View Full Version : Tips for Elemental mage

01-24-2011, 05:06 AM
So I am thinking some time now how to build my elemental orientated mage.

Am thinking to use Wu-Jen and Elemental binder prc. Was thinking of adding at least 1 lvl druid so I can use the elemental companion variant from complete mage. There is also the summon elemental reserve feat wich might be ok.

I'd also like to look into changing my familiar to elemental, but this is easy with a feat I guess. Usually there are some nice variants if you trade out your familiar, haven't looked into elemental variants yet though.

With elemental binder and any way to get a lot of elementals around me to do my bidding it might be a fun character. Not yet sure wich race, other prc's and feats I might miss. Anyone with some tips ? Can be anything, from items to a nice link for a build.

My starting char are usually lvl 3-5 and most char's don't make it past lvl 15. Have acces to most books.

I am familiar with some options like energy abjuration, Ancient Elven spell-lore wich I'll probably need as well.

01-25-2011, 10:52 PM
Race: Genie.

Class: An elemental priest could rebuke or control elementals.

Don't forget to specialize in a wizard school for your element. And look into Pact magic - some vestiges have good connections with elemental powers.