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01-05-2011, 09:35 AM

Faen: The Book of Mischief (http://ritepublishing.com/faen.html)

ďWhat tricks can we get up to?Ē Maerd Joythrower

Time to live life to the fullest. Or to sample it from the faenís eye view.

Raise your hand if you like to:

∑ mix it up magically.
∑ cause mischief and uproar.
∑ add fun to your gaming table.

Good. Those who didnít raise your hand? You can watch. This hereís the Book of Mischief and itís not for the quiet type. Itís fun-sized and frolicsome. Get ready to jump up on your chair and shout out a new godís name!

A few new takes go into this little look at loresongs, quicklings and sprytes:

∑ a chapter on each type of faen
∑ feats and spells (dare we do darkling descriptors?)
∑ Troublemaker racial levels
∑ pranks for the prankster
∑ tips on humorous, funny and mischievous adventures

Want a little peak? [url=http://ritepublishing.com/faen.html]Come join the patron project.[url]

Design and Develpment by ENnie award winning desinger Bill Collins (Tales of Zobeck, Litorians, Tell it To My Axe) and Hans Cummings (Litorians)
Illustrations by James "Devin Night" Hazelett (Breaking of Fostor Nagar)
Cartography by Jonathan Roberts (Litorians, Sunken Empires, Kobold Quarterly)

Requires the Use of Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved