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01-30-2011, 09:50 PM
Short Version:
I'm looking to add a player or 2 and start up a Forgotten Realms campaign using 4th edition rules. Games would be run 1 or 2 Sundays a month between noon and 4pm at Fun 4 All or Get Your Game On. Group experience level is in the newb-novice range.

Long Version:
I have a solid core for a new campaign. The 3 players are all close friends and we have been trying to get a good campaign for almost a year. Usually one of our other friends tries to play and schedule conflicts end up killing the game. This time we are going to have a set time and schedule at least 1 game a month but shoot for 2 most months depending on everyone's availability.

I work Sunday evenings so the 4pm stop time is a hard stop but start times can be adjusted slightly if necessary. We will likely have the game at a shop in Ann Arbor due to convenience(and proximity to my work). I usually frequent Fun 4 All but I know they run Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic tournaments on Sunday so space could be an issue and we might need to use Get Your Game on since they have tons of room. Any other suggestions for location are naturally welcome.

We are a group of mostly new players to role playing in general. We have tried a few times to get games going so we aren't completely fresh but we also spend time trying to figure out how stuff works too. I'm new to DMing as well but I think I run a pretty good game, I have read way too many things on the internet to perfect how I run a game so I'm not completely new. Our goal is to just have fun plain and simple. If it were a home game we would all have a beer while we played. We aren't looking for hardcore rules lawyers or min/maxers.

The actual game is going to be set in Forgotten Realms. I am not familiar with the Realms other than playing Baulders Gate on my PS2 but I decided to run with the setting because there is plenty of info and I struggle with naming characters and places. We will start out by running the adventure from the Campaign Guide and then Scepter Tower of Spellguard. I will be weaving those 2 stories into a grander tale, it will be epic in scale and probably kind of cheesy and a lot of the gimmicks will be stolen from other stories and mashed up for my own use. I will take liberties with what is considered canon in FR and probably change some things to fit my own ends.

There will be a lot of combat and having a character capable of doing something in combat is probably a must. I am reading George RR Martin right now so there will be plenty of intrigue and mystery as well but you can safely expect to get plenty of use out of your dice each session.

There will be a few house rules but nothing major. Mostly just concerning combat and one of my players obsession with trying to figure out opponents defense numbers based on roles. The change is minor and adds a lot of flavor in my opinion but I will gladly explain that to anyone who is interested.

Hopefully my long winded reply hits all the important information and doesn't scare anyone off. We are hoping to do character creation and get things started on February 20th, 2011 if we can find players by then.

Thanks for reading.

06-21-2011, 03:40 PM
Are you still looking for players? I'm interested, if you are. It sounds like your group has about the same amount of experience as I do, which is to say only a little. PM or email me if you still need people, and let me know if you've started playing.