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01-25-2011, 10:50 PM
So... new to the forum here, and the reason I'm posting is because I've hit a few speedbumps with mya psion I've been putting together. Here's the basics and then ill get on with the questions.

Level 9 human psion (kineticist)
54 hp
90 power points

Str 16
Dex 18
Con 15
Int 20
Wis 15
Cha 15

Empower power
Burrowing power
Psionic meditation
Psionic endowment
Greater psionic endowment
Psicrystal affinity
Psicrystal containment

I've not started in on skills yet because that's the easy part for me. I have a pretty solid idea of the character concept but my issue is the feats and poweres, and how best to utilize them. I'm more interested in the strategy and tactical prowess of the class in combat, as apposed to just ridiculous damage. That being said, I've only been able to figure out one tactical combo.

Gain personal and crystal focus
Manifest wall of ectoplasm in 10ft radius (20ft sphere)
Manifest energy wall + burrowing power in a 10ft radius (20ft inward facing ring) overlapping ecto
Manifest solicit psicrystal to take over energy wall
Manifest energy wall again in duplicate to original

The only issue is that ecto wall won't stand up to any kind of beating, so the whole thing crumbles if it gets hit too hard.

With my idea as an example, what othe types of combinations can be attempted using the feats and general powers available? Any ideas are welcome!

08-11-2013, 03:52 PM
Hey, Steveburger. I don't have an answer to your question, and I'm pretty sure that this is so dated that the odds of you ever seeing this are very nearly none. I do, however, expect that the odds aren't quite 0, so I wanted to say thanks. I needed a dude for an NPC on short notice, and your outline saved me a bunch of time. I decided to invest that time in procrastinating, and offering my gratitude.


- A lazy DM

08-14-2013, 03:58 PM
well, with burrowing power, i suggest that you use a power that will allow you to see past / though it.

for example if you manifest a burrowing touchsight, then you can see through the wall, and thus target things despite LoS and LoE being blocked.

there is also a harden power that could increase the strength of the wall.

it could also separate and delay portions of groups of enemies, allowing the characters to concentrate on fewer enemies for a round or two.