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01-18-2011, 05:16 PM

The Coliseum Morpheuon is a dangerous place, but it is a whole lot safer for anyone standing behind this guy.

Available for hire in the Tarnished Souk, The Unstoppable is a walking wall, a one-manimal impenetrable sphere - the bodyguard of dreams, hired to protect folks from their worst nightmares. And in Dream, there are nightmares a-plenty.

Complete stat blocks for Ahnkar-Kosh, The Unstoppable are presented at Low, Medium and High challenge ratings, Also included are his powerful and unique magical items, amazing bodyguarding abilities (templates), and a helmet-full of ideas about how to responsibly use this devastating force of nature.

Protect your favorite NPC with The Unstoppable, and your players might just have to roleplay this one out.

Within this product you will find examples of Ahnkar-Kosh, The Unstoppable as:

CR 21 Male dreadnaught protector quickling manimal ankylosaurus armiger 8
CR 14 Male protector quickling manimal ankylosaurus fighter 5
CR 7 Male manimal ankylosaurus

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