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01-25-2011, 01:58 PM
I was recently a player in a campain, and we just finished. We went up from 1st level to our epic limits, and it was one fo the most awesome games we ever played in. I was a halfling Summoner who used my Serpentine eildon mount to fly me instead of falling through traps while I just casted spells until I ran out, which often lead me to using acid splash on weaker enemies. (1d3 ftw!!) So I wanted to let any future GMs looking for a campaign based around Demons or Devils about this idea, I praised my GM for it. In a nutshell, here it is:

The players started out in a small village where a recent goblin problem had outbursted, and the mayor's son gets kidnapped in turn. He offers you a reward of endless riches to get him back. So, the players set off into the woods to fnind the goblin settlement, which doesnt take long at all. The players come to a clearing, the goblin's cave, and there a few battles occur. After you beat them, a trap opens up beneath you, and you fall into the caves underground. Beneath, a threesom of Lemure lay, ready to fight.

From here, it's up to you what to do, but a few good ideas that will make for an interesting game:
- When they find the Mayor's son, he is dragged into a different plane from the power of the leader of a Devil cult. This could lead to an interesting battle later on with the cult leader, and helps with the ending.
- When the Characters are lost in the underground, it's a good oppertunity for some underdark characters - Drow, Svirfneblin, and Deugar societies - to have a role in the game, and maybe one of them are holding a secret to the Devils, such as something they must seach for in the Underdark.
- When the Characeters escape the Underdark, put them in an unfamiliar place, like a metrapolis. That way, they can get new equiptment with their newfound riches and rest from their adventure.
- Devils should have an important role in this game, whether it be Asmodeus's cult or the Devils themselves.

Ending it is also ultimately up to you, but here's what made me fall in love with the last few sessions:

The players find a way to reach the 9 Hells: In high altitudes, the natural world is close to other Planes, as stated in the Bestiary, so my GM thought it would be cool if we had to reach a Yeti settlement to reach the new world. Ready to fight the Yetis, we were shocked to find that the 9 Yetis were friendly, and sheltered us. The best part though was when the Devils invaded and the Yetis fought with us against them. After they were driven away, we were warped inth Baator.. With one of the Yetis.

The Yeti was with us throughout our trials through the 9 hells, up until the 9th and final one. Asmodeus took the body of the Mayor's son, who's body lay chained in his dungeon, and took form in his body as the Aspect of Asmodeus, and summoned a council of 3 of Pitfiends onto us. It was a tight finish; Wompa (The Yeti :D) died in this fight, and we barely hung on, but we survived. After the fight, Asmodeus left the body, and the Son's dead body lay onto the floor, and we were sent back home.

It's mostly the Yeti that got me, but I still had an awesomazing time in this campaign. So, consider it, because it not only brought a smile to my face, but the other players and even the GM's face, too.