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03-27-2007, 05:14 PM
scores of aeons ago, humanity traveled the planes from their homeworld in ships of steel, ruling mighty golems and essential forces through arts long-forgotten in the desperate years after the chaos wars... themselves the subject of myth and legend known only by thaumaturges and elves perhaps, and credited by few of these. in living memory, prior to the advent of the Empire of Ket, humanity was an interloper wherever they went, unwanted, friendless, a race of seafaring nomads, given to piracy out of need and still hunted by the demons that had brought about their ruin. their thaumaturges rose to the need of the times, and delivered them from demonic enslavement, whilst heroes of that time established citadels that became the backbone eventually of the Empire, and peace was known for great stretches. Every cycle of a thousand years brought great tests for the Thaumaturges and the defenders of the walls of Ket, but prophecy foretold disaster in the Seventh Cycle, whose last days are currently approaching, as the Emperor seeks out those on whom he can rely, cabals maneuver and consolidate, and eternal powers reveal themselves to Shape the Chaos...