View Full Version : Looking for a game, and/or looking for players

03-28-2007, 06:56 AM
I've had an account on here for a while, but had failed to introduce myself. But, with summer coming up, and more time available for gaming on the horizon, I thought it might be nice to see:
A: What games are out there which could use another player. I tend to prefer games that downplay character advancement (open-ended XP esp in level-based systems, open-ended wealth), and which contain more action and mystery and roleplaying than combat (combat and action = good, but I much prefer it *in*context*). I tend to prefer rules light, and always like a game which walks the line of light-hearted drama (no screaming angst, but not sunshine and buttercups).
B: What players are out there for an historical game. (I have run games set in the English Civil War, American Civil War, American Fugitive Slave, Roman era, Stone age Europe, and Eastern Europe in the 13th Century.)
C: What players are out there who may wish to join a campaign of mostly one-shot adventures, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, in which the characters play a Romany family, traveling together by wagon as outcasts in the Empire.
I am willing to travel for games. But the Warhammer game I run is stuck pretty much in Marlborough and Northborough. I've been in the hobby forever, playing designing and running games for many years now.

Question II:
Anyone from Massachusetts looking to hook up for trip to Origins this year? I go most years, but missed last year, and would be interested in group to share driving and maybe room costs.

Anyhow, drop me a line: