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Paul Matheron
01-07-2011, 03:22 AM
Monster Hunter 2020

Set on Earth in year 2020 AD, Monster Hunter 2020 will endeavour to immerse players into an action packed sequence of adventures. Through these the group will pit their wits and skills against all manner of monsters and strangeness, in an effort to defend the population of the world against a largely unknown but deadly threat. Taking influence from such Films, TV Series and Books as; Resident Evil, Splice, Fringe, V, Sanctuary, The Final Program, GURPS Black Opís 3e, GURPS Terradyne 3e and many others the storyline has potentially endless avenues in which to develop depending on Players wants and needs.

Using the GURPS 4e Rules System useful Source Books are most likely to include; GURPS 4e Basics (Characters, Campaigns), GURPS 4e Martial Arts, GURPS 4e High-Tech, GURPS 4e Ultra-Tech, GURPS 4e Powers, GURPS 4e Magic, GURPS 4e Thaumatology and GURPS 4e Psionics. Other Source Material for Character templates etc, may include GURPS 4e Action 1-3 and for load outs GURPS Monter Hunters. These are largely the Books I will personally be using, though should someone want to draw information from other relevant sources this is also an option.

New to GURPS 4e, fear not, my main want as GM from my players is enthusiasm. So if you unfamiliar with the system thatís not the end of the world as I am happy to help with Character Creation and other basics. Also please follow the link below for GURPS 4e Lite (ITS FREE!) which is a very helpful introduction to the GURPS Rules System. This said, some basic idea of what RP is and how to work within a small group is probably advantageous... So please keep this in mind.

GURPS Lite (Free)

GURPS 4e Rules

Character Creation
All Character should be Human
Points 250, Disadvantages 75 and 5 Quirks

Though Magery/Power Investiture and Psionic are available in the Game World Setting those taking this character path have to justify it with an Unusual Background, this will be discussed on a individual Character basis depending on said players needs. These should also be limited to a latent ability a the point entry to the game world, ie the ability to harness said advantage at a later date but no talents, powers or spells presently. For Example Ted has the ability to use Magic, he buys Magery 0 and pays the Unusual Background, but the has to wait until an in game opportunity presents its self before purchasing spells. A Player may of course save some points when creating the Character for this purpose.

GURPS Character Assistant. I have a copy of GCA and am happy to except GCA Files as part of Character Application Process.

Game Play
Using a VT (Virtual Tabletop) most likely MapTool to start with, though this may change depending on functionality, and Ventrilo or Skype, alongside a Games Forum to give depth to Character Development and so on. The Forum can also be used to assist with Character Creation for those who need it.

Player Introduction
Twilight Industries along with numerous other Private Security Forces in the year 2020 play an integral part in national and worldwide security. After the global economic collapse, just over a decade a go, decreasing funding from central governments across the globe had lead to private companies and corporation providing security and policing services to a wider range of clients. In some areas of the world the less scrupulous of these have in reality become the muscle behind weak governments, pulling many of the strings of power and gaining political influence at a global level. Twilight Industries, based in the English Countryside and with roots back as far as early 1900Ďs, is recognised as a solid, dependable company, in whom of those using its services have come trust and rely.
Drawing its Employees from a wide variety of sources, for a even wider range of roles , those working for The Company are often amazed by the diversity of the work force in which they find themselves. The common binding feature among all - the ability to achieve goals set in a manner satisfactory to Twilight Industries and it partners.Twilight Industries alongside its Security Services provides cutting edge research and technological development and is one of the leading competitors in Global Markets. This awards the aforementioned employees with some of the worlds leading technological advancements in their working environment.

Player Character having worked for The Company in a fringe role, have been approached with offer of working for The Twilight Research Department. Upon acceptance they are relocated to the Twilight Research Centre for induction and a rigorous fitness examination which takes approximately 6 weeks. It is in this period that the first hints are made as to the nature of the investigation undertaken at the Twilight research Centre, and the new recruits are introduced to the strange world of Monster Hunting...

Well think that's the basic, will no doubt add a few things but this gives a good starting frame. Any questions feel free...

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I'm up for it. I just need help making a character. :)

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Paul Matheron
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Cheers for the PM's those who have contacted me, still room for a couple more if anyone's interested.

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