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01-24-2011, 05:54 PM


Hi there. Our campaign just hit its 100th session. World is my own design. The above link is my Obsidian Portal campaign website. We play Fridays from 6:30PM or so, until Midnight or thereabouts. Looking for a mature, dedicated player. More RP than combat (although lately it seems there has been a lot of combat).

Pathfinder rules system with some serious house rules (you can see all my house rules at my OP campaign wiki). Tweaked to reflect my campaign world. Using gods from Green Ronin's Book of the Righteous (3.5) and some world items from the 3.0 Twin Crowns campaign world. If you are looking for a standard game experience, look on. This has some odd rules that add to the nature of the world, such as when people die, their spirit travels to a shrine where any holy person, even first level, can raise them. But only 4 times, the fifth time the spirit passes to the realm of the gods. Oh, and the Ceremony is free of charge. Makes it a little easier on low levels, and works into the philosophy and religious background of the pantheon.

This is how the campaign started out: It is an age of exploration game, and I have used the phrase, Stargate meets Warehouse 13, though I am not sure how accurate that statement still is. I guess it means going through portals to retrieve lost and potentially dangerous artifacts.

This is how the campaign morphed: Six artifacts, spread across the vast world, are needed as gift to an ancient power. This creature will, in exchange, make possible the means to travel back in time and save a lost continent from being destroyed - which in turn will save the current world from its spreading distruction. An epic quest.

If you have gotten this far, check out the Obsidian Portal campaign site, and then if you want, send me a message.

Thanks for your time.