we can do against the army with our small numbers, we just ahve to wait for the Home Front to hit this marching army from the side, we can warn the villagers, but we must move on."

Matrith sighed adn shrugged hsi shoulders.

"As for Lynce, he wil be coming back soon, I doubt he would stay long from Gasconthia without good reason, but he really does have a short attention when ti comes to anything unrelated to defending his home. As for the girl, he will probably end up killing her, she si Domier, and a Loki."

Polly Leigh
07-12-2011, 10:05 AM
A knock brought Sabine back to the reality of the truth with the arrival of BisQual. After telling the servant she would be out in a moment Sabine washed her face as she stared in a mirror. Disbelief washed over her. Her father was dead and she is the Queen of Domier and her Country was at war not only with the Gasconthians but with itself. Not to mention that there was still the dark man whom she has been dreaming about when she was able to sleep which hasn’t been much lately.

Taking a deep breath Sabine straightened her wrinkled and dirty gown then tried to smooth out her hair and opened the door.

Lakross Saber
07-12-2011, 12:05 PM
Lynce was in utter awe as he walked through the Abbey, not because of the vibrant little town that lived inside the walls, but because of the fact that Malkier and Domier warriors were mingling, in the town, without fighting.

"Am I dreaming?"

The man in front of him smiled and shook his head.

"No lord Bisqual, this is actually happening, now the Lady Sabine is waiting for you, so please, this way."

Lynce was lead through the town, and into the main abbey where as his horse was lead to stable, he was greeted by passing soldier;s, both Malkier and Domier, which left him a bit speechless as he was lead through the main halls, up to the abbot's office, where the guide knocked on the door, which after a few moments opened up to reveal a oddly dirty Sabine, which Lynce raised a brow at.

"what have you gotten me involved in, this time?"

Polly Leigh
07-12-2011, 08:36 PM
Sabine offered a small smile, “More than you are expecting” Moving to the side so he could enter Sabine called out for food and wine to be brought to them.
Sabine didn’t speak until after the servants had left them alone.

“I met your father the day after I arrived at Tal Valon, it had been prearranged for us to meet so that I would not be afraid of him and more importantly so I would trust him.” Taking the liberty to pour BisQual a glass of wine as she poured her own. “I grew up with an idea that both your father and mine believed that the war between our Countries could end and the blood shed of our people would not continue. They have spent year after year working on our own sides to being the talk of peace to the tables instead of war. There was much to be considered, the war has made both sides wealthy and my father knew that it would not be easy to convince the Councils to lay their swords down. I am sure it was the same for your father. It would be a hard thing to suppress the hatred that has been breed into us at birth that is why this refuge was created. And this is not the only one BisQual. There are 174 in total through Domier and Gasconthian, here look at this.” Sabine moved to her father’s desk take out a thick parchment, unfolding it to reveal a map. Some names were written in father’s hand and somewhere written in Luc BisQual’s.

Letting the Battle Lord take a moment to look the map over she refilled her glass, the cold sweet wine was helping her to relax. “When I first saw you I was thinking you might be Luc’s son, he spoke of you often. But I could not trust that you were he, I didn’t mean to insult you or our honor and I am truly grateful that you showed up when you did and I took a great risk that you would follow me here. But you did, I was told by Luc that I could trust you and so I am. The locations of where my defenses lay are the key to destroy me if you so choose. This … vision our father’s shared is right and just and like them I can not do it alone we must learn to work together like our fathers.”

07-12-2011, 09:11 PM
“A powerful Loki Matrith, one that is needed for a task set upon us so for Lynce sake I hope the Domier girl lives. Much lies on her talent.” Aruna was talking more to herself then the Malkier; she truly believed the old man’s words. He had contacted her first and she knew the threat to be real. She hated the thought of even being around a Domier but what choice did she have?

Turning her horse toward the Capital the Queen said, “Do what you need to do to save as much of this town as you can but understand Matrith I can not even begin to tell you how important it is that I return to Gasconthian with great haste.” Aruna was sure her message to Matrith was understood and she made her way to Capital knowing the Knight would send guards with her if he didn’t come himself.

Coming upon Kross the Queen stopped and watched him before calling out to him, “Kross you will accompany me then.” It really wasn’t a question more of a smart suggestion turning she didn’t wait for a reply.

Lakross Saber
07-17-2011, 04:51 PM
Matrith frowned at the queen's words but said nothing, after all she was a queen and it was her word that mattered.

"For the town queen I can only suggest one thing, evacuation, othe wise they will all be killed as well with us."

Matrith looked towards Karles but found he was already moving,a thumb held up over hi shoulder, Matrith smiled. Karles was the best soldier he had, and the brightest, the Malkier trained no screw ups.

"Anyways my queen-"

She had already moved on, and he booted hi horse forward to catch up to her.

"We should leave for the capital immediately my Queen, lets go."


Lynce raised a brow as he sat in the room, watching the queen like a hawk as she spoke, taking it all in as he reached out and took a drink of the wine that had been poured for him, if she wanted him dead, she had an entire castle of soldiers to do it for her.

A few moments passed after the woman had finished speaking, and laying the map out and all Bisqual did was watch her, nursing the glass of wine in his hand as he rested his head on the other, not even blinking.

The letter had told him, the letter that was supposedly from his father, had said nearly the same thing as she had. That he had been trying to bridge peace between Domier and the Malkier for years, and indeed told of a unknown princess of the country. But how could eh believe it? His father, such a powerful, honest, and honor bound man trying to stop this blood fued that had lasted nearly fifty years.

Lynce stopped himself. It made sense, his father, honorable and Justice seeking and honest, of course he wanted peace, his father had told him when he was little, that in order to be good at war one had to hate it, and his father was one of the best generals in the land.

The man finally stirred from the seat, placing the glass down and hovered over the map on the table, looking at each of the locations seeing most were in key locations, inseide the borrdiers of domier, but in out of the way places were an army could come from without being noticed quickly, it seems that his father, if it was his father, had anticipated a hard won peace.

Lynce looked up at the woman, Sabine and silently sat back down in the seat, again just staring at her, breaking the silence a few moments after.

"If what you say is true, and have no doubt I will find out if you are lying, and if it is indeed what my father wanted then...I will try, but right now we must leave this country, first because we are in danger just being here, second Your father was over thrown by his closest adviser for these thoughts and i doubt he will be as understanding as your father,a dn third to take back your country, you need a larger army."

Lynce sat forward, hi mind working.

"You have 174 of these keeps in place, say their all the same size as this one, which holds about a five hundred people each, now lets say that half of those numbers are men, now only another half are soldiers, that equals 125 soldiers per facility, and times that by 174 which equals..."

Lynce did the math quickly... well as quickly as he could.

"21750, which is not even half as big as the national Domierian army, which equals about 75000, you need to appeal to another country for help or try to quickly kill the new king in a coup, which would require you attacking the capital directly, but is a lot more riskier."

Lynce frowned, which was the better option?

Polly Leigh
07-18-2011, 07:40 PM
Sabine knew gaining the support of the Battle Lord, she has had a life time of the idea of peace and the Knight a matters of moments. “Don’t mistaken the number of strong holds as the total number of supports BisQual.”

Sabine sat forward folding her hands in her front of her. “The truth is, this is much larger than I can explain and your father was just as big of part of it as my own father. Luc’s study is just two doors down off to the right of the main hall. You can have a looksee and judge for yourself whether you are going to be a complete part of this or not.” Pausing Sabine took a breath “I don’t need you to take the crown from my father’s enemies but it would make it much easier if I had it.” Standing she circled the chair she had been sitting in. She soften her accent “I am not so foolish to think I can just jump up and take the crown back but upon the deaths of our father their well laid plans have already be put into motion. An attack on the Capital is out of the question I know this it will take time.”

Pausing Sabine before saying “I am a Battle Lords daughter trained as such, a Queen of Domier by blood and an extremely talented Loki. I have many gifts but understanding war is not one of them. When I was but 12 winters into my stay at the Tower Luc brought me a sword. The finest steel with a design of swirls and curves unlike any in the world he said. It was beautiful, so strong in a delicate way. It was his gift to me and so the lessons began. We soon discovered that I am not a natural with weapons of steel; I’ve no instincts for it. Not that he didn’t try; oh he tried and worked me until I could take no more. I am much better with a whip and the True Source.” Sabine gave a small laugh at memory BisQual could not see.

“Don’t under estimate me though that would be a grave mistake and I am determined to punish the men who killed my father all because he felt living is more important than dying. Your father said I could trust you and so I will. I will go to Gasconthia with you but please know that if you betray me or try to imprison me you will find out just how talented of a Loki I am.” Coming to stand before him in complete honesty, “There is no insult or threats in my words I beg you don’t take it as such but I am Domier and you are Malkier and I walking into a land breed to hate me. Forgive me if I am feeling a bit ambiguous over it.”

Lakross Saber
07-21-2011, 01:31 PM
Lynce remained quiet as he listened to Sabine, his fingers lightly rapping on the arm rest of his chair, the metal against wood making a particular noise as he maintained eye contact with Sabine, searching for the hint of lie that he so desperately wanted to find, his hatred born for the Domier egging him to call her a liar and strike her down on the spot, before she could even think about the source, the dagger at his side would be out and thrown before she could strike out at him, the range just perfect for the both to kill the other at teh same time, but he calmed himself, his gauntlet fingers digging into the arm rest before he stood up suddenly and slammed the dagger that he had pulled out in a flash into the wooden table before him, putting the blade all the way to the hilt through the thick wood, his entire body tensed and shaking from the effort of control.

This was why his father died, no other reason was viable, his father had been a traitor to the Malkier, and had been found out. Working together with the King of Domier to bring peace mayhaps, but that didn't matter, no, not too the three stilettos, the Battle Lords closest advisers. All they would see is that his father was a traitor, but why an assassin, maybe they didn't know.

No they had to, His father would have trusted them to help him, but why an assassin, maybe they were with him and Lynce was over thinking things, he would find out though.

Lynce had stopped shaking and he took a deep breath to calm himself further.

"I will... consider your words.... we will speak later Sabine.... have a pleasant night."

Lynce quickly walked out of the room and walked down the hallway, stopping in front of the door he deemed was his father's supposed study, and he slowly opened the door, and walked into the messy study with papers strewn everywhere in the room, stacks of books and bookcases that were overflowing, and he walked over to the desk with maps and official looking papers on it, and sat in the comfortable wooden chair, reaching under the desk, feeling for the one thing that would convince him this was his fathers and winced as he found it, his head slowly tilting to the side as he pulled out the simple ivory pipe that his father always used for smoking tobacco.

Lynce reached back under the table and pulled out a tobacco pouch and a set of matches, placing them on the table before him, taking out some tobacco and stuffing it into the pipe and lighting a match like his father did, by dragging his thumb over the tip, light the pipe, putting out the flame with his thumb, ignoring the quick burn of his gauntlet and pulled in a deep drag, forcing himself to not cough it up. He had always hated smoking just like his mother, Light bless her heart, and protect his father.

Lynce blinked as a single tear fell from his closed eyes, letting the smoke out of his nose before taking another drag. This was why his father was dead, he knew it, all because he hated letting his men die, damn his soul, the peace loving man had died for his belief;s and here Lynce was thinking he was a fool for it.

"Damn it Father, why? Why did you leave me this task? I still don't know if I can even lead the Malkier and now you leave me to bring peace between two people who hate each other!"

Lynce snarled as he took the pipe from his mouth and sat forward, his right arm braced against the table as he stared at the ground.


he quickly slammed his other arm, the one holding the pipe on the table, sending a pen and ink bottle rolling of the table and clattering on the ground.

"You idealistic son of a *****!"

Lynce was breathing hard as he vented his pent up anger, pain and despair from the months past, it had finally overflowed beyond his control.

Polly Leigh
07-25-2011, 04:27 PM
For a moment Sabine was looking at Luc instead of BisQual and that brought fresh tears not only for her father but for the Malkier Knight as well. He was a good man and treated her with kindness and respect when any other Malkier would kill her on sight. No that is not true BisQual did not, in fact he had saved her life and followed her into Domier. She knew what he was going to do and put her to ease some but the sadness was just overwhelming.

Sabine called for a hot bath and her things brought up from her wagon with instructions that the stranger in the back was be left unharmed. She stayed in the wooden tub till the water was cold then took her time drying her hair and arranging it in one thick braid accented with a gold and pearls, her liner was delicately placed around her eyes in a very Domier way. Sabine painted her lips a deep red that matched the velvet in her riding dress, it was thin and light accented with gold at the trim of her hem.

Closing her eyes Sabine knew she would exit the room as the Queen and a fugitive from her own Country, taking a deep breath she touched the key at the end of the think gold chain she always wore. She opened the door to a lot of talking and planning by the men in the room.

“Your Grace.” Ethan said once he saw her enter the room.

Stoven moved to take her arm and walked to the hearth, “come and sit down Sabine, you should be sleeping not u and about.”

“I am alright Stoven and the last thing I need right now is sleep. There is too much to do and too much to tell you.” Sabine accepted the glass of wine, she put it untouched on the mantle, “I left he Tower because of the Wise One, …” the story continued till the chilled wine turned warm.

“There had been some rumors but I would never have, is there nothing more you can tell us?” Stoven asked watching her, Sabine had grown up since last he saw her. She looked like her mother, beautiful.

“That is all I know and that is why BisQual has followed me, he is as big a part of this I am. That is why I have decided to go Gasconthia with him.” This comment got a loud response by her men.

“I cannot allow that to happen Sabine.” Stoven replied appalled at the though, he had made so many plans. “What you are going to do is move further into Domier where we can protect you with in our ranks.” He turned his back to her and if the matter was closed.

“The choice is not yours to make Stoven; I will be leaving with BisQual.” Sabine challenged.

“While traditionally that would be the wisest course of action but we have heard some rather disturbing news about the happenings in Gasconthia.”

“What kind of news are you talking about?” she asked.

“It seems in the Queens absence Gasconthia has been invaded.”

Lakross Saber
08-05-2011, 05:51 PM
Lynce sighed as he finished off the tabac in the pipe, his eyes not really seeing anything as he let the pipe hang from his lips, his teeth digging into the wood as he went through some memories of his his childhood, his father had left on expeditions to survy the country side when Lynce had been a child and those had taken weeks at the least.

Lynce sighed and blinked back to awareness seeing that someone was placing a tray of food and drink before him, a maid and Lynce eyed her, the young maid freezing as they made eye contact.

"Mi'lord, is their something wrong?"

Lynce blinked and reached out to the wine cup, pulling the pipe out of his mouth as he took a deep drag of the wine before speaking.

"Two questions. One, did you bring high grade alcohol, and second are you good with a needle?"

The maid furrowed her brows in confusion and nodded to both questions as Lynce stood up and unbuckled the armor from his chest, revealing the blood matted shirt he was wearing, the maid gasping.

"Then you can get these cleaned up, the alcohol should be good enough to clean it, no if you don't mind."

It took a while, because the maid was being careful not to hurt Lynce, who was to busy smoking the pipe to really care about the pain, and after the maid was finished, ans Lynce's upper body looked like a repaired doll with all the stitches in him, he told her to bring him a new set of clothes as he took of the reminder of his armor, and packed it up as the woman came back in, blushing as she saw that Lynce was in nothing but a pair leather shorts.

"Sorry Mi'lord."

The maid quickly placed the clothes down and nearly ran out as Lynce raised a brow.

"....Do I look that bad?"

He got dressed, comfortable in the fine, yet simple clothes and tied his assorted pouches to his belt as he walked out of the room, a once warm bun held in his mouth as he finished tying the pouches.

the man walked into the main dining room where he heard many voices, finishing the bun with a quick swallow as he looked around the crowded room, seeing the Domier woman speaking about the journey to them all and took a seat near the back, not wanting to get caught in the crowd.

the story ended and Lynce sighed, getting him as Sabine and her friend, the man named Stoven started arguing about their course of action and was about to leave when he caught the words Gasconthia.

Lynce stopped and looked back at Stoven, his eyes hard and cold and his voice cut a silence through the crowd.

"What was that?"