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Imagine a city almost destroyed by the Great Cataclysm, sealing itself from the surrounding world for 400 years.

Imagine the first adventuring groups bold enough to venture beyond the safety of the city walls.

Imagine what they find outside…


A new campaign is being launched. It's on Friday 8-10 PM GMT (that's London time). We've created this especially for players in European time zones. For US folks, this is 3 PM Eastern time.

The campaign is part of a multiple-party 3.5 D&D chat-based game framework. The concept is unique: each party plays its own campaign, but all campaigns interact with each other as the party members discover the lost knowledge of the world.

The game is run by a highly organized group of players, DMs and staff members. Several parties are already playing and new ones are forming. Each party has one DM and 4-6 players that meet online in a particular 2-hour weekly campaign. All campaigns are run in a single meta-world.

The framework has remarkable stability: it was set up in 2004 and if a player doesn't find his or her place in one campaign, they can later request a relocation to another. This is a huge advantage when compared to ad-hoc assemblies of online players that don't know each other.

No costs involved: you get all the materials you need for play. Experienced players without chat-based gaming experience are most welcome, but in this particular Europe-friendly game we only accept players with prior face-to-face D&D experience.

Additional information about the game, allowed materials, starting level, campaign setting etc. will be sent to applicants.

Sounds good?

To learn more, send me an email to: joinseekers@yahoo.com (joinseekers@yahoo.com)

Mandatory information to provide:

Name (first name, last name)
State (if in US) or Country (if not) – used to calculate your time zone
Year of Birth (YYYY). Do NOT send full birth date.
Tell us a bit about yourself, so we know who you are.
Previous D&D experience, including style of gaming (combat vs. roleplaying), favorite character

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